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Say It: Predatory Capitalism

Deep in Judaismʼs history it was mandated that, due to the awe evoked by the mere contemplation of the supreme and only divinity, the name Yahweh could not be spoken aloud except once a year and only by the High Priest.

We, in America today, with a different deity and another form of worship, have no such taboo. Our god, unlike Yahweh in the polytheistic ages, is so firmly established, so mighty, omnipresent, unassailable, and untouchable that we are encouraged to name it, praise it, and venerate it publicly.

Where the cultural parallel is solid, though, is in the utter anathema and damnation that descend on the heads of those who dare to challenge the godheadʼs benevolence, supremacy, and omnipotence.

In Judaic history, transgressors were destroyed without exception. In our times–saving trouble, expense, and bad press–the few who dare to blaspheme our god are simply marginalized, jailed or exiled.

Our best minds and most courageous hearts now all affirm that our only god is Predatory Capitalism. Our national religion is no longer in question.

The internet press–not the National Security State Stenographic Bureau laughingly referred to as our “Free Press”–and the rational, progressive blogs are loaded today with analyses and critiques of the blatantly criminal Predatory Capitalist Corporate Tyranny that owns the government, the country and, with our endlessly compounding debt load, you and me.

These disections run the philosophic and emotional gamut from tame, limp dreams of how “our democracy” might, by electing the right people with good, honorable values, take bold steps to improve itself, to fierce, sharp, intellectually scrupulous denunciations of capitalism for what it is and does.

The volume and consistency of this critical barrage is impressive and at itʼs activist leading edge there are now unmistkable calls for resistance. Some for obstruction of the process…or for civil disobedience. Even for rebellion. What is taboo, though, and almost never suggested let alone stated, is this:


The remedy for Capitalism is not reform: it is its overthrow and destruction.

! ! ! *! ! ! *! ! ! *
The evidence is in. The research is done. The results are documented. Predatory Capitalism is a vicious, relentless enemy of peoples, species, ecosystems, and all animate and inanimate things, that must be dismantled and terminated before it eradicates all prospects for life on earth.

People protest an economy that eliminates work and wages for the many and siphons billions to oligarchs. They march against an energy system that is unhinging the natural processes that sustain life. They yearn for safety but are terrified into backing wars and mass murder to achieve it.

What is it that the Crash of ʼ08, Global Warming, and Iraqistan and the rest of the sick, criminal bloodbaths America has created have in common? What is the single, indisputable force behind the perpetration of these horrors? It is not poor people, not bogus science, not bad religions, and not mysterious and unfathomable forces beyond human control.

It is Predatory Capitalism. And it must be eradicated and replaced by a system that nurtures, nourishes, and supports humanity and all life.

You who see through the shameless, preposterous camouflage in which this monumentally cruel, cosmically stupid economic monstrosity is inflicted on a confused, ignorant and baffled people, must overcome your humane inclinations, your deep indoctrination in the catechism of acquiescence and defeat, and stop compromising and subverting your true convictions.

Express what you know in your hearts, because facing and speaking truth is now the only answer. All avenues of effective expression of public hopes and desires have been cynically, methodically closed off. The right to free speech has been sold; the right to assemble, denied; the right to petition, burlesqued; the right to be secure in your persons and effects, eliminated.

The truth is hard. The way ahead entails pain and suffering, with the risk of your freedom and your life, but it is the only course for us, for the world, now. You know the horror. You know the answer. Find the guts to say it!

Paul Edwards lives in Montana. He can be reached at: hgmnude@bresnan.net

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