Wavy at 87

Last night at the Herbst Theater San Francisco Wavy Gravy’s 87 birthday, the aging New Age audience in the smoke-free auditorium woke with the sounds and sights of Woodstock when Wavy and the Hog Farmers fed four hundred thousand hungry rock ‘n’ rollers. Not so many at the birthday bash but all amazed by Taj Mahal who shuffled on and off the stage, still a master of the guitar, unafraid to sing the blues when peace and love infused the Herbst and at the end of his set the immortal Taj played an instrumental for the birthday boy who sat in the front row, didn’t take the stage or say a word though his soul soared above the space and reminded me of human goodness that refuses to die.

Jonah Raskin is the author of Beat Blues, San Francisco, 1955.