April 2023

Harry Belafonte and the CIA

Remembering Akbar, Iran, and Other Gnarly Things Like Revolution

It’s the Class War, Stupid: An Evening with Noam Chomsky

May Day and Abolition

Roaming Charges: Nipped and Tuckered

Demagogues Three: Charles Foster Kane, Willie Stark, and Tucker Carlson

“Not Even a Win”: The Malevolent and Misogynist Mifepristone Mess Moved to May

As American Life Expectancy Plunges, Political Bigwigs Stay Busy Not Noticing

Letters From Saudi Arabia: Toward the Hejaz

Nuclear War on Edge

Shiva’s Bouncing Ball: the New Push for Uranium Mining

Here Come the Militarized Robots (But There Go Our Civil Liberties)

Half Century of American Art

Emergencies: Delusions of Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Innocence in Elite Groups

What is the “Rules-Based-Order”?

The Rise of China (and the Fall of the U.S.?)

NATO’s Hymn Ain’t Finished Yet

Erasure vs. Sumud: How the Nakba Came to Define the Collective Palestinian Identity

Violence as an Investment Policy, Human Rights Violations as a Business Model

Time for Supreme Court Term Limits

Armed and Afraid: the High Price of Fear

Piercing the Fascist Sublime 

Sexism in the Black Church

Politicians and the Anzac Tradition: a Story of Manipulation and Mythology

Her Name Was Nora al-Awlaki: The Real Reason Donald Trump Should Rot in Hell

Relocating UN Headquarters out of the United States

Is the Eurofighter Typhoon the Best Fighter?

The Two Passions of Gabriel Boric

Brain Drain Exacerbates Health Care Crisis in Africa

Tucker Carlson: What Happened?

State of Collapse?

The Second Cold War Is More Dangerous than the First

Stop the War on LGBTQ Teachers

Belafonte’s Early Songs Were Audacious… and Sexual

Conservation Groups’ Lawsuit Halts Clearcutting Project in Critical Cabinet-Yaak Grizzly Habitat

Living In A Time of Need for the Honesty of Elders

Two Farewells to An Accomplished Palestinian Sister


Atlanta’s “Cop City” and the Struggle for Climate Justice

The Hypocrisy of Anti-Abortionists

Daniel Ellsberg: a Profound Voice Against the Doomsday Machine

Biden Land Management: More Clarity, Less Contradiction

Blood, Golf and Saudi Arabia

Breaking the Logjam in the South African Left

Love Thy Neighbor: A National Conversation

Sri Lanka 2023: Anniversaries of Struggle     

Stop Hiring and Re-Hiring Terrible Officers

Bogarting the Market

2024: We Can Do Better … Or Can We?

War Prevention Depends on Respecting Invisible Geopolitical Faultlines