March 2023

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Democracy Under the Oaks

Some Congress Members Need to Sit Down and Shut Up

Making the Rich Richer: the Silicon Valley Bank Bailout

Struggling Through the Covid Maze

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European Rail Disunion

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Novel Reflections: On Dickens, Marx, Bronte, Zola, Bernie, and Orwell

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The Real Origins of “Woke”

America’s Remarkable Unwillingness to Support Its Veterans

Does America Need an Emmett Till Moment to See How Children are Mutilated by AR15s?

Gun Violence, Profiling and Faulty Social Science

Men Who Stare at Goats (Due to Impotence)

Why EU Strategic Autonomy Apart from the U.S. Is Currently Impossible

Heavy Metal

US General Hypes China as Threat in Latin America

Hope is the Thing With Feathers: a Meditation About Empathy on a Dying World

Why Ukraine is Increasingly a Nuclear Headache for World Powers

The Credit Suisse Collapse and the Limits of Deregulation

Robert Moses: the Power Broker Who Became New York’s Ultimate Pariah

The Art World System

US War Planners Court China’s Neighbors

Trans Butch Blues: Notes from a New Lesbian Underground

A Vietnamese Restaurant

Punitive Work Tests in SNAP and Medicaid Would Harm Workers with Unstable Jobs

The Navy SEALs Killed bin Laden, But They Aren’t Supermen

How Indigenous Land Management Practices Can Provide a Blueprint for Climate-Resilient Agriculture

The War of Surprises in Ukraine

The Security Council Fails the World on Nordstream

Canadian Left Sinks to a New Low During Biden Visit

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Uncle Sam’s Dams on the Border

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A Hazardous Decision: Supplying Ukraine with Depleted Uranium Shells

Reagan’s Treason, Two Bushes and the $23 Million Payoff

The Internet Needs a Country of Its Very Own

The Ecological Power Gap in Sweden

Voices From the Mass Graves

Toward a Douglas-Fir National Monument

Deranged Trump Syndrome

Lying About Lying: Lessons From Boris Johnson

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How American Cultural Assumptions Keep Us From Having Universal Health Care

Biden Time from the Sunken Place

Child’s Play?

Edgar Cahn – Making the Law Serve and Empower the People