March 2022

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The Empyreal Horn of Wadada Leo Smith

Marcus Rediker on History from Below, Anti-Slavery Resistance, and the Fearless Benjamin Lay

Imperialism and the Struggle Against It Begins at Home

Roaming Charges: Both Ends Burning

Putin is Not Dealin’

A Coward’s War

Immune to War Fever, Some Countries Stay Neutral to Russia

The Blowback from Sanctions on Russia

Russian Military Adapting in Ukraine

Thinking About the Unthinkable

Brazil, Amazon, World: Govern By Hate

To the Last Ukrainian or All of Us?

The Truth About IPCC Reports

Cruelty as Border Policy: the Biden Version

Marxism against Marxism

The Billion Dollar Deal that Made Google and Amazon Partners in the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

This is the Time to Kick Our Oil Addiction

Stockholm Syndrome 2022: The Faustian Bargain of Left Militarism in Ukraine

American Democracy: Alive or Dead?

The Shame of Santa Rosa, California: Whiteness, and the Culture of Lynching

How a No-Fly Zone Could Lead to Nuclear War

Want to Ensure Marijuana is Safe? Legalize and Regulate It

Putin Abandons Mankind

The United States is Exceptional, Just Not in the Ways Any of Us Should Want

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Two Years in and We Still Need to Learn the Lessons of This Pandemic

Ending the War in Ukraine

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End Times Can No Longer Be Postponed

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Hearing is a Flashback to How Race and Crime Featured During Thurgood Marshall’s 1967 Hearings

The True Adventure of a 19-Year-Old North American Fighting in the Cuban Revolution With Fidel Castro

Thoughts From a Drought-Stricken, Flooded Austrailia

Ahab Putin vs. Ukraine

Wall Street Bonuses Soar By 20%, Nearly 5 Times the Increase in US Average Weekly Earnings

India’s Communists

A New Corporate Consciousness or Control?

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Queen Victoria’s Goddaughter