March 2022

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Homer and Greek History

Forest Service Withdraws Its Appeal for Massive Logging and Road-building Project in Grizzly Bear Habitat

A Perfect Recipe for the Next 9/11

Beating Time with Handel at the Met

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The Deep Connections Between Democracy and Nonviolence

Gas Prices, Propaganda, War, and Politics

Nepal Accepts US Aid despite Protests, Chinese Objections

Gun Sales and Gun Violence in Pandemic America

Where is Edward Snowden?

The People of Yemen Suffer Atrocities, Too

Organizing for the Future We Need: Economic Democracy

End the Union-Busting and Obey the Law: a Letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Deforestation for Cows in Montana’s Gravelly Range

ObamaCare Turns 12: US Health Care Still Has Growing to Do

Cold War 2.0: Much Worse Than the Original Cold War

Biden is Not Building Back Better at the VA

Ukrainians Took to the Streets to Avert a Nuclear Disaster, Will Americans Do the Same?

Russia’s War on Journalists

What About the Workers? Notes on Class and Class Consciousness 

The P&O Ferries Mass British Sackings

Why, With More Treatment, Suicides and Mental Distress Have Increased? Former NIMH Director’s New Book

Antarctica Crushes Records

GOP Senators’ Case Against Ketanji Brown Jackson: She Did Her Job

What To Do With Russiagate in 2022?

An Engagement Moment for the US and China

Commercial Defrauding of Uncle Sam—Biggest Booming Business

The Election Fraud Clown Show Rolls On

They Just Want the Bombs to Stop Falling

Radical Elders to Organizational Meeting Next Saturday, March 26

Progressive Caucus Urges Biden to Use 55 Tools in His Executive Action Toolbox

Why Women Weren’t Allowed to Act in Shakespeare’s Plays

USDA’s Wildlife Services Slaughters Over 400,000 Native Species in 2021

It’s All Oligarchs All the Way Down

The CIA in Ukraine

The Lie of American Innocence

The War in Ukraine is Sending Russia-China Relations in New Directions

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Spin City

When The Press Tries to Hide or Discredit the Facts, It Discredits Itself Instead