My Top 2021 Stories

1. Finding Biden’s style boring, the media that created Trump has awarded him a shadow presidency. For ratings.

2. Media view Joe Manchin as a man of principles. They can’t say that he is a cash puppet for the fossil fuels industry, because they receive money from the same sources. His personal investment is in Enersystems Coal Brokerage Company. He earned half-million dollars last year from coal production. Though the mainstream and even the left portray Krysten Sinema as a political Garbo, she’s getting paid too.

Nov. 21, 2021,Times

WASHINGTON — Over the summer, as he was working to scale back President Biden’s domestic agenda, Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia traveled to an $18 million mansion in Dallas for a fund-raiser that attracted Republican and corporate donors who have cheered on his efforts.

In September, Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who along with Mr. Manchin has been a major impediment to the White House’s efforts to pass its package of social and climate policy, stopped by the same home to raise money from a similar cast of donors for her campaign coffers.

Even as Ms. Sinema and Mr. Manchin, both Democrats, have drawn fire from the left for their efforts to shrink and reshape Mr. Biden’s proposals, they have won growing financial support from conservative-leaning donors and business executives in a striking display of how party affiliation can prove secondary to special interests and ideological motivations when the stakes are high enough.

3. Percentage of speaking of all speaking characters on screen in 2019: White 65.7%, Black 15.7%; Latino 4.9%, Asian 7.2%

4. Black men who are stupid with women make the front pages of the media, which are owned by white patriarchs, who have their own problems with women like executives at HBO and Showtime. Showtime has hired Jelanie Cobb and others to do Bill Cosby, but they can’t do the 999 pedophiles whose names are in Epstein’s black book: a kind of separate but equalism. The names in his book are those of some of the most powerful white men in the world.

5. Posing before a confederate flag, Mitch McConnell has accomplished more to extend the rebels’ values than Lee, Davis, and Stonewall Jackson. He takes his place along with other Southern heroes. James Earl Ray, and John Wilkes Booth.

6. Soft on white crime. Whites who tried to overthrow the government by force received light sentences. Some are running for office, and Rittenhouse, who killed two demonstrators, is a hero and receives standing ovations. Blacks and Browns wonder what would have happened if Blacks and Browns had done those things. Some media admit that powder cocaine and crack cocaine are not racial. Whites do the most crack, which has been known since the 1990s. Jonathan Capehart, who goes on TV each weekend unprepared, says he just found out. I wrote about white crack addiction ten years ago.

7. Most Americans believe that police violence is a “serious problem.” 79& in 2019.66% in 2015

8. Yet, after a year of activism, police shootings remain steady.

9. Black Marines were convicted and punished at a court-martial at a rate five times higher than other races across the Marine Corps.

10. Suicide rates by race per 100,000 people:  Native American 35.8, white 27.1, Black 12.9, Hispanic 12.2, Asian 9.5.

11. Company Donations To GOP Senators that blocked John Lewis Voting Rights Act: Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Cisco, Target, Dell.

12. Glen Youngkin’s won the Gov. of Virginia by demagoguing Toni Morrison’s novel, Beloved.

13. ProPublica: Black children were jailed for a crime that doesn’t exist. Almost nothing happened to the adults in charge.

14. Black Americans hold just 3.8% of the $116 trillion of wealth in the US: $2T Latinos, $4T Blacks, $11T other, $99T white.

15. Though 2/3rds of unmarried mothers are white, NYTimes is still into Moynihanism in the magazine section, and the Book Review where feminist and Anglophile Pamela Paul has revived black pathology hack and has been Joe Klein. Typical was Nicholas Casey’s story about his black father abandoning him. The fact that his mother was white might be considered by bell hooks to be a case of aversion therapy.

16. Police Use of Force deaths undercounted by more than 50%

17. Penn apologizes for prison studies. Proving once again that Tuskegee syphilis studies only the tip of the iceberg, U.of Penn., Albert Kligman, a dermatology researcher, performed experiments on incarcerated prisoners, many of them Black men- in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg prison between 1954 and 1974 without their consent, leaving them permanently injured.

18. Black people in California are stopped far more often by the police, a major study proves.SF Black population has shrunk to 5%,but 26% of stops carried out by SFPD were of Black people.

19. Joe Manchin will craft a climate plan. How many people in the global south will lose their homes and species will die because of this human?

20.  Congress will investigate Coordinated Effort by the Oil Industry to spread Climate Disinformation.

21. Oakland police among police in other U.S.cities use social media to make racist comments.

22. In March, the Race and Ethnicity of those receiving one vaccine dose: 65.5% white, 8.5% Hispanic, 7.2% Black, 1.6% American Indian.

Ishmael Reed’s latest play is “The Conductor.”