A Look Inside CounterPunch

For nearly a quarter of a century, I’ve had the great pleasure of being part of the CounterPunch team. In many ways, CounterPunch has veered little from its founding blueprints. Since the beginning, our mission has remained fundamental: to provide in-depth reporting and commentary, helping readers to make informed assessments on the vital public issues of the day.

Though the mission is our rock-solid foundation, we’ve witnessed a substantial change with the steep upward climb of the cost of producing CounterPunch. We are constantly trimming the fat and streamlining so we can continue to disseminate CounterPunch to the widest and most diverse audience around the globe.

We are still a tiny intensely dedicated team. Jeffrey, Joshua, and Nat occupy the editorial realm. Jeffrey, our stalwart editor-in-chief, follows an unimaginably grueling schedule of editing contributing writer’s pieces, writing the captivating pieces for both CounterPunch+ and the main site, including the weekend edition of Roaming Charges, which so many of you tell us you never miss, and communicating with writers around the world and heading up the editorial team.

Josh, our valiant and lionhearted managing editor, bridges the back-end and editorial arenas, not only editing and posting articles and managing CounterPunch Radio, but he also works closely with Andrew and the business office.

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Andrew is our sharp and ingenious web guru who keeps the website safe from constant attacks by bots and those who would love to see the CounterPunch site come crumbling down. He constantly renovates and rehabilitates and polishes the site, keeping it up-to-date, making the never-ending modifications that are ceaselessly necessary to keep the site appearing in web searches, functioning across all platforms by the exponential variety of viewer experiences by our readers.

Deva, our e-commerce specialist can herd the cows before sunrise and write code for the CounterPunch e-commerce hub just after one cup of coffee. She never misses a beat and keeps a weather eye out for storms ahead alongside Andrew. They keep the moving parts of the website running like a well-oiled machine.

Nat, our social media editor, has now taken on an assistant editorial role as well. It takes a lot of work to keep the hundreds of original articles coming to you, and he’s there with a shovel and pick, helping get the job done. Nat is insightful and keen and keeps fresh air blowing in our sails.

If you’ve called the Counterpunch business office, you’ve had the delight of speaking with Nichole. Nichole is the switchboard operator, order fulfiller, data enterer, complaint taker and so much more than that. These were my duties in the past and it’s not easy putting up with the abuse of some callers, but Nichole is tough and committed and keeps it all together with a sense of humor and great dedication.

Besides our core team, there are many supporting actors as well. Our long-time designer, Tiffany Wardle de Sousa helps keep everything easy on the eyes and has for more than 20 years now.

Live, from New York, It’s CounterPunch Radio! Eric Draitser, whom many of you already know well continues to give riveting never-miss interviews with CounterPunch’s finest writers and other thinkers and movers from around the world. He’s now delivering it both in audio and video format. Thank you, Eric!

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I wear as many hats as the others, reporting to the state and federal agencies that require it, counting our beans, and keeping the non-profit and business aspects intact. Over the years I’ve been the secretary, business manager, administrative director, CFO, CEO, treasurer, but whatever the title, I call myself lucky, just as I did the day that Alexander Cockburn trusted me to come on board.

All of you, you’re the CounterPunch family, our worldwide community representing nearly every continent on our burning, melting, dying planet. We’re connected by our desire to see the bad guys called out, to see social justice rise, to watch grassroots organizations grow, to see the underdog overcome, and keep informed so we can do our parts to stall the shitshow we know as life in the 21st century as much as possible.

It is your donations that are the lifeline of CounterPunch, keeping our truly reader-supported organization going. It’s not corporate-backed foundations, it’s not grant farming, it’s not advertising. We don’t have a multi-revenue stream formula filling our coffers. We just have our readers, and it seems to work well if everybody donates what they can afford. We’ve tried to make it as painless as possible with every type of donation method you’ve asked for, ready to quickly make the transaction and check it off your list and we’ll get back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible in return.

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Becky Grant is CounterPunch’s longtime business manager.