Why Do We Prevaricate?

Two. Four. Six. Eight.

Those are the four numbers that define the voting landscape in Morgan County, West Virginia.

Two: There are about two thousand registered Democrats in the county.

Four: Four thousand independent and third party voters.

Six: Six thousand Republicans.

Eight: Eight thousand Morgan County voters voted in November 2020.

That means that it will take a mere four thousand independent minded voters to come together to build a strong independent majority political movement for Berkeley Springs and Morgan County.

Two. Four. Six. Eight.

Why do we prevaricate?

The two major political parties are crumbling under the weight of their own corruption.

In their place, we need to begin to build an independent majority political force, beginning right here in Morgan County, West Virginia.

The four thousand independent voting majority might come down to include one thousand Republicans, one thousand Democrats and two thousand independents.

The four thousand will be built from the ground up.

They will be people not offended by differing opinions.

They will not cancel out others they disagree with.

They will listen and hear the others speak.

The core of the independents will have a sense of humility and human decency but will be resolute in their demands for a politics free of political corruption and corporate criminals.

Those are not Republican or Democratic virtues.

They are human virtues.

We will come together to fight the two corrupt corporate parties – Republican and Democrat.

What can you do?

Number one: if you registered as a Democratic or Republican, consider changing your registration to No Party.

It’s easy to do.

You can register to vote as No Party, or change your registration to No Party online at the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website.

Or you can just drop in at the Morgan County Courthouse and do it in person.

(And when you drop out of the two corrupt political parties, drop us a line and let us know.)

Number two: if you spend significant time on TV news – FOX, CNN,  MSNBC or PBS – turn them off. They are mouthpieces for the two corrupt parties.

Seek out independent voices.

We call our publication Morgan County USA – because what happens in Morgan County reflects what happens in the USA – and what happens in the USA is reflected right here at home.

Let’s set an example of independence, humility and human decency for the country.

Russell Mokhiber is the editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter..