In Defense of DJ Trump

“Oh, I awoke in anger so alone and terrified I put my fingers against the glass
And bowed my head and cried.”

– Bob Dylan, “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine,” John Wesley Harding (1968)

1) Let’s not forget — and this is true — that Trump lost ONLY BECAUSE Covid-19 put an emphasis on mail-in ballots, and consequently became a point of vigilance by the MSM as never before in our history. The bizarre Trumpian charge of voter fraud has, like a lot of things Trump uttered in the lead up to and after his election, a grain of validity. The election WAS a fraud by our usual standards, not because of doppelganger or undead voters added to the results, but as because usually “we” would have found a way in several states to “lose” Black, Indigenous, LatinX, and College Student votes. We counted those votes — apparently all of them — and got Biden as our reward. Aren’t we fucking lucky.

According to Greg Palast, the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 results were all tampered with — votes tossed away, mostly Democratic. Palast convincingly argues that due to voter fraud (tossed votes) Gore should have been president in 2000, Kerry actually won in 2004, only a Palast intervention in 2012 prevented Obama from being robbed of his re-election, and Trump won in 2016 — only because millions of votes were tossed for hideously invalid reasons.

2) Despite the voter fraud Trump ill describes (corrected above), the fucker-in-chief almost won anyway. In five states –Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina — the margin 1.5%, and in Nevada it was close at 2.2%. Check it out for yourself — never just believe what you hear or read. All of these were easily reversible in non-Corona year, where few were paying close attention to the value of mail-in votes. Trump was largely upset because he was led to expect such reversals in 2020 and they couldn’t come because of the scrutiny. That’s what happened in Georgia. He was upset that votes weren’t be tossed as usual. That was the substance of his call — lose some votes. The MSM is probably correct in calling it the most perfect election we’ve ever had, because it’s the first one where they were watching intently for vote throwaways. If only they’d done in 2016, and saved the nation such horror and wasted time in dealing with the ticking f*cking clock of Climate Change (four f*cking years lost!). Now the question for the MSM is will they be as vigilant in the future?

3) There are already bad omens smoking out of the MSM. Their disingenuous near-hagiographic framing of Biden’s ascension, including the bullshit speech, written by someone else, wherein he performs the words “my whole soul” is embarrassing. Corn Pop should have pushed Biden in the pool and gone out to the parking lot and slashed his tires with that straight razor he claims Corn Pop brandished when Biden broke his sword. What a bullshit artist we have now for president,with the press being back to being lapdogs and stenographers. The new norm, same as the old norm. What’s more, nobody, other than the IC in the background, did more to undermine Trump’s presidency than the MSM. At present, they are on a self-righteous victory lap mode, redirecting the narrative back to “mainstream” normality, which might be the death of us all. Chris Hayes, shut the f*ck up: I’m on edge, man.

4) As evil, or, at least, criminally narcissistic, as Trump was (is), we forget that he was not a politician. Unlike the professional politician, like Joe, he didn’t realize that a definition of politician could be “professional compromiser.” They have no real values. They are often poll-driven, and then only for insuring ballots are dropped their way. Woody Allen, in Annie Hall, through Alvie Singer, described politicians as being one rung below child molesters (some say, Woody should know). We could add that, as disgraceful as it is, that the lapdogs and stenographers who lick UP to these compromisers and liars are even a rung lower. They guarantee, with their overweighted influence, to keep these loser Lesser Evils coming at us as if on a Ford assembly line until the system collapses from all the excess fraud. We didn’t quite get what we want from Trump. He shot from the hip, and other places, but wasn’t hip to the vibe, man. We wait for a man or woman who is honest and courageous and can be backed without personal destruction thrust upon them by the major parties and contributing corporations and bankers.

5) We have don’t have Trump to kick around anymore. We should know by now what happens when power vacuums are filled with soft figureheads. It only gets worse. If Obama was Tiberius, and Trump was Caligula, then the limp and deaf Biden is Claudius. Up next Nero. So calendar it: 4 years to go before the Empire is burnt to the ground because the fuckwits in Congress insited on fiddling around. Amerika, we hardly knew ye.

Greg Palast’s How Trump Stole 2020 is available for free download at Palast’s site. Highly recommended for its clarification of how our elections have been stolen for decades, using data from the electoral system itself and personal investigations.

Also, for those more graphically oriented, How To Steal an Election, a Ted Rall comic book (included in Palast’s book above) is available free at Palast’s site as a separate download.

John Kendall Hawkins is an American ex-pat freelancer based in Australia.  He is a former reporter for The New Bedford Standard-Times.