Jimmy Dore’s PPOTS

A well functioning body has regular bowel movements. If the body loses its regularity, it can become quite painful and emotionally distressful. This distress can, if chronic, become life threatening. In contrast, I read somewhere that Salvador Dali believed that having a good piss was a one of the greatest joys possible in this world.

This is a very personal matter to me partly because, for too long when I was a child, I was a bedwetter. I hated myself for it. I was treated like a degenerate at times because of it. All I knew was that every night, as I went to bed, I was terrified of what situation would greet me in the morning and on too many mornings I awoke with the feeling that the depth of my unconsciousness during the night was as if I had been drugged. All of this seemed like an inescapable curse.

All of these decades later this memory came back to me because of Jimmy Dore and a seemingly revelatory idea. The feeling I’m having is the same as that which I felt on those nights long ago when I would wake up in the middle of the night from the deep darkness of my sleep and realize that I needed to get up and take a good, long piss. I felt a little redeemed.

What Jimmy Dore is insisting upon right now is that we all need to try to force the congressional democrats who claim to be progressive to rise out of their deep slumber and to tell Nancy Pelosi that they will not support her for the position of Speaker of the House if she does not promise to bring Medicare for All up for a RECORDED vote during the upcoming session of congress. The margin of the democrats majority is so small that it would only take a small number of progressive members to force this issue and to Put Pelosi on the spot (PPOTS). There is no good reason for them to not do this. The Speaker is elected by a majority and as long as the democrats have the majority a small number can force this issue.

The most interesting aspect which has developed as a result of this proposal is that, so far, the most prominent so-called progressive members of congress have responded with numerous phony excuses as to why/how they want to resist this idea. They seem to be trapped in fearful unconsciousness. They are not able to awaken on their own and it is up to us to make them get out of their much too comfortable political bed and take a much needed awakened piss on Nancy Pelosi’s lack of support for Medicare for All.

As the current pandemic has glaringly shown that tying health care to employment is a form of abusiveness and injustice, it has also provided a wake up moment. Washingtonian insiders clearly do not care how long we piss on ourselves in a state of unconsciousness. Jimmy Dore is giving them a chance to prove that they are capable of growing into responsible, functioning adults. To the extent that they resist they are expressing a desire to secure their own power within the status quo of institutional injustice and they are betraying their own words.

Here are some phone numbers.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez 718-662-5970

Ilhan Omar 202-225-4755

Rashida Tlaib 202-225-5126

Mark Pocan 202-225-2906

Pramila Jayapal 202-225-3106

Ro Khanna 202-225-2631

Barbara Lee 202-225-2661

If these so-called progressives choose not to fight for Medicare for all at this time, it is the same as saying the pain of millions of people is a worthwhile cost for their access to Nancy Pelosi and her corporate power.

Please go to forcethevote.org and sign the petition.