Will Trump Really Leave?

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair

If there’s one thing that has been a constant during the Trump circus, it’s been an air of unpredictability. Making an attempt to figure out what will transpire next week is difficult, to say the least. Polls indicate that he will not win, but surely that won’t be the end of this Adderall-fueled tale.

At first, indications came out that Trump would simply call the results in question and find a way to get the matter to the Supreme Court, hence the need to get Serena Joy Barrett in quickly for that vote. That’s not to say that it might not go this way, but polling (and of course, take that for what it’s worth) indicates the margin might make that path somewhat less than available. The fact that Biden seems to be doing as well as he is definitely is an indication of what a tremendously fecal prospect another term with Trump would be.

Trump has been putting out feelers indicating that he might be accepting of a loss, but only on his ridiculous and felonious terms. He made a speech the other day indicating that Biden could get “shot” in office relatively quickly and this is why the concern for the 25th amendment rules are being discussed. Harris would be put in. This is vintage Trump, stochastic terrorism being his favorite dish (after Big Macs and chocolate ice cream) mixed with some racism. He could sit back and be thrilled by a descending chaos, this being what his dark little heart pumps for. The other effect from bringing this possibility up (that would get the rest of us a visit from the Secret Service) is to make his base nervous about the race of Harris…… the prospect that she would be the next in line. Trump tries to push every negative button of the psyche of this country, be it violence, racism, or entitled gluttony on every level.

I do think Trump might have been more likely to try to hang on to power if the indications were there that the oligarchic bastards would back such an attempt. I imagine for their purposes, however, Biden is no sort of existential threat to their power,– I suspect they won’t be allies in shenanigans of that sort and even Trump knows it. Their wealth will continue to accumulate under a Biden administration, and they probably welcome the decrease in activism that seems to come with Democratic administrations. The self-professed liberal groups seem to become much less incensed when overt insanity like Trump is not in office. The more subtle injustices get to play out without so much noise. The hell of Bush and Iraq becomes largely forgotten when he shares candy with Michelle Obama. His death toll is enormous, but the optics were nice. Who doesn’t like to see hugs? Civility and brunch. Someone like Bill Clinton can pull off measures that set up massive increases in poverty—part of what leads us to Trumpian possibilities. If Obama really delivered on any of his progressive rhetoric, the nation would not have allowed for a Trump to get in  following his administration. Even with racists, it’s popular to not be scared all the time–scared of poverty, homelessness, and a lack of healthcare. And sometimes the rot starts to heal when people are taken care of, but that’s a topic for another time. That said, Trump won’t likely have anyone major out there to help him steal the election. They will do just fine with Biden.

I have another thought about what Trump may attempt, and it follows the playbook of a traditional malignant narcissist. When confronted with a situation they can’t manipulate and control, often they go for a low level sympathy. I think Trump might attempt a health scare to avoid the embarrassment of a full-on loss. He can claim the fraud of the Democrats brought on (insert: stroke, reappearance of Corona—although I doubt that one, heart attack, take your pick…….). And he will say, I’d battle this incredible injustice, but look what they have done to me! I can’t take on this incredible unfairness now, and he will take his goodies and limp away. He will leave it up to his deluded followers to wail and gnash the teeth….and maybe do worse as he watches with malignant glee. He will slink around, hoping to find reports on OAN that he inspired someone to kidnap some more female office holders. He can live vicariously, talking about duct taping them and horrible things being done…and when he “recovers”, he might just have his own television program. He could fill it with “lock her up” chants from the audience (could be in reference to Hillary, Leslie Stahl, or maybe even the cleaning person who inadvertently threw out his leftover gristle he had in the employee fridge).

This is not to downplay the danger facing us next week and beyond. Trump fueled the hate and the base emotions of a broad segment of society. This won’t go away with simply a new man in charge. They have deluded notions that Biden and Harris are wildly to the left (if only), and they have been taking their lead from this, a most damaged and sociopathic lifeform. They are his flying monkeys.

We do have the worry as far as what this loss will inspire them to do considering this bizarre loyalty some of them continue to show towards this fool. Let’s hope the unpredictable nature of this year will give us another surprise—a lack of regrettable violence following this election and continued activism under a Biden administration (I know……I know).


Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.