Pro-Life is a Pedophilic Position

If pedophilia is the sexualization of children, and if it is furthermore related to politics and power as the QAnon conspiracy tells us, then I can think of no more pedophillic position than being “pro-life” an extremist position held by Amy Coney Barrett and the Republican cult that states women should have no access to abortion and increasingly no access to birth control implying that there should be no sex (for women or men, with women getting punished) that is not productive, that does not produce more labor, more whiteness, more penises, more Americans, whatever more productive things a human could be.

For the right, the child is always in the bedroom. On the one hand the child must be made in the sex itself, on the other hand the child is always already there. The child is the woman, made to obey everything the man says, held as a second class citizen, treated as a child in a power play that sexualizes her because she’s made a child, not the other way around. The actual child is given no rights, left to fend for its own in Man’s world (in life) and in God’s world (in death) but given full rights over his mother during the time in her stomach, the very limited time the child is in a woman’s world.

The totally arbitrary term of pro-life sees a potential life as a life when there is no reason abortion is anything more than a simple medical procedure that doesn’t relate to children at all. The attacks on Obamacare and birth control are linked because Obamacare gave women rights to contraception from their employer with some “religious” exceptions.

Now I won’t deny that the liberal marketization, public confessing, BDSM, etc. all in a way function as this punishment for pleasure that we should interrogate with critical and playful vigor. But the stakes aren’t nearly as high! One night of climax where the woman didn’t even finish means a lifetime of parenthood, itself a burden shifted mostly onto the mother, already financially strapped and physically threatened by an oligarchy without a safety net for the underclass. As a result the child has to be the way sex lives on. The child becomes the mark of sex, the justification for it but also the guilt of it. The child must exist in this relationship that is totally non sexual so as to mark that purity still exists.

What’s obvious and won’t be acknowledged is that as soon as the sex disappears and the child becomes its substitute then the child is sexualized, very often by their own parents. Pedophilia, like rape is framed as a public concern, left to the white supremacist property obsessed police and the right to handle, when in reality both most often happen in institutions of the family, not as sincere sexual desire but as power play used to control not only women and children but the liberating act of sex itself.

As a result of said purity of the child we are continually confronted with times of trauma in our childhood where we are sexualized by adults. This is why I think we need to take the QAnon theory more seriously. In what ways are people projecting their own personal trauma onto a magical Other in the liberal elite? Adults are constantly sexualizing children by gendering them—something exposed in feminist and LGBT+ movements.

But there is another element of sexualization going on. That’s one of purity that is most evident in language surrounding the fetus. The child is sexless so they haven’t sinned. This fools adults that they can apply sex onto the child without anyone (what about God?) knowing because the child will supposedly not understand. The child always gets it, if not at the time, then later when they became an adult and remember, even if the memory is repressed and framed as an apology for the adult figure the child trusted. It’s sad that when we grow up and realize our sexual trauma that we still can’t completely escape our mindset at the time that it was all ok.

The best way to end this madness is an economic bill of rights including full healthcare for women, children, trans folks and men. This is a commentary on QAnon and we can’t get detoured by Incels but I would like to add that the Incel movement is more complicated than it is presented because it assumes consent in the very term itself. Incel originates from a woman and before it was weaponized by the corporate media was a legitimate part of the multiplicities of sexual liberation practices in the 21st century, part of the + of the LGBT+. A potential referendum on masculinity that assumes vulnerability is the enemy and sex is a right through an honest reckoning on rejection, self-acceptance, respect of women’s agency and solidarity in friendship has been largely homogenized by corporate media and like the demonization of social media, condemns broad counterculture instead of a specific right wing. Incels may not be Marxists but the term accepts rejection which is the first step away from the property relationship of marriage or prostitution under capitalism.

Sex doesn’t have to be this complicated. It can be fun. But the right needs it to have meaning. Because they don’t have ideology on their sides they need to make babies. Sex, like the police and the right to bear arms is a weapon used to keep women and other vulnerable people on the right. As soon as it becomes free and open it’s just sex, it’s just fun, it’s free for children to learn about.

QAnon sounds like a more fun cult than People of Praise but it’s still a cult about power that weaponizes sex. Events like Jeffrey Epstein’s sketchy suicide are not without legs but they are symptomatic of a more general ruling class and a crisis of inequality. The right is coming to sexualize every child in America. They won’t be put on a watchlist because they are the watchlist. Rather than sincerely expressing a sexual desire as a pedophile might, in a way that could be managed democratically in a healthy society, we see the right having a sexuality without bounds that needs not one child partner but rather seeks to leave no child left behind through a globalist plot to sexualize all children as the meaning of sex, implying meaning to a child created by parents who failed to create meaning in a life alienated by capital, in conflict because of hierarchy, in stress because of manufactured scarcity, and in pain because of suppression. This is part of a broader elite plot to profit off every resource on the planet and divide the poor by turning all women into second class citizens and intimidate minorities and poor people with violence all while making the more important steps of institutionalizing these tactics into law, segregating different classes of people across space and country and rendering an increasing number disposable as the climate math works against our resources as a ghastly chasm grows between the rich and poor.

Now as Amy Coney Barrett is rushed in to take away birth control and health care she is weaponized as a mother who takes in the many and the needy. Her children come out every time she sins, sometimes they are minorities, sometimes with disabilities, but she saves them all with her goodness in her superior white genes and embedded in her submissive feminine nature. No one says how she pays for all those kids, by taking away health care and birth control for everyone else. I guess when your kids are sexy it’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Nick Pemberton writes and works from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He loves to receive feedback at