Super Tuesday? 

Photograph Source: Gage Skidmore – CC BY-SA 2.0

The DNC is nothing if not predictable. The crumbs to the working poor that would be a Sander’s presidency was more than they could abide as the machinations of the last few days illustrated.  The centrists of the pending collapse worked the phones, solidifying the status quo. They succeeded in suppressing votes in areas that would tend towards Sanders—one Texas man at a university polling spot required 7 hours to get his vote entered. A midweek Tuesday primary that requires hours of waiting—well that does nothing but enhance the affluent “I have nothing better to do” vote. How many voters had to leave the lines because they would get fired from their low wage, no time off jobs if they didn’t get back quickly? How many had to get home to relieve the babysitter? The young of this country are working multiple jobs, being treated as commodities to plunder. They don’t have the ability to clear these hurdles, and that is by design. It’s something of a modern-day poll tax. These suppression numbers are impossible to calculate, making the fraud of the DNC apparatus so slick and unclear to those of means and minimal intellectual curiosity.

The day after, the one that showed that a man who rails at questions by calling you fat or a dog faced pony solider can, in this America, win primaries…..well those stocks rallied, especially the health care inhibitor stocks. The supreme rot of that situation is a trajectory of tragedy that ends with people dying for lack of care. When a family member is ill, we care for them without any notion of requiring a profit from it. But those who profess absurd patriotism can’t extrapolate that an extended family…….that is, fellow Americans, deserve to be cared for in the same manner. A function of society is to provide safety and a sense of belonging and mutual assistance, but our society is nothing but a modern feudalism, pulling from the working class without reciprocity. The health care is only provided if at least 5 layers of middlemen make obscene profits off the scheme. This systemic disgrace removes all notion that the power elite of this nation care about any of us. The United States has become the largest Potemkin Village constructed. The values professed have little measure in reality.

Well anyway…….. this Tuesday was just a part of the suppression effort. The plan appears to be multi-pronged. A bought and paid for media, roadblocks to voting—it’s not so much a thumb on the scale as it as an elephant’s ass on the scale. Speaking of elephants, Sanders would have had more of a chance winning a Republican primary than the Democratic as they simply count votes, having long since rid themselves of superdelegates. It’s one thing to win over votes, but to have to win so many votes to prevent a DNC bougie class erasing them at the convention level? How sick is the “Democratic” party when they trail the Republicans on an issue like this? The US assisted and applauded ousting a Bolivian president over what is emerging to be trumped up reports of election fraud–yet the US has a system in place that truly is fraudulent. It’s lost all notion of truth. They had us read 1984 in high school and some of us felt it was a cautionary tale while others seem to have considered it a users’ manual. The world of Trump and Biden is fabricated as they go along, puffs of ego and nonsense story-telling–all of us pulled into their fevered dreams that have no concrete basis in truth. Fiction: Corn pop fights, jailed for trying to see Mandela, viruses are hoaxes, marijuana is a gateway drug, Epstein killed himself, I really don’t need to lose 10 pounds.

They say Obama worked the phones to make sure that the desires of the young and progressive would be snuffed out. I can’t imagine the shame in being that man. He isn’t content to end his days at Martha’s Vineyard in his mansion—no, he has to ensure that some poor young adult continues to ration his or her insulin. He actually felt motivated to hurt these people by preventing run of the mill safety nets being enacted. He is such an empty beige suit– he is regaled with praise for his “class and dignity”. They just don’t realize the class they are praising is the power elite class.

It’s an inescapable fact that the older two generations, the Boomers and Gen X’ers, are not showing a trace of empathy regarding the difficulty most young Americans are going through.

The radicalism of the Boomers is portrayed nicely at the end of “Dazed and Confused”.” I won’t sign that paper that says I can’t do drugs if I play football!” This is the generation that is now actually drug testing kids at schools via cutting hair and sending it off to labs. The X’ers are no better, serving as courtiers to Boomer power or becoming the toxic royalty of Silicon Valley. The rebellion of the past and even the present is an exercise in fetid narcissism only. I am unable to continue making excuses for these age groups any longer, the few of us within these birth years who disagree are often drowned out by selfish babble. I think Chris Mathews has multiple clones out there. I have tried to look for the good in our 45+ year old citizens, of which I am one, but it’s getting very difficult to find. I was overly optimistic in the past. Bernie is of course advanced in age and there are a few of us trying, but overall….whew. What a bunch of old shits. I saw a quote in relation to all of this that said, “progress is made one casket at a time”. OUCH. I’m afraid this is true—there are a few of us dipping our toes in new ways of thinking, yet it takes those coming after us to make these changes occur. The newness of our situation is that we have a planet that could very well be uninhabitable due to the short-sighted greediness of the older generations and the affluent (who are usually one and the same). We are in a bit of uncharted territory. There be dragons on the map. And we have dragons chasing us from the other direction.

The high irony of all this is that a Sanders win would likely stave off unrest that will most likely touch even the most cushioned older voters. In the Age of Corona, all it takes is one poorly paid restaurant worker with no health care and no time off to spit on the meal of a wealthy asshole. Then the travails of the poor become their problem. The greatest thing holding back this sort of behavior is the inherent decency of most of the poor workers (as opposed to the wealthy who have no such qualms about causing illness and death via no universal healthcare). A Sanders presidency would probably diminish the rage that is bubbling underneath. I don’t know if the status quo wants the next candidate to be one Rob S. Pierre, with long lines (this time with them in them) to something besides a polling place? They won’t allow the pressure cooker to have even the smallest bit of steam escape. What could go wrong with that for them? It’s like they can’t even help themselves– their greed is so boundless.

Of course none of this is surprising, I wrote of my own fears for a brokered convention a few months ago. I imagined chaos and perhaps even a Trump intervention for “stability’s sake”.  But at this point I wouldn’t even put it past the DNC to call off the convention on their own if Sanders has more votes. You know…… to keep us all safe from Corona virus and also progressive politics. They would love to quietly just place Biden and proceed to a mock election that they surely know they won’t win (and likely don’t care—it’s all about stopping Sanders). They would be able to avoid embarrassing protester optics by cancelling a convention.

I will still vote for Sanders because I want to make their rigging more difficult and I hope you will too if you are in an upcoming state. After this Kabuki theater is complete, it will be up to us to figure out Plan B. I have no idea what that is. I wish we could perform a reverse Galt’s Gulch and all of us working to prop up the system for the wealthy could simply disengage and leave for sunnier shores. Sadly, I’m not seeing this happen, but the system as it is….well it’s in a fragile state of disintegration. It may just come down to surviving this horrible period in history and imparting decency on those near to us, our children and others we can influence. It might mean living with the hope that some parts of the world will still be livable in the next 50 years, and the likely diminished populations will build lives that include mutual aid and love for each other because our decency peels through. That’s an enormous question we all need to consider for ourselves. Refusing to engage in cruelty and calling out the bullshit needs to continue because hopefully it has ripples. Even if it does not, it’s the only way to lead a clean and ethical life, as cheesy as that sounds. It’s often very lonely to know these things, but we do have a movement of individuals who understand and care—we aren’t solitary in this knowledge. Outnumbered yes, but not alone. We all might have .0001% of an idea how to combat this and it will take all of us to plunge forward with that input and creativity. And we may fail, but we all die eventually– it’s impossible to know what will have the most impact while we are experiencing it. Only in retrospect would we know what helped others in the most immediate manner.

All we can do is keep trying.

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.