DNC Declares War on Sanders…Again

There’s already lots of evidence that the DNC old guard will sabotage Bernie’s campaign. Again. For example, take a look through the sources, links and excerpts below this column.

The New York Times also ran more op ed slander against Sanders this past Saturday. Among younger people especially, however, predictable dark money ads and redbaiting “centrist” talking points have spectacularly backfired. Donations and volunteer efforts for Sanders increase.

The response of young socialists has not just been a political romance, but a strategic commitment. In plain language: Don’t just do the opposite of what the DNC, MSNBC and The New York Times tell voters to do. Do the work of class conscious resistance every day, not just on big election days.

The supporters of the Sanders campaign should not get smug or complacent. Not everyone is well informed, and some voters will feel saturation bombed by dark money ads and hack op eds. Don’t pretend that organized lying makes no difference. Raising the ground floor of social democracy means fighting for radical reforms that are consistent with both a political and an economic revolution.

Though I vote for the red wing of the Green Party, I’m sending a donation to the Sanders campaign. Mostly for the sake of his younger socialist supporters, because the growing friction between the DSA and the DNC in 2020 is good news. The class conscious fight for basic democracy and radical reforms in this country matters most. Not the metaphysical debate over “the soul of the Democratic Party.”

Let’s be real about Sanders, however. He has already promised to endorse whoever the eventual DP nominee might be. That would be consistent with his 2016 endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and he went on to campaign for her at dozens of rallies. Clinton now renews her campaign of sabotage and slander against Sanders in 2020. Tom Perez, head of the DNC, recently selected a roster of corporate apparatchiks as nominees to the DNC.

There is a hard core of the old guard within the Democratic Party that is determined to stop Sanders even if that means a second term for Trump. Proving that long term “bipartisan” politics are an internal balancing mechanism of the corporate state. Sanders has raised hopes of a political revolution among his followers, but that torch must really pass to the young.

2020 will be a year of reckoning, not simply in whether career pols in the Democratic Party pull down their partisan temple on their own heads, but in the actual class struggles that do not respect party lines and electoral schedules.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party keep each other in business. Including the dead serious business of war and empire. Peace and solidarity are therefore not simply goals over the horizon, but also the class conscious practice of social movements of resistance.


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The DNC’s Hatred of Bernie Sanders is on FULL Display Once Again


Jan 31, 2020



How they will try to cheat Bernie: DNC Edition

Submitted by gjohnsit on Tue, 01/28/2020 – 2:18pm

EXCERPT – I want to emphasize that they will try to cheat Bernie.
You shouldn’t trust anyone who claims to know the outcome for certain, because there are far too many variables.

That being said, Sanders has taken a commanding lead in N.H. and appears to be on his way to victory in Iowa as well. He’s within striking distance in Nevada, which means that Bernie could sweep the first three states, and that would destroy Biden’s phony “electability” platform.
At that point Bernie’s machine could simply steamroll the other candidates and make history.

The MSM will be out to stop him. Wall Street and the MIC will try to stop him. The wealthy elites, both foreign and domestic, will try to stop him. The GOP will try to stop him.
But for now I want to focus on the DNC.




Great video summary of DNC dirty tricks from 2016, and DNC sabotage campaign in 2020.


Moment of Clarity, Lee Camp ~ VIDEO:





Democratic Hawks Declare War on Bernie Sanders

By Alex Pareene

January 31, 2020

The New Republic:

EXCERPT – The first openly anti–Bernie Sanders attack ad of the Democratic primary campaign is now airing across Iowa, thanks to a $680,000 ad buy from the PAC arm of Democratic Majority for Israel, a group founded to counter what it sees as the Democratic Party’s growing skepticism about the Israeli government.