Full-Spectrum Fubar

Back in the days when the Deep State’s diktats commanded a modicum of credibility, its stated goal was worldwide military “full spectrum dominance”.  Twenty years of grossly humiliating failure in its murderously ineffectual floundering has rendered that idea null, even to doctrinaire NeoCon wanks.

Instead, the WWII term for total situational dysfunction and chaos is now so perfectly descriptive of our national Goon Show that it seems made for it.  Back then, when a major planned operation went tits up, GIs described it as “Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition” and the acronym stuck.  Consider:

America raped and bludgeoned half a dozen countries that never harmed it while financing two that injured it materially.  That monumental destruction, and the funneling of billions to whore states Isreal and Saudi Arabia (much of it earmarked for death merchants Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and Boeing) gorged the War Machine at the price of tens of thousands of young American’s lives, bodies, and sanity.  Americans mostly don’t care, of course, but that, too, is a fubar indicator.

In America’s chief industry and source of psychotic pride–making weapons of war–the genius of Capitalism has diligently devised ways to gouge more and more money for less and less quality in extravagantly non-performing turkeys.  The motive, Putin observed, is that while Russia makes arms for defense, America does so to maximize War Machine profits.  This is why America puts billions into endless iterations of gold-plated F-35s that break down and don’t work, and aircraft carriers that were gangbusters at Midway against Zeroes but are now just lumbering, gigantic pinatas Russia’s Kinzhal hypersonic missiles will blow the jujus out of in a Moscow minute.

Russia’s hypersonic, non-ballistic missiles–its phenomenal Avangard inter-continental system (Mach 27) and the Kinzhal and Zircon land and sea-based missiles that operate above Mach 9 (6000 mph)–are untrackable and indestructable by US defenses, and are generations ahead of anything America is even testing.  This data isn’t secret; it’s openly available and the US Military has it.  Regarding the old days of bitter US/Russian weapons rivalry, Mr. Putin said, “They didn’t listen to us then; they’ll listen to us now.”

America has lately performed the exquisitely difficult geopolitical maneuver of alienating all nations it considers friends while simultaneously actively provoking those it considers enemies.  That extraordinary diplomatic Quadruple Axel had never yet been attempted, much less accomplished.

America has undermined, abrogated, or withdrawn from the entire web of international nuclear arms control treaties, in addition to unilaterally and dishonestly sabotaging the nuclear JCPOA with Iran to the dismay of our “partners”.  It did this at a time when it’s futile mayhem in the Arab world has made it the butt of the world’s derision, its Imperial hubris has alienated even its European vassals, and when Russia and China, which have been moderate and restrained in absorbing US rants and tantrums–knowing the mortal risk of brinksmanship as America can’t–have the resolve, if forced, to go all in and show this deluded Empire what real war is all about.

In addition to its military and diplomatic faceplants, the US has appalled and estranged most of the world with its oafish, braindead denial of accelerating climate change, and is leading the omnicidal charge of gross polluting nations against all science and sanity toward a blistering, toxic, inundated, and perhaps even humanly uninhabitable earth.

So much for our status in the world; America is the active definition of fubar at home.  A blundering Capitalist Fascist tyranny burlesquing shamelessly as a democracy, run as a Mafia Family for its vicious oligarchs and owners, with a Kshatriya class of Deep State Security thugs managing its clownish Punch-and-Judy politics to mesmerize the rubes, it has baldly stolen every benefit, every right, every security, and every source of pride from its dull people and left them with porn, dope, toons, and cage fighting in place of hopes, dreams or aspirations beyond becoming one of their own exploiters.

Our Capitalist ruling class, entrenched in absolute power behind a symbolic Potemkin Government of flunkies comprised of a contemptible claque of hicks, clods, whores, and sleazy, Cracker hypocrites–our Congress–that stages infantile foodfights to cozen the gullible, rapes and robs us with the blessing of a justice system that is the black embodiment of corruption. Pathologically greedy, Capitalists have abandoned production as a less efficient way to plunder the public good than financial chicanery, bank fraud, and tax crime.  Poisoned by their disease, they lack even the foresight to alter their sick voracity in the face of the climate catastrophe that is driving mass extinction and may portend the end of humanity itself.

After half a century producing nothing of benefit to the American people, our Congress, fiercely divided for melodrama’s sake on fairytale principles neither gang respects or adheres to, focused only on doling trillions in fiat money to its masters, is fully engaged in an exercise so ridiculous and debased that a rational nation would summarily dissolve and eliminate it.

A criminal sociopathic President, impeached by a criminal, sociopathic Congress, not for high crimes in which they have been deeply complicit, but on two empty, trivial, puny premises, with the charade locked in insoluble stasis while the clueless country hurtles toward catastrophe: this is what is laughingly referred to as government in this sad, stupid, criminal nation.

QED, Fubar is indisputably the term that applies.  Perceptive cynics will take issue, saying that because great Capitalist thieves have both hands deeper into the national till than they ever have proves that the system is working as intended.  On a superficial level the argument is defensible but behind the heavy protective armor of Imperial propaganda lurks the broad insider economic awareness that the day of dollar hegemony is at sunset.

Russia and China are dumping treasuries by the hundreds of billions and buying gold in unprecedented quantities.  Money cognoscenti are deeply troubled by enslavement to a currency supported only by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S.A., in which they now have no faith whatever.  Decoupling from the dollar as the world reserve currency and adoption of a basket of currencies in its place will bring a devaluation jolt that will disintegrate our massive debt-disabled national financial junkyard and bankrupt us all.

Back in the days of Bill Mauldin’s Willie and Joe, GIs not under fire at the Front supposedly could laugh at Army disasters and joke about what was fubar.  We don’t have that space.  Our front is everywhere and we can’t escape it.  The plain fact is it is terrifying to live in a dying, decomposing Empire.  There is no joy in exposing systemic failure when it is ones own.  Schadenfreude fails when its object is your own country and all you have known, likely loved, and certainly identified with.  And yet life and beauty have always survived the deaths of empires and love never dies.  History, as well as Dylan Thomas, assures us that “Death shall have no Dominion.”

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Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at: hgmnude@bresnan.net

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