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With Circles Under Our Eyes

Sometimes I feel worn down by the entrenched, privileged, delusional, reactively misleading manipulations which pass for a government under which I live in what passes for the United States of America. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I am more privileged than many other people and I know that the opportunities available to me are connected to the suffering of many other people. This knowledge is a major source of what wears on me and I know that it wears on most people – even as we try to avoid letting it completely disable us.

For me, the avoidance of greater disability has led me to the conclusion that there is no worthwhile reason to participate in what I would call the slow-motion path of tornado-like destruction which is enabled by the republicans and the democrats. Both of these identity groups are devoutly based in a worship of capital and both use that devotion as their method of measuring the worth of other people, even as a minority of their members loudly say they would have things be otherwise.

The bipartisan economic-based privatizing domination over human rights and the environment has become the major misguided dogma of the alignment of the various wheels of what is now the most massively destructive machinery in the history of our species. This alignment is not balanced in a way which will ever lead to an ability to steer the machinery directly or lead to an ability to reduce the speed of the destructiveness which is inherent within the prioritizing of monetary riches over any human rights. The accumulation of monetary riches is now, in fact, widely (and delusionally) accepted as the most practical expression of human rights.

The alignment is international and reaches around the planet. Just as the planet turns in its slightly wavering circles, so too does the machinery of privatizing capital. A chief difference between these two examples is that the movements of the planet are effectively balanced by the greater outside forces of the universe while the supposed balance of the forces of private capital is determined from within itself and for its own prejudicial privileges. This disparity is artificially created and maintained and the awareness of its effects is religiously restricted to self-promoting imagery from within the machinery.

As the wheels of the predatory democratrepublican militarizing machinery work together to keep the machinery circling as it swaggers and lurches over the landscape, it has inevitably and consistently revealed the detrimental effects of its bad design. We find ourselves viewing similar destruction of the landscape and the abusiveness toward what are supposed to be human rights, again and again and again. As this evidence of malignancy is continually apparent, we are given more and more distracting images from within the machinery to give us the feeling that every new image of deterioration is somehow uniquely an argument for more of the same.

The democratrepublican deceitfulness is largely self-deception. The reduction of access to the exterior views of the realities of the malignancy is repeatedly, consistently, and emphatically demanded by the desperate membership. They insist that they are supporting democracy while they seek a more prominent position within the blatantly undemocratic machinery. Many members delusionally talk about “our democracy” as if the systemic design would allow such a thing to affect its movements. The circles of deterioration and toxicity continually expand and it is because the democratrepublican membership refuse to accept the accuracy of the outside images and instead seek to reinforce the firmness of their grasp within the machinery. The grasping is clearly a fear-based rejection of what is necessary for raising human rights and the quality of the environment above the craven insecurities which are driving the machinery into greater debaucheries.

If you think that you want wider justice and a healthier environment, then you must try to get outside of the bipartisan machinery of privatizing capital control of life. Staying inside the machinery’s control system will only take you farther away from seeing the truth of its effects. The lie of the democratrepublican charade of opposition has been the preferred way of preventing improvements and is guaranteed to keep us all going in destructive circles.

As the recent events in Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, Bolivia and elsewhere have clearly revealed, the democratrepublican machiney is overwhelmingly determined to keep using the exact same methods of arrogant, underhanded browbeating, and misrepresentations. They continually seek to separate themselves from their own schemes of promoting militarized debauchery. Mostly through silence and through phony claims of supporting human rights, this machinery continues to suck the life out of any real resistance to the domination of corporatized debauchery in the name of sanctified capital. They and their international cabal sanction and bribe and pretend to be superior to everyone else on the planet.

For me, the fraudulence includes the members found at what appears to be the extremes of the devotees of the machinery. These would include the supposed far right and the supposed far left wheels of the machinery. Donald Trump’s supporters and Bernie Sanders’ supporters. The system largely guarantees the domination by the former and the inevitable submission of the latter because they both share the same emphasis on running the machine in its rightward circles through an economic lens which encourages a sense of superiority over nature and other people. The truth is that the wheels on the right side have much greater flexibility and size and the wheels on the left are smaller and deliberately deflated by the democratrepublican religiosity.

I do feel deeply saddened by the gullibility of the many millions of people who think this circular destruction will be slowed by staying within the machinery’s deceptively swaggering movements. The inability to release their desperate grasp of what are fake controls will never slow the machinery and the evidence of the circular malignancy will only be passing by more and more quickly until – and only if – we reject the faking schemes of participating within their delusions of grandeur.

Those of us who want capital to be subservient to justice and a healthy environment must stand down, embrace our priorities, and stop feeding our energies into their machinery. The democratrepublican machinery – from Trump to Sanders – is not capable of stopping itself and its devotion to the domination of life by its inevitable capitalist injustices. They do not deserve either their beloved hostility or their claims of supposed democracy. We are all pathetic losers and those who think they are superior human beings because they are part of a system which is clearly based upon economic prejudice and inequality are the most pathetic of us all.

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