Atomic Porker Strikes Indian Point

The Atomic Porker, (an anagram of “Patrick Moore”) is now spewing greenwash on the license renewal of the Entergy Indian Point Nuke which contributes 30% of New York City’s power.This is just the latest exploit in the career of the most blatant corporate-lackey sell-out ever to disgrace humanity. It must have come to Moore’s attention that the environmental community of Westchester NY, 25 miles north of the New York City, has been girding for a fight to prevent the rickety Nuke from getting a 20-year operating extension. 20 million people live within the 50 mile radiological miasma death-radius of Indian Point’s reactors and many of the neighbour’s have been calling for the permanent closure of the outrageously dangerous plant. They are riled about an ongoing litany of safety problems, the storage of 1500 tons of radioactive waste onsite, the Nuke’s extreme vulnerability to a terrorist attack, and the total lack of any workable evacuation plan.The Atomic Porker’s got something to sell to a situation like that, and he knew there was a quick buck to be made.

Patrick Moore’s lengthy list of greenwash exploits includes his championing of the clearcut logging of primaeval forests, industrial feed-lot fish-farming, genetic tampering,pesticide and chemical fertilizer spewing, the resurgence of the spewing of DDT and shilling for the Burson-Marsteller corporate PR firm. More recently, he’s celebrated George Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto Protocol, has established himself amongst the world’s several global heating deniers. Now the Atomic Porker collects a paycheck from the Nuclear Power industry.

In 2000, Moore was contracted to dismiss concerns about the impacts of logging, mining and clearing for agriculture on the Amazonian rainforests. In an interview in the New York Post he said: “All these save-the-forests arguments are based on bad science … They are quite simply wrong. We found that the Amazon rainforest is more than 90 percent intact. We flew over it and met all the environmental authorities. We studied satellite pictures of the entire area,” he said. “They are just about the healthiest forests in the world. This stuff about them vanishing at an alarming rate is a con based on bad science … Anyone who has been in the jungle knows that if you want to live there, you’d better take a few machetes. Otherwise, it’ll take it all back,” he said.

The Atomic Porker has also found it profitable to speak for the nozzlehead’s who are pushing for the return of DDT. He is currently engaged in a smear of Rachel Carson, whose 1962 runaway bestseller, Silent Spring, still in print, exposed the horrors of rampant pesticide spewing. Recently, the British government’s Environment Agency convened a panel of experts to list the 100 greatest eco-heroes of all time. On November 28 they named the scientists, campaigners, writers, economists and naturalists who, in their view, have done the most towards staving off the global ecological catastrophe. In the #1 spot: Rachel Carson.

In a recent interview with the Christian Crusader Magazine, Patrick Moore was asked why he has been attacking Rachel Carson. His answer:

“Rachel Carson has already been discredited. Her scaremongering over the myth of DDT has killed millions of children who have died from malaria. Her book has killed more people than Mein Kampf. She was the green Hitler. In fact these so called environmentalists are simply thugs. I call them the Green Shirts.”

Moore has also stooped to making money out of trashing Dr. Helen Caldicott, a medical doctor, a Nobel nominee, named by the Smithsonian Institute and Ladies’ Home Journal as one of the most influential women of the 20th century, whose latest book again outlines the evils of nuclear power. Caldicott, as the preeminent spokesperson on nuclear horror absolutely towers over the quisling grovelling Gollum. Here, in a recent interview on E&E TV, Caldicott slaps down Patrick Moore:

Monica Trauzzi: We recently had Christie Todd Whitman on the show, and she just founded CASEnergy with Greenpeace founder, Patrick Moore. CASE stands for “clean and safe.” Basically, they’re contending that nuclear energy is environmentally safe and secure, and it’s safe for humans. Are they wrong? And are they part of this propaganda wave that you …

Helen Caldicott: They are. Patrick Moore, I had it in my conference called “Nuclear Power and Global Warming.” He’s paid for by the nuclear industry. I don’t know about Christie, but I know that he is. So that I’m an independent physician ..

Monica Trauzzi: But he is a well-known environmentalist.

Helen Caldicott: Well, yeah, but he’s changed, hasn’t he? He works for the nuclear industry, so he’s not unbiased. He’s totally biased. He’s employed by them to push nuclear power and he’s wrong! He’s absolutely wrong

Since 2005, Moore has raked it in as a speaker who “Makes the Case for Nuclear” for the Global Speakers Agency, where his fees range between $10,000 to $25,000. This year, Moore spoke at the Nuclear Industry Association / British Nuclear Energy Society, “Energy Choices 2006” conference in London. Since 2006, Moore has also been the Honorary Chair of the Canadian branch of Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy. The Atomic Porker’s also in the PR biz. Several years ago, Moore lost his cool when Canadian journalist Stephen Hume asked him about Burson-Marsteller’s role in conducting a public relations campaign for Argentina when the Argentinian military’s death squads were murdering thousands of citizens and political dissidents. Moore sneered that “people get killed everywhere.”

Earlier this year, Moore attended the United Nation’s 11th Annual Climate Change Conference in Montreal. The huge meeting failed to impress Moore, who was there to promote nuclear power. “There is nothing concrete going on here,” he said. “There is nothing good happening here as far as I can see. [The participants at the U.N. conference are] just spending a whole pile of money and arguing and talking” he added. “At least the United States is honest. Bush said, ‘No we are not going to sign that thing (Kyoto) because we can’t do that,'” said Patrick Moore. “I think this whole Kyoto process is a colossal waste of time and money,” said Moore, who rejects alarmist predictions of human-caused ‘global warming.'”

Here’s what prominent Canadian environmentalists, have to say about the Atomic Porker:

“Judas Iscariot had the decency to hang himself after betraying Jesus. Moore…can’t even be persuaded to shut his mouth.” – Paul Luke, The Province Newspaper, BC

“Patrick Moore has gone from being the guard dog of the environment to the lap dog of industry” – Tzeporah Berman, ForestEthics

“Patrick Moore is a corporate whore, an eco-Judas, a lowlife bottom-sucking parasite who has grown rich from sacrificing environmentalist principles for plain old money.” – Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

“Dr. Patrick Moore may be a good marine biologist and a former founder of Greenpeace but he is presently paid by the timber industry to deliberately mislead the public and politicians about the acceptability of aggressive logging practices.”- Dr Leonie Jacobs, University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, 1996

“Personally, each time I read something by this megalomaniacal crackpot I get the urge to hurl. Now he’s peddling his propaganda and lies in the United States.” – Chris Genovali, Raincoast Conservation Society

“I have read Patrick’s book, Pacific Spirit. It is not the work of a ‘forest ecologist’ but a disappointing blend of pseudo-science and dubious assumptions being used to defend clearcutting and the forest industry.” – Monte Hummel, MScF, President, World Wildlife Fund Canada

“He habitually ignores the worst aspects of logging in his zeal to promote industry. It’s difficult to say anything good about him” – Paul George, Director, Western Canada Wilderness Committee

“He is nothing more than an apologist for the timber industry” – Gavin Edwards, Forest Action Network

“He’s one of those guys I knew I couldn’t trust from the first second I shook hands with him. I mean that literally.” – Dick Dillman, Greenpeace San Francisco

“When asked why he started a fish farm, Patrick replied: ‘To make money'” – Jonathan Mayer, Fish Biologist and former employee of Patrick Moore

“He’s taken a job schlepping for the stumpmakers” – Bob Hunter, Co-founder of Greenpeace and City TV Reporter.

Harvey Wasserman best sums up the efforts of the Atomic Porker:

“…In perhaps the saddest line in the entire nuclear debate, Moore has termed the Three Mile Island accident “a success,” apparently because it didn’t explode like Chernobyl. But in a matter of moments, the TMI melt-down turned a $900 million asset into a $2 billion (or more) liability, with an unknowable final price tag or death toll. (my emphasis) Not until 9/11/2001 would there be a similar “success” on our soil…”

What is it that makes Patrick Moore such a desirable spokesman for the most heinous life-destroying blights on the planet? Well, once upon a time, the Atomic Porker was involved in Greenpeace. Although Moore purports to base his environmental anathema on his obescience to the fanatical religion of Scientism, his website does not list a single peer-reviewed scientific paper written by him. That makes him a scientific illiterate.The Atomic Porker has grown exceedingly fat on the corporate slop, and has parleyed that single credential in an otherwise singularly mediocre and phony resume into a retirement career.

The corporations don’t hire Moore for whatever scientific twaddle he might produce -afterall, they easily buy the science that proves that black is white from sources with peer-reviewed credibility, no matter how ill-begotten and contrived. What’s wanted is that Greenpeace credential up on the corporate stage, blatantly feeding at their trough, in plain public view. They know full well the spectre of that obsequious sell-out grovelling at the corporate teat is deeply offensive and demoralizing to those who care a fig for the planet. The corporations don’t even care about the stain that Moore leaves on their business, -their value for their investment in the Atomic Porker is the supreme embarrassment and distrust that he brings to the movement. That’s a lot more powerful an image-frame for the myopic masses than Moore’s puerile and transparent message. The irony of this idiot iconoclast insulting the very institution whose imprimatur he has so vastly parasitized and engorged himself upon is clearly calculated.

Good luck to the neighbour’s of Indian Point. Pigs can fly.

INGMAR LEE worries that Patrick Moore’s stint with Greenpeace in British Columbia has indelibly stained the organization. Greenpeace BC’s most recent project has been a 7-year exclusive closed-door collaboration with the logging industry which resulted in a deal which protects less that 30% of the Earth’s final significant intact tract of primaeval temperate rainforest from industrial logging. He can be reached at his website, www.ingmarlee.com



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