Gaza Hospital Massacre and the Marketing of Israeli lies

A blast killed more than 500 civilians in the “safe” yard of al Ahli Baptist Hospital. Within short hours, the Israeli army concluded it was a misfired Palestinian rocket. US President, Joe Biden, soon after his arrival in Tel Aviv adopted the Israeli story blaming “the other side” for the explosion.

Israel’s deliberate targeting of individuals or civilians seeking refuge in “safer places” has been part of the Israeli war strategy since its inception in 1948. Therefore, and before addressing the hospital massacre, it’s important to put this case within the broader context of the Israeli pogrom policy. The following is only a partial list of incidents where Israel first denied before independent investigation implicated it in murdering civilians while managing to evade accountability, with full complicity of Western media and powers.

For instance, in the aftermath of the tragic murder of American Palestinian journalist Shereen Abu Akleh on May 11, 2022, the then Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett issued a tweet attributing the responsibility to Palestinian fighters. He supported his assertions by a video released by the Israeli military, claiming gunmen firing in the vicinity where Abu Akleh lost her life. Western media immediately marketed the Israeli lie by giving it more space than the Palestinian narratives. It took weeks, overwhelmed by contrary evidence, before mainstream Western media finally launched a thorough investigation into the killing of the fellow journalist.

Six months later, on November 15, 2022, Israeli War Minister, Benny Gantz, acknowledged Israeli responsibility, categorizing the killing of Abu Akleh as a grave mistake. He also informed the American administration that Israel would not “cooperate with any external investigation,” meaning the American FIB who launched an investigation into the death of the American journalist. Biden neither called nor met the family of the “less equal” American citizen, who flew 6000 miles to Washington hoping to meet American officials. He, however, traveled 6000 miles to meet the more equal Americans, who chose another country’s citizenship, in Tel Aviv.

The reluctance of the Biden administration to seek justice for the death of an “American” reflects American leaders’ ineptitude toward America’s welfare queen, and the political dominion of the most powerful foreign lobby in the US. Perhaps this explains the source of the insolence arrogance of current Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu who once boasted, “America is a thing you can move very easily . . .” For Israel has gotten away previously with murdering American soldiers when on June 8, 1967, the U.S. supplied Israeli air force attacked USS Liberty killing 34 sailors and injuring 171 crew members.

Other “less equal” Americans lost their lives and received no attention from the White House. Alexander Michel Odeh was assassinated in October 1985 in his Santa Ana office at the hand of a Jewish Defense League terrorist. His killer escaped to the country of his new citizenship, and was for many years ensconced in a Jewish only colony in the occupied West Bank. Another “less equal” American was Rachel Aliene Corrie who was crushed under an American made Israeli armored bulldozer in March 2003. Netanyahu’s arrogance comes from his confidence that AIPAC’s eunuchized American political leaders would line up to kowtow to Israel and sacrifice American citizens at the Israeli altar.

Another example in targeting civilians was Qana massacre in April 1996 during Israel’s war on Lebanon. To avoid any incident, the UN provided Israel with the coordinates of their base where civilians took refuge. The Israeli army might have used the same coordinates firing heavy artillery at the “safe” UN compound, murdering 106 and injuring 116 of the mostly women and children.

Again, on January 6, 2009, Israeli phosphorous bombs rained on civilians who had sought refuge inside al-Fakhura United Nations (UNRWA) School. The bombs’ white smoke left behind trails of blood and phosphorous acid burned bodies of more than 40 dead and 50 injured children and women.

As in the al Ahli Baptist Hospital, and following these tragedies, Israeli Hasbara, aided by Western media, employed tactics of deflection and obfuscation, leading to weeks of debate over “alternative” facts. A strategy aimed to water down international outrage and ultimately removed these incidents from the news spotlight. Nevertheless, independent investigations consistently held Israel accountable, dispelling their false narratives. Yet, in all these cases, as in today’s hospital massacre, Western media and governments gave more latitude to Israel’s initial false assertions while stifling evidence provided by the Palestinian side.

Now, what evidence do we have to point to Israeli responsibility for the massacre at al Ahli Baptist hospital?

In layman’s terms, if we look at all the rockets launched into Israel from the Palestinian side, none of them have caused an explosion anywhere near as strong as the blast at the hospital. In other words, Palestinians do not have in their homemade arsenal explosive heads similar to what we saw at the hospital. Israel is the only party with these types of powerful explosive loads and the means to deliver them.

Moreover, two compelling pieces of evidence belie the Israeli orchestrated video that was presented to Biden. First, the direction of the recorded sound of the projectile just before the explosion was from east to west. While Palestinian rockets typically travel eastward or northward, never in a westward direction unless they are aimed at the open sea. Additionally, the projectile seems to have detonated before impact, with the intention of causing maximum human loss. The only party that possesses this particular technology, thanks to U.S.-made bombs, is Israel. In contrast, the rudimentary missiles fired by Palestinians explode only upon a direct high-impact, leaving behind large shrapnel and a significant part of the missile intact. None of these characteristics were uncovered in the vicinity of the hospital.

Further, the hospital had received two small Israeli “warning” rockets in the days leading up to the explosion, and Anglican Archbishop Hosam Naoum, who oversees the hospital, confirmed that the Israeli military had contacted hospital managers multiple times since October 14, instructing them to evacuate the facility.

Meanwhile and immediately following the explosion, Israeli Prime Minister’s digital aide, Hanayna Naftali, declared on his social media account that the “Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas terrorist base inside a hospital in Gaza.”

Considering these circumstances, it becomes highly improbable that a misfired homemade Palestinian missile with an exceptionally high explosive warhead, never previously used, would fall into a crowd outside of the same hospital ordered to evacuate by the Israeli army.
In the context of these events, it’s essential to recognize the historical element of deceit associated with Zionism, as highlighted by former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book “By Way of Deception.” Western leaders have had firsthand experience dealing with Israel’s deception, personified by figures like Netanyahu. Notable instances include French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s candid statement on unintended open mic to American President Barack Obama, saying “I Cannot Bear Netanyahu. He’s a Liar.” Or when Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel called him essentially a liar to his face.

Most recently, even American president Joe Biden became a messenger of the lie when he professed seeing non existing images of decapitated Israeli children as was told by Netanyahu. The US president doubled down on his lies when he accepted the Israeli version of deceit blaming Palestinians for the explosion at the Gaza hospital.

President Biden was presented with an indoctrinated video by Israeli intelligence of deceit, and referred to unfounded American intelligence, that “the other side was responsible” for the hospital explosion. The video the president saw couldn’t be any different from the one initially used to deny responsibility for the murder of the American Palestinian journalist.

Despite the history of Israeli deceit and outright lies, nevertheless, Western media and leaders continue to second guess the veracity of the narratives from firsthand witnesses on the ground, while eager to adopt the Israeli false version of events. The unquestioning acceptance of accounts from a bona fide liar, like Netanyahu, exposes Western confirmation bias and underlines a predisposed racism toward non-Western cultures. Confirmation bias is defined by the individual tendency to accept only what supports their pre-existing biased view. Western media and leaders serve as prime examples of the overt bias where they are willing to embrace lies that support their preconceived racism toward non-Western cultures thereby absolving themselves of the sins of murdering children.

The indiscriminate and relentless bombing of civilian neighborhoods in Gaza is so extensive it hasn’t been seen since World War II. One quarter of a nuclear bomb dropped over the most densely populated area in the world where injured civilians are operated on in hospital hallways under phone flashlights. So much so, U.S. president Biden is concerned with the depleting Israeli stockpile, he asked US Congress to allocate additional $14.3 billions of taxpayers’ money to replenish it with new American bombs, like the one that fell on al Ahli Baptist hospital.

The package includes another $100 million to the Palestinians. Biden could save U.S. taxpayers at least $100 million by not sending bombs to Israel which makes the aid necessary to mitigate their killing, maiming and destruction of Palestinian civilians and infrastructure.

Apparently, it’s not just Israel’s war minister who believes Palestinians are “animals.” Western leaders’ disposition is equally demonstrated by sending their bombs and diplomatic support empowering Israel to cut off water, food and fuel for the 2.3 million human beings who must be viewed by the West, too, as “human animals.

Jamal Kanj is the author of Children of Catastrophe: Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America, and other books. He writes frequently on Arab world issues for various national and international commentaries.