Ammosexual Incels: A Primer

They’re everywhere—caressing a new Crusader AR-15 in your neighbor’s basement, gripping an old AK-47 on the back of a Taliban truck, operating U.S. military drones while solemnly pledging no-fap, spraying a street, a school, a supermarket, a corner of your community with mass death and eternal sorrow in the name of an almighty erotophobic God.

Who are they, these ammosexual incels multiplying like bacteria in the crevices of our culture, their phallicfirearms in their tiny hands, and why are they so afraid, enraged and ready to burst from their cells, with pistols spurting deadly shots of lead?

Ammosexual Incels?

Oh no, here’s a whole other kind of AI to worry about.

Oh yes, it is. At least, that’s my professional sexological assessment. Thanks to a potent cocktail of contributing toxins—capitalism’s collapse, Neo-Puritan repression, climate crises galore, pollutants aplenty, perma wars, police states, racist propaganda, cultural change, ruthless marketing, stratospherically lucrative firearm sales, gargantuan military budgets, defense and gun lobby greed, QAnonense and more—the world’s ammosexual incel population is proliferating faster than a bullet train, and we are all sitting ducks on its track.

Why, how and WTF?

It’s all part of the Capitalogenic ascendance of war over peace and greed over pleasure. Just as our so-called civilization’s greed for oil and disdain for nature has generated climate change, so our leaders’ fervor for conquest and denigration of organic erotic pleasures has spawned the ammosexual incel insurgency.

And oh, what a spawn we hath wrought. It’s a veritable Pistol-Packing Misogynistic No Fap Lonelyhearts Club.

The Ammosexual American

Just in case you’re blissfully unaware, an “ammosexual” (noun) is a person who fetishizes firearms. Having defined “fetish” for the Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia, it’s clear to me that America has a gun fetish, and it’s killing us.

Ammosexuals could be male, female, trans or non-binary, in the closet or out on the range. Though the great majority identify as straight males, there are notable ammosexual females. Take pistol packing Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, winner of the “Miss Ammosexual” SUZY Award Boobie Prize for her sultry shotgun displays—from handguns tucked into her tight jeans, to firearms festooning her old “Shooters” grill, to more guns on the shelf behind her head than I have dildos in my bed, not to mention AR-15s held like toys by her grinning and well-groomed young children.

More and more women and others are joining the Gun Party, but the great majority are still the male of the species, especially the white supremacist male. At least, that’s how it is here in America where the alleged “good guy with a gun” (who rarely does anybody any good) is the direct descendant of the colonial cowboy clearing the “wild west” of Native Americans and catching runaway slaves for sport and profit.

Though ammosexuals come in all colors throughout the so-called civilized world, the American Ammosexual tends to identify as white, like the White House, which is pretty much always occupied by a mass murderer, though not necessarily an ammosexual one. Most are just cold-blooded war criminals.

What does it mean if you’re “ammosexual” (adjective)? Like any fetish, it varies, but let’s just say you probably like guns the way some people like porn. It’s a passion.

There’s loads (pun intended) of ammosexual porn on the web—from homemade guns and ammo to Pentagon-purchased missiles and fighter jets. It’s hard to avoid it (and believe me, I’ve tried)! In contrast, regular porn and all things deemed *erotic* or sex-positive are more and more banned or shadow-banned. I don’t mean the titillation of celebrity bikini selfies or the obsession with sex scandals à la Epstein; they’re almost as common as the guns. I mean frank, sex-positive sex education that could really help people struggling with sexual issues. For example, my own sex educational YouTube channel that I’d been updating since 2007 was just terminated by bots. It’s not as bad as being exterminated by cops, but it hurts, and it’s all part of the expanding ammosexual police state, the Cop Cities bent on strangling our voices and beating us down, with a knee on our necks and a gun to our heads.

As sex is censored more frequently, gun porn proliferates without restriction. I’m all for Free Speech that includes gun nuts, but the amount of violence on display—much of it celebrated—is staggering. Images and stories of war, police brutality and sheriffs’ gangs tend to be the most horrific, and in a way, it’s good to share the evidence on the off chance it’ll inspire folks to rise up against the ammosexual police state, though sadly, it seems to arouse many viewers’ libidos more than their outrage.

Then there are the NRA promos, the Mainstream Media (MSM)’s war-cheerleading, clickbait crime coverage, gun ads galore, real snuff films, murders in the news, cosplay “militias,” politicians’ families hoisting their semi-automatic weapons around the Christmas tree, folks with thousands of guns laid out on their patios like art collections, comic book violence, “action” heroes, well-armed Jesus memes, AI massacres and all-too-often real massacres (with more and more difficulty telling the difference)—it’s all out there, in your face. And that’s just on the internet.

Unfortunately, it’s also happening in real life, actual shooting and, consequently, killing (or maiming)—whether on purpose or by accident (parents of young children hide their dildos better than they hide their firearms), compulsively planned or impulsively acted out, due to fear or desire, or a lethal combination. Not everyone who ogles gun porn feels a need to shoot the damn things, but enough do to turn America into a 3.5 million square mile firing range.

Need I explain how shooting firearms can be an exhilarating pseudo-ejaculatory release? Most gun lovers wouldn’t admit it’s a kink for them, despite it being disturbingly obvious.

Of course, it’s a lot more fun—and less dangerous—to “shoot the gun between your legs.” Why not have a wank (Merry Masturbation Month!) or some kind of consenting adult sex, and forget the guns and ammo, bombs and fighter jets? Cocks Not Glocks! Peace through pleasure. It’s the Bonobo Way.

Sadly, American culture has gone the Way of the Gun, denigrating sex for recreation, mandating procreation, and honoring the armed-to-the-teeth “hero” as the romantic masculine ideal. From Christopher Columbus’ matchlock rifles to Top Gun Tom’s F-14 jets, the white European invaders of Turtle Island have always been massively, formidably, desperately, homicidally and ecocidally ammosexual.

And it’s getting worse.

The NRA and weapons industries are actively and shamelessly marketing weapons of war via conflating our natural sex drives with gun ownership, channeling the ammosexual’s erotic desires into buying, handling and relishing the lethal thrill of shooting phallic weapons in a manner that is fetishistic, compulsive, contagious and deadly.

Of course, all these individual killers and mass killers are inspired by the most ammosexual—and deadly—entity ever, the American Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex, currently on its merry, madcap, gun-loving way to obliterating the Earth, or at least rendering most of it uninhabitable. That’s the climax of the ammosexual drive. It bypasses the healing “little death” (le petite mort) of orgasm, shooting it’s super-heroic way—bang-bang-bang—to the Big One, a.k.a. the Final Solution: Almighty annihilation for the glory of the Capitalocene in a hail of aimless ammo.

Incel-itus Unbound

What about the incel part of the “ammosexual incel”?

The term “incel” is short for “involuntary celibate,” and refers to a group of loosely identified men who aren’t having sex; at least not the kind of sex they think they should be having. Though the term was invented by a woman, the movement was soon overtaken by men—including many raging male supremacists.

Incels are not “asexual.” Often, they have strong sexual feelings exacerbated by their erotic frustration. To make matters murkier, many incels are really “volcels” in the sense that they want or “volunteer” to be celibate—perhaps for religious reasons (Catholic priests comes to mind) or because they despise what they desire (misogynists and deeply closeted gay men, for example) or a combination (think Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes)—though the term incel is more commonly used.

I’ve been writing about incel culture since Elliot Rodger’s and Alek Manassian’s incel-identified mass murders. The movement emerged from the Internet’s “Man-o-Sphere” on sites like 4chan and 8chan, with origins in “The Game,” a.k.a. “seduction” culture, which is/was a bunch of hucksters selling the notion that any man can seduce any woman. What an awesome sale pitch! Lonely guys ate it up and paid for the privilege of being royally conned. The problem with “The Game” is that it doesn’t work, at least not for most men. So, The Game (well, that Game) fizzled like a spent tool, leaving a lot of guys hurt, pissed off and ripe to be black-pilled by incel culture.

Incel culture doesn’t have to work.

Instead of addressing the incel’s desire for sexual intimacy or human companionship, incel “influencers” simply exploit their mostly male followers’ alienation and rage against the disinterested women of their dreams (called “Staceys”) and the men who date them (called “Chads”), as well as the rest of the world in general (called “Normies”). The only “solutions”—sexual and otherwise—that they provide are a misery-loves-company community and ammosexual revenge fantasies.

And there you have it: put them together—ammosexual and incel—and you have the primary ingredients for a human grenade.

Hating Yourself, Loving Your Gun

Which mass murderers are ammosexual incels? There are far too many to keep track. Between Rodger and Manassian, there was Chris Harper whose chilling 2015 incel manifesto preceded the deadliest mass-shooting in modern Oregon history; proud racist incel William Atchison who killed a couple of New Mexico high school students and himself with a legally purchased 9mm Glock 19 Gen4 semi-automatic pistol; Nikolas Cruz, the infamous young Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooter who sprayed his ammo all over his schoolmates, including a girl who spurned his advances on Valentine’s Day, 2018; Scott Beierlewho shot two women in a Tallahassee Yoga studio before turning his gun on himself; and the list goes on as the bodies pile up.

Not that the majority of incels, ammosexuals or even ammosexual incels are murderers. Some are *just* stalkers or abusers. The saner ones manage to keep their brutal ideations and fantasies from breaking through to reality, though their self-restraint may be tenuous. A few are my sex therapy clients, trying their best to nonviolently handle their rage and other issues, at least in the real world. Some release anger through gaming (though that can also stoke the rage) and/or BDSM and other forms of “kink therapy,” including domination/submission, bonobo liberation and even humiliation therapy. Some get off on gallows humor; there are even T-shirts… which also serve as warning signs to stay away from the dudes wearing them if you want to stay alive.

The biggest impediment to private sex therapy—like any private “sex work”—is that it’s expensive and rarely covered by insurance.  I talk to people for free on my shows, but most guys don’t want to go public with their incel issues. This is one reason why sex work needs to be decriminalized and destigmatized, and sex therapy ought to be subsidized by our governments.

What’s that, you say, we don’t have the funding? If we have the funding to increase the military budget every year until it blows us to kingdom come, we have the funding for a little subsidized sex work and therapy to let our people cum.

That doesn’t mean that our society should force any sex workers to handle ammosexual incels. Sex workers are not sex dolls or comfort women to fix broken men. However, an ethical, compassionate, legal, respected and well-paid sex surrogacy and therapy system could work wonders for people (especially men) in emotional distress.

In that spirit, we need to stop the shaming of johns and sex workers. The classic incel attitude toward sex workers as inferior to “real” girlfriends doesn’t come out of nowhere. It emerges from our society’s denigration of sex work, “sluts” and “whores,” and it’s coming from the right and the left.

Though most incels and ammosexuals are not killers, most mass-murderers appear to possess—or are possessed by—an “ammosexual incel” mentality. They might not use the terms “incel” or “ammosexual.” They just tend to have lousy sex lives, hate themselves, love their guns, and blame “liberal” or “woke” society (especially certain women) for their misery. Societal pressures compress their anger, loneliness, sense of inadequacy and sexual frustration until critical mass is reached and they pull that climactic trigger of their heavy metal penis-substitute and ejaculate a torrent of bullets.

Payton Gendron, the fully armed and tactical-geared, 19-year-old white supremacist Buffalo supermarket shooter who tearfully apologized in court for butchering over 10 people, didn’t call himself ammosexual or incel, but he did sacrifice his budding teenage sexuality on the bloody altar of his racist sense of *purity.* Indeed, the typical ammosexual incel freely mixes racism with sexism, often despising African-American men for “stealing” white women, even as they fap compulsively to Blacks-on-Blondes cuckold porn.

Jake Davison, a firearms-licensed MAGAt living in England, used incel terminology in various social media screeds he posted in 2021 prior to murdering his own mother (interestingly and horrifically, an ammosexual incel’s mother is often his first victim) and then slaughtering four other people before turning his legally owned gun on himself in the worst mass-shooting in England. The anti-immigration set might be interested to know that Davison was an immigrant—born in the U.S.A.—Phoenix, Arizona, to be exact. Talk about the Ugly American.

And talk about cancel culture! How about canceling several strangers’ lives because of your frustration? This is the essence of the so-called “blackpilled” Ammosexual Incel Revolution.

Actually, it’s too reactionary and unsexy to be a revolution, or even a “rebellion.” It’s just a revolt, or series of revolts, and it’s all extremely revolting.

Crisis in Masculinity

It’s not just about sex, of course. All this overheated masculine “inadequacy” is often rooted in cold hard economics, at least partially. To some extent, ammosexual incel problems are no different than many of ours, as we all struggle against the odds to “make it,” find love and survive these crazy-making Capitalocene times.

Ammosexual incels populate every level of society—from the desperate poor to the neurotic middle to the bored billionaires that *rule* and trash the rest of us. Regardless, a stressful sense of perpetual economic inadequacy feeds the ammosexual incel’s already profound sexual insecurities, often giving him the coming-of-age gift of a full-blown crisis in masculinity.

And yes, the ammosexual incel is usually a “him,” often singing hymns to a God who demands the sacrifice of his sexuality, a cultural circumcision of his humanity. Though more and more women, like Boebert and the evil Annie Oakley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a.k.a., Margarine Trumpster Gunslinger, are going full-blown ammosexual, not many are also incels, and there are still very few female mass murderers, even when you count the trans ones in both directions. So, forgive me for sticking with “he” and “him” to pronoun these dickless bastards.

Lots of people are talking about this “masculinity crisis,” albeit in ridiculous ways. Senator Josh HawlAssHawley is blaming porn and hawking his “Manhood” book. Tucker Carlson brought us “The End of Manhood” shortly before Rupert Murdoch ended his Fox-TV show, and former GQP darling Madison Cawthorn urged American moms to “raise monsters” to defeat the “de-masculinization” of America. It always seems to be the weakest, silliest men who hurt others by pretending to be strong, and all these goofballs are scrambling for a piece of the lucrative manhood pie.

Testicular tanning aside, the GQP solution to the “masculinity crisis” is more guns with a side helping of “thoughts and prayers.” The Dem solution? Talk-talk-talk about gun control (while quietly doing nothing), and take action to censor more porn. Speaking of which, Big Tech censorship won’t stop the Ammosexual Incel Revolt any more effectively than SESTA/FOSTA stopped sex trafficking.

Both the GQP and Dem “solutions” feed these ammosexual incels like they’re the hungry babies of both parties’ rancorous but ongoing marriage, and in a sense, they are.

A Well-Armed Priesthood

Does being an incel make you ammosexual? Does lack of food make you hangry? Roman Emperor Julian understood this equation when he outlawed marriage among his soldiers to focus their energies on war.

But love tends to find a way, and Julian’s ban on romance inadvertently kicked off Valentine’s Day, or so goes the legend, although Saint Valentine himself (if he even existed) was a “volcel” priest, never consummating the love he supposedly inspired. Speaking of priests, look how well that self-enforced celibacy has gone for the Catholic “volcel” priesthood! What a mess.

Can being ammosexual turn you incel? It seems likely. Passion that normally fuels amorous pursuit is instead diverted to stockpiling ammo and guns. Your curated weapons collection and/or untreated PTSD might just scare a few lovers away, if it doesn’t kill them first. Pro-Bonobo Rule: if your partner has more weapons than sex toys, move out while you can!

If only more people abided by my pro-bonobo rules… But we live in sex-negative, war-positive times.

Ammosexual A-Bombs & Incel Influencers

 “A” stands for atomic as well as ammosexual, and the single worst ammosexual crime in human history (so far) was U.S. President Harry S. Truman’s dropping the A-Bomb—twice.

Harry was a scheming, ardent war criminal, his military-trained ammosexuality driving him to release an utterly unnecessary “Fat Man” after his first (also, tragically unnecessary) “Little Boy.” Both unprecedented atrocities were performed mostly just to “show off” U.S. military potency to our supposed ally, the U.S.S.R.—a dick-measuring contest between nations measured in kilotons (now megatons) instead of inches.

Was Harry an incel? Not technically, since he was married, though it is said that his wife Bess felt “neglected.”

Many of the top incel influencers are not technically incels themselves. Incel idols like Jordan Peterson, tRump, Putin, Ben “Wet-Ass-P-Word” Shapiro, Charlie “Sexual Anarchy at the Superbowl” Kirk, Elon “Have More Babies—With Me!” Musk and Andrew “Greta Cucked Me” Tate awkwardly flaunt their sexual activity, along with their twisted patriarchal values. Some have been credibly accused of rape. The key is that these rich, powerful, narcissistic and thoroughly obnoxious grifters probably wouldn’t get laid if not for their money and power, and their incel followers sense this like dogs blindly sniffing meat.

Supreme Court Injustice Samuel Alito is considered something of an incel hero, though technically not incel since he is married with children. Alito’s leaky dick—I mean, leaked draft—triggered a giant schadenfreudeorgasm in all the incels in the Man-O-Sphere when they learned (seven weeks before the official ruling) that women who reject them (and more!) would soon be forcibly stripped of their abortion rights.

Holy Alito (with a halo tip to Alex Cockburn and Jeff St. Claire), winner of the 2022 SUZY award for “Worst Neo-Puritan,” was nominated to the Court in 2006 by the cosplaying ammosexual (“Mission Accomplished,” my flight-suited ass) George W. Bush, Jr. Some might recall the spectacle of three Christian ministers anointing the chairs of the Senate Judiciary Committee with oil (probably Crisco… or Chevron)—in a successful effort to lube up the confirmation process.

I’m embarrassed that Alito graduated from my alma mater (Yale Law, 1975). Like Cotton Mather (Yale’s own original Puritanical Puritan) or Torquemada himself, Holy Alito seems to relish torturing non-believers, especially women/witches, and is outraged when exposed. No doubt, Mother Yale should have aborted this one.

Besides serving as the Patron Saint of Leaky Incels, Alito’s rulings for “second amendment freedoms” and rantings against sensible gun control demonstrate that he is an apex ammosexual whose most deadly *gun* is his gavel. Apparently, he likes real guns too. His wife, Martha Ann Bomgardner Alito, says he’s a “great marksman.” She also admits he took “13 months” of staring incel-like at her in a law library before he could “ask her out.” Not that all sharpshooting shy guys are ammosexual incels. Wonder if Martha ever feels “neglected,” like Bess Truman.

Can it get worse? Of course, it can and it will (if we don’t change course). Just imagine if one kind of “AI” gets control of the other. That is, what if some Ammosexual Incels—of which there are more than a few in the tech industry—take control of enough Artificial Intelligence to mass-murder us all?

What Is To Be Done?

Now classified as ”terrorists,”  or “Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremists” (IVE) by the FBI, incels are also on the Secret Service watch-list. Given the cult-like nature of ammosexual incels and their potential to harm others—and the fact that phonetically, “incel” has the word “cell” inside—it’s understandable.

Also, more than a few stereotypical terrorists have been incel-ish religious virgins like the Underwear Bomber, not to mention many of those swashbuckling young Taliban—until they can force a frightened woman into marrying them. Because their religion says they must be celibate until marriage, they aren’t as ashamed of their incel status as Western men who hear constant messages that tell them to prove their manhood through sexual conquest of hot women. Moreover, the Western ammosexual incel’s fervor for violence is as strong as any standard terrorist, maybe stronger, since it’s often colored by the Christofascistrhetoric of the GQP and the cartoon violence of the gamer world.

The “liberal” MSM’s way to fight back is banning or shadow-banning the word “incel,” making serious discourse on the subject difficult, while unwittingly helping to spread Incel-itus.

Moreover, the “terrorism” label is a slippery slope, as my husband Max reminds me that the LAPD called him a “media terrorist” for publishing his pioneering sex magazines. If you really want to measure terrorism threats, the U.S. Military would be the worst, with Russia coming in second.

Whether or not it’s “terrorism” per se, ammosexual incel murder and even mass murder is really a sex crime… without the sex.

You could say that incels are assholes who feel they deserve sex despite being assholes. And they do (everyone does)! Just not necessarily with the women of their fantasies.

Where do they get these fantasies? From our competitive, capitalist, click-baiting, celebrity-worshipping, very titillating yet sex-negative society that criminalizes professional sex, stigmatizes gay relationships, tears apart trans people, vilifies drag queens, mocks masturbation, treats every kind of alternative erotic expression as some kind of “grooming,” and exalts ideal sex with the ideal partner and, as Max says: The Ideal is the Enemy of the Real.

Adding insult to injury, this greedy, seductive yet moralistic, oligarchical authority doesn’t even help out its poor, hapless, male assholes (like it used to) with arranged marriages. So, it’s every asshole for himself.

With their breathtakingly arrogant, skin-crawlingly creepy sense of sexual entitlement, calling these incels “assholes” is pretty common, and indeed, they are the infected pimples on the ass of society. But they are also our sons and brothers and guys-next-door daydreaming on their mom’s basement couch by the light of 8chan. They’re human, and they need our help—with a hefty dollop of criticism—because if we don’t help them, the Neo-Nazis will.

How do you “treat” the incel? Many of his symptoms—especially those of the black-pilled ammosexual incel—prevent treatment. Some incel indicators include social isolation, rejection, depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, autism spectrum disorder, low level of resilience, high sensitivity to criticism, low openness, low conscientiousness, high level of vulnerable narcissism, resentment, anger and shame.

What a hornet’s nest of DSM-certified issues! The most effective treatment that doesn’t depend on heavy medication, according to this sexologist, is to “liberate your inner bonobo.” As “Sex at Dawn” author Dr. Christopher Ryan says, “In the darkness of repression, abuse flourishes.” In the light of revelation, it can heal.

I haven’t conducted or seen any surveys on this subject. I just have the anecdotal stories of several of my own ammosexual incel clients to go on. Thanks to their therapy, they are keeping their raging feelings under control, trading the frustrations of the ideal for the satisfactions of the real. They are opening up and being vulnerable about sex and love. Vulnerability is pretty much the opposite of the ammosexual incel outlook. It’s scary and rather risky in this tough-talking culture of ours, but it can give you remarkable power.

As they begin to open up, some of these guys realize—or maybe just admit—that they’re gay or bisexual. For them, part of identifying as “incel”—or handling phallic weapons—is to fight like Crusaders against their own natural, but terrifying LGBTQ feelings. Others realize that they don’t have to pine for the inaccessible“Stacy”; how about “Stacy’s Mom” (she’s got it going on)—that hot older woman—instead? They might have dreams of cuckolding, submission, humiliation or trans fantasies that conflict so deeply with their life goals (or their parents’ life goals), they seek “refuge” in ammosexual incel culture. If they can express those vulnerabilities in therapy or other safe spaces (and there are very few), maybe they won’t need all those guns and all that hate.

Sometimes simple masturbation guilt triggers ammosexual incel mania, because “real men have hot girlfriends and don’t fap,” or some such nonsense. I try to help them see that there’s nothing wrong with self-love, especially in these crazed, alienated times. Sometimes, you just need to “swing through life,” and like old Stephen Stills sang, “Love the one you’re with”… even if that “one you’re with” is you!

It’s all part of what I call liberating your inner bonobo. Our kissing cousins, the bonobos, are over 98% genetically similar to us human apes, but so very different in rather instructive ways. In contrast to our sex-negative, war-positive society, bonobos are the Make-Love-Not-War Great Apes. Maybe “Make Kink Not War” is more accurate, since bonobo lovers aren’t always *in love,* but they do have a lot of what we might call “kinky,” nonreproductive sex in a Bonobo Sutra of positions and partner combinations and, largely because of that, they have never been seen killing each other in the wild or captivity. As opposed to human cultural misogyny and debilitating “manhood” stressors, bonobos empower the females (MILFs rule Bonoboville!), nurture the males (the guys are very chill) and everybody makes peace through pleasure.

Conscious or unconsciously, empowered bonobo females have created this extraordinarily peaceful society in part by sexually selecting the nicest of “nice guys” for intercourse. As I discuss with Dr. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods in our “Survival of the Friendliest” interview, this sexual selection is one vital reason for bonobos’ remarkable friendliness and peacefulness.

What’s important to note is that the other bonobo guys, who aren’t so nice or appealing, also enjoy an abundance of sexual activity. Maybe they don’t have so much procreative intercourse, but they have lots of pansexual outercourse, masturbation, sex with bonobo “cougars” and with their fellow males, as well as other fun, consensual, nonreproductive forms of erotic expression. And never are they shamed for it.

Thus, there are no incels in Bonoboville. And of course, no ammosexuals (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is very misleading science fiction). I’m talking about the Bonoboville in the wild, of course. We have our own bonobo-inspired human Bonoboville, but for homo sapiens, it’s a little more complicated. The Bonobo Way is not so much a blueprint for humans as it is an inspiration, and of course, sexual frustration or even abuse is no excuse for any crime or nonconsensual act, let alone mass murder.

Which brings us back to firearms; the more guns, the more dead people. Americans need sensible gun control like most other “civilized” nations. It’s a longshot, but it’s possible. After all, if Big Tobacco could be brought to its knees, so can the Gun Lobby and maybe even the biggest, baddest behemoth of all, the War Lobby.

The problem is that deadly weapons deliver the “money shot,” that is, loads of cash—for the gun industry, and even more for the Military-Congressional-Industrial-Complex that inflames our fears and spends more of our hard-earned money on “defense” than the next nine countries combined, as well as the politicians that are nestled inside their deep pockets. Even as the Capitalocene crumbles all around us, everyone scrambles for money, from the desperate poor to the neurotic middle class to the billionaire bullies who already have more money than they can burn.

Still, who’s in favor of all this carnage? Politicians need the money, but what about the rest of us? As gun deaths pile up, bodies upon bodies in a mass ammosexual incel grave of graves, gun control should be a no-brainer… shouldn’t it?

Of course, it should! Yet the billionaires, their paid-off politicians and the lapdog MSM are well-versed in turning catastrophe into profit and stopping meaningful legislation against the perma-wars and gun lobbies, triggering one ammosexual incel bloodbath after another and rendering the rest of us almost brainless, stupefied by our own apparent helplessness.

Let’s use the little brain power we have left to engage in a national discussion about the relationship between these massacres at home, committed by civilians and under color of law, and our perma warsabroad, as well as their deep, disturbingly powerful connection to our sexuality. We need to better understand how repression leads to depression which can turn into lethal expression when disturbed young men in Orlando or Atlanta and disturbed old men in my own backyard in Monterey Park, not to mention middle-aged men in Texas and transmen and transwomen in Colorado, seek murderous sexual release, revenge, notoriety and even love in mass murder. Yes love; the ammosexual incel chat boards light up with love when one of them commits a revolting crime. They all know it, and many crave it, perhaps they feel, with some reason, it’s the only kind of love they will find.

What is the relationship of murder to money and love, or lack thereof? And when I say “love,” of course, I’m including a little good, old-fashioned, tension-releasing, consensual, bonoboësque sex.

As I write this, horrendous news shoots across my screen of a “nice… quiet” 13-year-old boy mass-murdering eight of his schoolmates (seven girls and one boy) and a security guard, as well as seriously injuring several more, using two of the pistols that his dad had taught him how to use at the firing range, before calling the police on himself. This particular horror didn’t take place in the U.S.A., but in Serbia (with proportionately more guns than any other European nation), one of the many countries that American and NATO forces bombed repeatedly when the boy’s dad was a boy himself.

An hour later, it’s not even at the top of the news because there’s an “active shooter” on the loose in Atlanta, Georgia. And the horrors continue to replicate and mutate into something inconceivably more horrible.

We can loathe and detest them all we want, but we really need to do what we can to help these shoot-‘em-up cowboys (and cowgirls) to go another way, the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure, before they shoot up everything and everyone that we love.

Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For information and speaking engagements, call 626-461-5950. Email her at