Senator Daines Fighting to Stop Grizzly Bears’ “Livestock Depravation”

“As we await final delisting, we must do all that we can to ensure public safety, to stop the risks to human life, and to prevent further livestock depravation that is devastating Montana agriculture,” Senator Daines (R-MT)  stated in a 2020 interview concerning the grizzly bears’ status in the state.

Are grizzly bears sex-trafficking livestock?  Thankfully Senator Daines is on top of this immoral act. 

Please contact Senator Daines to thank him for fighting to save our calves from grizzly bear depravation.  Who knew that grizzly bears were livestock pedophiles.  Thank God Senator Daines knows.

Every summer there are millions of calves and their mothers in our national forests, subject to corruption by not only grizzly bears but also by the birds and bees.

Please thank Senator Daines, who knows that forests with grizzly bears are no place for young calves and their mothers.  Tell him that you are overjoyed he is working to bring them home.

Help Senator Daines to continue his efforts until every calf and their mother is home in the stock yard, where they belong, not in our national forests which are full of livestock depravation.

Mike Garrity is the executive director of the Alliance for the Wild Rockies.