November 2022

I Will Rise and I Will Return: The Lucidity of Sinéad O’Connor

Manifesto For a Rainforest Defenders International

The Great COIN Con: Anthropologists’ Lessons Learned After Two Decades of America’s Failed Counterinsurgency Operations in Afghanistan

Roaming Charges: The Upside-Down World

The Coming Sinophobic Calamity

Greenland is Worse Than Ever, Much Worse

Attacks on Indian Child Welfare and Affirmative Action are the Reverberations of White Supremacy

Is the USAF Really the Best Trained Air Force In the World?

Africa’s Forgotten Colony in the Sahara

No Red Wave, But Plenty of Red Flags

Saudi Blood Money, Golf and Adelaide

The GOP Won’t Drop Trumpism Any Time Soon

A Paradigm Shift in Medicine

How Low Income Voters Shaped the Midterm Elections

Wakanda Forever: Imperial Apologia in Kente Cloth

Amtraks Across America: Some Other Fine People in Charlottesville

Young Voters Delivered Big Wins for Abortion Rights

Face Bach

How the West is Using COP27 to Shift Blame to Poorer Nations

Biden, the National Security State, and Global Arms Sales

Being Aware is First Step to Resisting US Militarization

Palestinians are Native Americans: Time to Correct the Language of History

A Post-Election Caution

Can Functionalism Help End the War in Ukraine?

Ethiopia: Peace Agreed Now The Work Begins

Climate Talks Spark Action Against Investment Treaties Favoring Fossil Fuel Corporations

A World Gone Haywire

How to Save the Public Art Museums (A modest proposal!)

Shatter Alley

Bringing a Bit of Light to the Fog of War

The US’s Focus on Great Power Competition Deters Climate Progress

Edward Snowden’s Back — Hooray!

Society’s War on the Mentally “Ill” Gets Political

How About our Grandmothers?

Cryptocurrency: Don’t Blame the Medium for the Scam

The Anthropobscene Control and Issue of End Times Currency Resisted

Why is AP Still Protecting the Source Behind its False Russia-Bombed-Poland Story?

Chinese Geopolitical Inroads Into Central Asia Are Coming at Russia’s Expense

This is Where Bankrupt FTX’s Money Went

Deaf to History’s Questions

We’re Here Because the US Was There

Crypto Meltdown is a Great Time to Eliminate Waste in Bloated Financial Sector

A Thinly Veiled Nuclear Threat?

Biden’s Marijuana Pardons Really Aren’t That Impressive

Colonizing Montana Wilderness in 2022

And Now We Return to Our Scheduled Programming: Presidential Election Theater

Another COPOut: Kerry Uses “Last Chance” Climate Summit to Push Nuclear Power

The Secret Wars of the US Imperium

Midterms Reveal Progressive Possibilities in a Changing Nation