November 2022

China, Russia, and the Bomb

The Anti-Oliver: NPR Sandpapers FIFA and Qatar Human Rights Abuses

Ubuntu or Collective Suicide

Why Warnock’s Reelection Could Tip the Balance for America’s Economic Future

Clarence Lusane on the Legacy of Harriet Tubman

The Cult Leaders’ Nemesis

Black Friday Blues

Trump 2024: Will the Media Behave this Time?

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Thanksgiving Serenade

Highway 66, Revisited

Iran Faces Many Dangers

Renewable Energy isn’t Replacing Fossil Fuel Energy—It’s Adding to It

No More Thanksgivings: Glen Ford’s Challenge to America

Re-Envisioning Thanksgiving

The Biden-Xi Summit in Bali

Turkey Day Sonnet 2022

Attack of the Killer Robots

Dear Liberals: Stop Your Smug Celebration of the Midterms

Digital Astroturfing as Corporate Propaganda

I Spy… Something Beginning With Con

Don’t Forget White Rage

Ginger Sufferings: Gianni Infantino’s Sportswashing Performance

Thankful for Montana’s Constitution

Highway 2 (Climate) Hell

The Four Front+ War or World War III: A Sketch

Why the Ambler Road is One of the Biggest Threats to Alaskan Wildlands

Moving Beyond Single-Issue Politics

Stop COP

The Pandemic Treaty, Crypto and the Press

Across Africa, Water Conflict Threatens Security, Health, and the Environment

Nuclear Guinea Pigs: NRC’s Licensing of Experimental Nuclear Plants

So Elon Musk May Not be All That Fabulously ‘Brilliant’ After All

Thuggish Ways: Mike Pompeo, Punishing Leakers and Getting Assange

A Twenty-First Century Invisible Man?

The Climate Medusa

When Will Climate Change Become the Crucial Issue in American Elections?

Donald Trump Is a Hero

“Respect for Marriage?” Not Really.

The Waters are Running Red in Africa’s Great Lakes Region

Nuclear Threats in Ukraine: Hyped or Real?

Staughton Lynd: A Life Dedicated to Justice Will Never be Lost to Death.

Liberating Africa from Poverty Requires Changing Power Relations with the West 

The Polish Missile Narrative

The Invention of Anti-Semitic Jews

Letter from London: World Cup Blues

War in the Ukraine is Not a Fight Between Good and Evil; Just Bad vs. Bad

Musk’s Twitter Purchase Furthers the Media Concentration that Harms Democracy

In Deep Red South Dakota and Nebraska, Voters Used Ballot Initiatives To Curb Inequality

China talks Marxism, but Still Walks Capitalism