A Tough Week for the Trumpers

It’s fair to say the Trumpers, with their delusional denial of both the climate crisis and the election outcome, are having a tough time these days. The planet is burning with new temperature records — and the subsequent disasters — mounting every day. In the meantime, the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection released yet more damning evidence of Trump’s dereliction of duty from more credible witnesses, videos, emails and texts.

It’s easy to recall how Trump claimed global warming was a “Chinese hoax” that, according to his twisted view of the world, was intended to give China an economic advantage over the U.S. Apparently the idea that some of our political leaders — and certainly the majority of our citizens — desperately want to take action to address the climate crisis is antithetical to the “take it all while you can get it” self-acknowledged greed of the former president.

But the “chickens have come home to roost” on that issue — and it’s so hot they’re laying hard-boiled eggs. The airports in Britain (which is an island in the middle of the ocean) had to be shut down because the runways were melting in the hottest temperatures ever recorded there. So were the roads — and the railways were closed because the tracks are warping in the extreme triple digit heat. And they’re wrapping the London Bridge in tin foil because the cast iron is cracking in the heat.

In the meantime, Europe is burning with unprecedented wildfires scorching its remaining forests, grasslands, and even vineyards. Reservoirs are drained, crops are dead, and cheese-makers fear there won’t even be enough forage to produce milk for their famous parmesan.

Here in the U.S. 100 million Americans are under “heat emergency” warnings for extended triple-digit temperatures. It’s so hot and dry in Texas the ground is shifting and breaking water mains — which only exacerbates their dire water shortage – and “drill, baby, drill” isn’t saving them, nor is their deregulated power system.

While the global consequences of Trump’s Big Lie on the climate crisis are dominating headlines around the planet, his other Big Lie of a stolen election – and the dire consequences for American democracy — are hammered home once again.

In its last meeting for the summer, the House committee investigating Trump’s attempted January 6 insurrection concentrated on just what the worst president in U.S. history was doing while his minions ravaged the Capitol and almost succeeded in hanging Vice President Mike Pence.

And what was that, exactly? Well, it appears from all the evidence that he was sitting in the dining room watching Fox News on television for over three hours and did nothing to stop the violent attack on the Capitol. Nothing to preserve Congress. Nothing to cease the injuries and destruction. And nothing whatsoever to acknowledge he lost the election and allow the constitutional process for a peaceful transfer of power to go forward.

Besides refusing the advice of each and every one of the high level staffers to call off the insurrection he incited further violence with tweets. He didn’t listen to Homeland Security, the Pentagon, or the FBI — nor did he call them to assist in stopping the carnage. Instead, he spent his time calling Republican senators hoping they would stop the certification of the electoral vote — the same senators who had just fled the Capitol in fear of his out-of-control mob.

So now Trump’s climate and election deniers undeniably take their tragic place in infamy. One can only wonder how they were suckered into ever believing Trump’s endless, baseless, and violence-inducing lies — or how they continue to do so.

George Ochenski is a columnist for the Daily Montanan, where this essay originally appeared.