May 2022

Targeting Children: Killing Fields in the Age of Mass Shootings

Coming to Terms With Our Grief for the World

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George W. Bush, Freudian Confessions and Foiled Assassinations

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Why Gun Control Laws Don’t Pass Congress, Despite Majority Public Support and Repeated Outrage Over Mass Shootings

Haying on Saturday

In Order to Change the Past, Remember the Future Now

Memories of a Sai Gon Orphanage

Memorial Day Salute to a Repentant Ex-Marine

The Things They Didn’t Carry

The Second Amendment is No Bar to Gun Regulation

Students are Often Segregated Within the Same Schools

Suppress? Subvert? Or Both!

How Mining Companies Have Exploited the Pandemic to Push New Mines on Vulnerable Communities

Beyond Gun Control, We Need Hatred Control

Anti-Abortions Fanatics’ Real Enemy is Sex

Un-Amending the Deuce Our Forefathers Dropped

CBO Joins Team Transitory

Lula Among the People

Thermobaric Weapons

Animal Factory

James Cromwell Vs. Starbucks

Modern America’s Murderous Apotheosis at Uvalde

Debt, Coups & Colonialism in Haiti

Roaming Charges: The End of the Innocents

The Rise of NATO in Africa

The Danger of Worsening Relations With Both Russia and China

Biden and Inflation

This Happened Here: A Draft Dystopian Movie Script

Right of Return, Nakba Are Back on Palestinian Agenda

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Apologist for Tucker Carlson’s Racism: Glenn Greenwald

Ban the Damn Guns

The Economy of Tolerable Massacres: The Uvalde Shootings

When the Old Repeat Their Stories

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Love Supremacy Beats White Supremacy

200 Members of Congress Voted Against Baby Formula. That’s An Outrage.

A Gun Message For Woke Corporations

Cancel Student Loan Debt; Bail Out Regular People

He Fought For Truth and the Freedom to Publish — Now We Must Fight to Save Him

The Return 

U.S. Pressure on India Forces New Delhi to Reassess Its Options