Modern America’s Murderous Apotheosis at Uvalde

The Sickness Unto Death

AR-15 model purchased online from Daniel Defense by the Uvalde shooter.

"Time for recess!"

At those words, a shiver of joy ran through the tummies of everybody in the great big room. Recess! Yay! No more work, no more responsibility, just time to play and play! With their little hearts singing and their spirits soaring, they ran out the door and toddled as fast as their little feet could carry them to the magic flying machines waiting for them at ... Reagan National Airport.

Yes, that's right. Even as grieving parents were providing DNA samples so coroners could identify their bullet-shredded children, Chuck Schumer was sending all his little charges in the US Senate back to their mansions for some badly needed R&R. After all, it's hard on the thumbs, you know, tweeting your ritualized Republican thoughts and prayers or, on the Democratic side, your anguished lamentations: "How long, O Lord, can we go on like this? Won’t somebody do something?" They needed a break, the poor little lambs, and only the most flint-hearted churl would begrudge them their playtime.

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