May 2022

The Colstrip Calamity: They Got the Gold, We Got the Shaft

New York Times Repudiates Drive for “Decisive Military Victory” in Ukraine, Calls for Peace Negotiations.

Japan Plan to Dump Tritium-Contaminated Water into the Pacific Comes With Big Risks

The Threat to Privacy in the Post-Roe Era: How Your Cellphone Could Be Used Against You

Ukraine’s War Crimes Trials: Legal But Not Necessarily Wise

Sussmann Trial: Mook Outs Clinton as “Russiagate” Shot-Caller

Politics: The Real Meaning of the Word “Prompt”

Human Rights Activist Deported from Colombia in Runup to High Stakes Election

CODEPINK Denounces Deportation of Electoral Observer in Colombia

Serbia Resists US-led Bullying

In Politics, Money Will Always Talk. Unless…

India – Birds Drop Out of the Sky, People Die

The Stormont Election and Ireland

Grim 2022 Drought Outlook for Western US

Abortion Rights in Swing States Will Determine Who Controls the Senate in 2021

Who is Anthony Albanese, Australia’s New Prime Minister?

Biden Lengthens Our Leash on Cuba

It’s “Now or Never” on Climate Change

An Equal Pay Victory for America’s Winningest Team

Christopher Steele’s Replacement Theory

Speciesism and Pullman’s “The Amber Spyglass”

Why the Son of a Dictator Won the Philippine Presidential Election

The Great Teal Tsunami: Arise Australia’s Independents

The (American) Exception to the Rule?

Why Does Putin Make All the Soviet Dead of the Second World War… “Russians”?

Mass Shootings: It’s the Masculinity, People

Russia, NATO and the Future of Neutrality

The Persistence of Childhood Poverty in the US

Debunking the Myth of the Fleeing Millionaire

Baby Formula Industry was Primed for Disaster Long Before Key Factory Closed Down

Give Turtles a Brake !

A Reset That Serves the People

America’s Role in the Syrian Civil War

Remembering the Palomares Disaster

Westphalian Logic and Geopolitical Prudence in the Nuclear Age

Roaming Charges: Search, Destroy and Replace

Entering the Season of Death at the Border

Beyond the Crystal Ball & Unmentionable Fascism: Dark Predictions, Human Agency, and a Beautiful Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights

Third Party Blues

Who Dropped the Rain Bomb on Durban Last Month? And Will They Pay Climate Reparations?

Post Left Whitewashing of Tucker Carlson’s Racism Uses MSNBC Playbook

The Biomass Peril

Is This the End of the French Project in Africa’s Sahel?

Israel’s Killing Of Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh Reminds Me Of Mazen

Why Are Colombian Election Candidates Auditioning in Washington?

Tales from the Cryptic ‘60s: an Unauthorized Interview with Judy Gumbo

Why Are Colombian Election Candidates Auditioning in Washington?

A Civilization of Fragile Images

In a parallel universe, the pandemic would have been different

At Home and Abroad, is America “Fake News?”