Putin and Agamemnon

Putin and Agamemnon

Putin reminds me a bit of Agamemnon
in the play of Aeschylus:

Agamemnon returns victorious
to his home city Argos
from the despoliation of Troy,
bearing with him in his boat
the daughter of the king & queen
of Troy, the prophetess Cassandra
to serve as his concubine.

Agamemnon is puffed up with himself
just like Vladimir Putin.

I open at random the Loeb edition of
Aeschylus’s “Agamemnon”

to where Clytemnestra (his wife who
harbors a long-standing secret hatred
of her husband)

is explaining to a Chorus of Argive Elders
the news of the Greek victory— (see around line 325)
which has been flashed by bonfires city to island to city
from Troy all the way to Argos:

Agamemnon does not realize
what shall befall him
after his wife greets him &
wraps him in welcoming purple robes.

3186 years later, we have a mentally wounded president
trying wantonly to keep his political party in Power

and distracting the Vox Populi from overly complaining
about the fiscal & political conditions of the
neo-liberal capitalist Ordnung.

All he had to do was things such as
restraining the Ukrainian gov’t from
bragging about building its own A-Bomb or H-Bomb

& declare the Ukraine not to join NATO

& stop the 8-year shelling and bombing of the Donbass

but arrogance will always arrogate.

And the Putins of Time will always be able to be addled
into action by the MICIMATT

(The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-
Media-Academia-ThinkTank Complex)

Meanwhile, the Voice of Cassandra
is Ever There
With a Message to the Tribes of Planet Earth:

Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders is a poet, musician and writer. He founded Fuck You: a Magazine of the Arts, as well as the Fugs. He edits the Woodstock Journal. His books include: The Family, Sharon Tate: a Life and the novel Tales of Beatnik Glory.