Neoliberal New York Times Book Review Resurrects Has Been Black Pathology Hustler

Producers of “Precious,” the worst film yet made about Black life, said that in terms of dollars, profits made from the movie would provide, “A gold mine of opportunity.” They’re not the only businesspeople who feel this way. Billions have been earned over the years by “intellectual entrepreneurs” who’ve advanced their careers by singling out Black America as some sort of pestilent zone where a “tangle of pathologies” exist. Neo-Liberals like David Brooks congratulate “whites with high fertility rates” who’ve moved away from “vulgarity” Do these Whites include those who were marching in Charleston shouting, “The Jews Will Not Replace Us?” A Black reporter says that David Simon, producer of “The Wire,” was pissed off when another White writer was assigned to write about Baltimore’s Black ghetto. He figured that this was his “goldmine of opportunity.” He was right. Now, under a Neo-Liberal editor, Pamela Paul, who is gracious in her correspondence with me, a broken down has been Black Pathology hustler, Joe Klein, is being resurrected. His front page tribute to Daniel Moynihan was published on May 15, 2021. It took a few paragraphs for Klein to get to the source of Moynihan’s rise and the source of Klein’s Op-ed meal ticket.“ He studied the statistics and found this: the rates of divorce, abandonment and out-of-wedlock births were soaring in the Black community. This was creating a ‘tangle of pathology’.”  I responded with a letter. Ms. Paul passed the following letter on to the Letters department. I haven’t heard from them, which supports my conclusion that privileged White males like Times columnists can snipe at Blacks with immunity in one of the most segregated institutions in America: The New York Times columnists page, and even though the book review is run by white feminists, the good old boys get to jump Black people there as well.

Letter To The Book Review

Joe Klein is someone who ekes out a living by dissing Black people. He gets more space to write about Black issues than any two hundred Black scholars and intellectuals, In New York Magazine, Klein blamed Black people collectively for the Central Park Rape. He never apologized. to the Central Park Five, who spent their youth in prison. He once asserted that Black people should be turned over to churches, coming from a man who lied about his authorship of “Primary Colors.” His hero, Daniel Moynihan, accused Black women of “Speciation,” which is how a new plant or animal species is created. Does Klein believe that Black children are members of a new species?

I’m sure that White Manhattan feminists were outraged at the time about Moynihan’s “Speciation” smear, but Klein doesn’t mention it. Klein wants to be Indiana Jones, rescuing Black women while ignoring the documented problems afflicting women of his ethnic
group. Moynihan too. Among White ethnics, most women on welfare when Moynihan wrote his attention-getting report were probably Celtic, dwelling in the South and Celtic enclaves like South Boston, Moynihan’s ethnic group. They were members of dysfunctional families like Moynihan’s.

Moynihan sold his soul to Richard Nixon when he advised Nixon to treat Blacks with “benign neglect.” If Moynihan and Klein had paid more attention to the growing heroin and crack epidemics among Whites, even in the suburbs, reported by The New York Times at the time, maybe the life expectancy among Whites wouldn’t be diminishing. Indeed, Andrew Hacker writes that the “tangle of pathologies” now applies to White people.

Ishmael Reed’s novel, “The Terrible Fours” will be published on June 15.

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