Brutalized by Thugs

The people of the United States are being brutalized by thugs. Our leaders, as if we had some leaders, are for the most part, not to be found. Occasionally, one or another will poke their heads out from some enclave they share or they might step into the safety of a secured television or recording studio to offer-up some trite response to the dismantling of the country, but they do not take a firm and committed stand against this present catastrophe which is taking place in the heart of America. They do not call this terror by its name.

I find it strange that the importance and serious nature of this time appears to have escaped the notice of our past and present political leaders and well-known, established commentators. It was evident early on, that the country was falling away from even the appearance of being a great and noble nation while these heroes kept their peace, biding their time, weighing their safest options.

The people we have met on the street, or taverns, or churches, or any other social gathering place, could easily be summoned to tell the news of the imminent danger, the clear and obvious danger that this nation was and has been in. Depending on the individual’s particular level of, or ability to, pick out and discern truth from the mountains of available information, most every one of them could be said to have known for a very long time, that something has gone terribly wrong in the U.S.A.

But leaders and celebrity politicians, those with the loudest voice and popular platforms, have, for the most part, remained silent as if they never noticed anything was amiss, outside of their own popularity ratings. If we are unable to look at and see the faults of those we would have as heroes, we have perverted our history, and we view the world with blind spots in our eyes.

The people of this country have been abandoned. Outside of a handful of courageous voices that have been marginalized by the corporate media and persecuted by those in power, we have been left alone to stand as the voice and soul, the conscience of America. Worse than that, the powerful ones will, when they do come forth to speak, often lie to us, deceive us, and put forth the best propaganda their money can buy.

And so, as the nation we thought that we knew crumbles before our eyes, and this new totalitarian abomination rises from the graves of a thousand tyrants, we find ourselves alone and without many, if any, friends in high places. Instead of the blessings of a secure and stable state, we feel hanging over us the doom of a terrifyingly corrupt and powerful government.

We find that we are not prepared or equipped for such a task as that which lies before us. Yet here we are, left to being our own best hope. The fate of this nation is in our hands, the hands of the people. This hope we can be glad of, it is our one best bit of good news!

I do not remember the poll or survey that asked Americans how they felt about having their nation turned into a totalitarian, fascist state. I do not remember the day when Americans were asked if they were ready to throw away their right to fair elections or their rights as outlined in the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights. I do not remember the time when Americans agreed to transform their society into a surveillance state, run by a handful of technocrats. Or the time when we agreed to transform a successful and prosperous nation with some various opportunities for upward mobility into a failed third-world nation in decline, run by a handful of oligarchs. I do not remember seeing these polls and surveys because those who do the surveys have never really asked these questions in a straight-up and candid manner. They do not ask these questions on live T.V. or publish the results of these polls because they know, and we know, that the vast majority of Americans are not heartless, soulless, creatures who have, or would, if asked, give-up their freedoms, their liberties, or their wealth to corrupt and evil men and their likewise corrupt and evil government.

In the game of political narrative we have all been deceived. That is the fruit of the relentless, constant and sophisticated effort employed to deceive us. To not be deceived, then, also takes a relentless, constant and sophisticated effort on our part. Minus the deception, under the lies, false information, propaganda, and social engineering we will find, if we look for it, a lot of genuine people who really want no part in a world or government run by evil and corrupt men. Yet still, where are those leaders and powerful spokesmen who might call this nation together and bring us to some sense, to the truth of the matter and to some form of redemption? They do not come forward because they are complicit, either intentionally or by coercion. They are complicit, and they do not want to expose either themselves to us, or themselves to the truth that might set their own souls and our nation free.

The people have been outlawed for demanding justice, but they have done their job, the children, the mothers, the teachers and the homeless, so many others, have all been out in the streets. They know their place and they sacrifice, earnestly sacrifice to save the nation from the brutal force of our corrupt government.

Did you see the mothers standing as shields, protecting the people, protecting their children on the streets of Portland? Did you see the pictures of your neighbors with fractured skulls, broken bones and faces full of poison gas? Did you see the bodies of young women dead, run over on the streets of our cities?

Did you see the politicians handing trillions of dollars over to the ones who least need it, while complaining that living wages, health-care and your hard earned “entitlements” are more than they can afford? Did you see them golfing and chasing around with girls too young to marry, while entire families struggle to survive? Did you see them walking out of courtrooms and prisons after robbing us blind after their murder and treason, while your cousin sits in jail without bail for smoking some grass? Did you see this injustice that has corrupted the nation and ever wonder why the country is being run by madmen and devils? Did you ever wonder why those celebrity politicians and patriotic heroes we fought for in elections and stood by in crisis do not show-up and stand with us in the most desperate and dangerous time?

Do we see that if we turn every problem, every insult and crime against the people and against our government into a partisan war how we will be divided against each other to the point of powerlessness as we attempt to advocate for ourselves and for justice for all? Do we see the ever growing gap between sides that threatens the nation with civil destruction and likewise that remove all hope of correcting our social balance, so that we might live together in peace and rise to greet every new day with enthusiasm instead of dread?