The White House and the CDC are United in Stupidity

On Saturday, I received a postcard of guidelines from the white house and the Centers for Disease Control – CDC. The guidelines repeated based recommended behavioral changes to the coronavirus outbreak on whether a person showed signs of being sick. This is a horribly misrepresentative response to this plague because it ignores the reality that this infestation has largely been spreading through people who had not yet shown signs of their own possible contamination.

The most egregious (and what is to me a criminal) aspect of this misinformation program is that nowhere do these guidelines emphasize that you do not have to be sick to spread the disease. This lousy un-message promotes ignorance because it reinforces the ignorant belief that only people and families who are clearly sick need not go to work or to school. It is an unstated message which guarantees quicker transmission of death and sickness by giving people confidence in a false sense of their own assumed health.

Taxpayer dollars are being used to promote an explosion of this plague.

Every person is a possible carrier and the white house and the CDC do not want us to realize this fact. They clearly want us in ignorant bliss of our own possible contaminating.

I would expect such craven promoting of stupidity from politicians, but I never expected the CDC to be so recklessly associated with such dangerous  stupidity. Talk about “Shit-hole countries!” The old practice of “bleeding” the patients pales in comparison to this ignorant and deadly corruption which is misleading people into a false sense of confidence. Promoting a more deadly confidence game is the last thing we need right now.