Corona Hopes

Let’s hope
The virus kills off
All the motherfuckers
Who ever said…
Thank god we don’t live in caves,
Thank god we no longer
Live in the trees…

Let’s hope the virus kills
All of us who can’t live
Without modern life…
‘cos we know fuck all
About the real world around us.

Let’s hope we all die.

But not the ‘uncontacted tribes’…
Please god keep them
The earth should be theirs again
Along with all the other humans
Cleverly enveloped
In ‘animal’ form.

’Cos we aren’t human…
We aren’t even ‘animal’…
Just the products and functions
Of a shit economy…

Let’s hope we all die.

It’s the best we could do.

Peter Harrison wrote ‘The Freedom of Things: An Ethnology of Control,’ and co-authored ‘Nihilist Communism: A Critique of Optimism in the Far Left.’ For work Harrison drives a bus.  Email: