Change the Nation You Live In

First, I want to say that, despite the difficulty that it sometimes is, I absolutely believe in all People and our inherent worth. This is of paramount importance for us as humanity to understand, because without it, we will always come to cages, borders, hate, pollution, arrogance, war, greed – sicknesses galore; all that the mind can dream up. But no sickness or forgetfulness can ever erase our inherent worth.

Bully Nation USA

I studied Sociology and it’s how I think. I joked recently with an underground Sociologist. He’s African, brilliant, on immigrant status. He said that (unfortunately) he didn’t feel comfortable commenting on society due to the political pressures he felt would inevitably accost him. So his valuable analysis is not heard. (Does anyone still call this situation ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’? I did hear it playing at the ball field nearby recently, so…. Just wondering.)

We can choose to live in an America called Bully Nation USA. Or we can change it. Today, in the US you might be faced with a host of bullies who demand you blindly praise authority no matter what. They implore you to pledge allegiance to dubious character flaws taking orders dressed in uniforms ranging from suit and tie, to camo, to blue, etc. If you, in response, point out the complexity of life, they become irate.

Of course, America definitely sees this character flaw in itself, plastered as it is throughout the country’s interactions. Bully Nation USA. From Trump’s shouts to corrupted politicians. From ‘first contact’ to Tohono O’odham people battling to keep government spy towers from being erected throughout the Rez and the border from dividing, this interaction has been here. This character-flawed interaction is present whenever we see conversations full of arrogant disparaging. That’s Bully Nation USA. We can make that choice. Or we can choose interactions where we battle to unify and heal this world and land.

What is politics? What is Spirit? Where do they converge? In what hearts are they made pure?

You may carry energy at a time. You may carry sadness for a long long time, you may carry rage, you may carry loneliness, you may carry joy for a long long time, you may carry peace, you may carry love love love, you may carry courage, wisdom, compassion. You may energy for a long long time.

Where do politics and Spirit converge to bring renewal? And when? With us? Now? Tomorrow? (Always.)

We may carry energy for a long long time. We may carry bowing and cringing then smiling and joking, entertaining and explaining, weeping and moaning.  Like caricatures: lights camera action, scripted failure, embracing sickness, afraid to be free. We don’t have to be like that anymore.  It’s a choice.

Remember: every moment you are sacred, you are worthy, NO MATTER WHAT, nothing can erase that. Spine straight, mind right. Live life.  Believe firmly that you are worthy. Gift to this life, change the nation you live in.


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