Super-Delegated and Relegated

After reading a number of recent articles by Norman Solomon in which he seems to be chronically bristling under his democrat identity, his frustration with his party keeps reminding me why the democrats and republicans are both wastes of energy.

In the supposed bipartisanship of the faking USA, it seems that priorities themselves get prioritized because of a need to organize a strategy wherein one might make progress toward ensuring that (at least some of) the various priorities become more manifest. This process is perhaps usually the result of a desire to improve one’s situation in life. One may need to rely on delegating some of the necessary efforts in making one’s priorities more apparent because of logistical restrictions such as economics, health, coordinating actions which are happening in disparate locations, limited available space, and any number of other reasons. The bottom line with such delegating has to be that there is a defining unity between the delegator and the delegate who is their supposed representative. This assumed unity itself must also display an alignment of priorities which can transcend any of the more minor (and possibly more numerous) differences if this method’s possible progression is to produce the delegator’s desired results.

It has only become more and more difficult to see where so-called “progressive democrats” might be having any influence within their party in addressing how to proceed on any of what the supposed progressives say are the most important issues. The overwhelming numbers of democrats and the republicans seem to be narrowly focussed on the same religiosity toward privatizing capital. Postponing and undermining all concerns beyond gaining power through and for money while reducing the voices of those who seek a healthy environment and equal justice for all people is portrayed as a necessity. As soon as it appears that the supposed progressives have made an impact that supposed impact is usually and rather quickly reduced to being merely a sound-bite by and for the party. There really is no significant priority they share beyond spreading fear and promoting subservience to established private power. Fearfulness seems to be their chronic, misguided, version of supposed unifying integrity. The bosses bossing and the would-be progressives submitting. This has been the case – with a few, slight variations in the 1960’s and 70’s – since the 1940’s.

The republican-democrat narrow continuum of capital before justice and healthiness depends upon the insecurities of its members and has regularly used cunning to lead would-be progressives into fearfully colluding in numerous, vicious, economic sabotages and slaughterings within their own vacant lots and around the planet. The dismal pretentiousness of democracy which is used to rally the identity-laden, would-be progressive democrats has all of the frustratingly harmful effects of any other support of the desires of authoritarian regimes anywhere. They are a debased supposed base upon which the proponents of privatizing phallic militarizing capital draw a sizable amount of energy.

Religiously, they try to lead their followers to invest faith, hope, and charity in the party. Lately, as the democrats have clearly become less deserving of such investments, these investments are becoming more stridently demanded by the masters in this sadomasochistic charade and those who try to question the direction in which the party is headed are treated as being the most unworthy of charity. It seems that whipping the servants into submission is still one of the most righteous manifestations of religiously capitalist fealty in the faking USA of democrats and republicans.

Hypocrisy is rampant and is a main ingredient in the democrat-republican gas-filled balloon of nationalistic superiority. Saying words to give an impression while implementing policies and laws which undermine the possibility of that given impression has, for decades, been the standard procedure for democrats and republicans alike. The self-serving elites and their chief servants are using their privatized balloon to become farther distant from the effects of their toxic handiwork on the ground.

A favorite current delusional obsession with those who identify as democrats is to try to portray Trump’s offensiveness as if it is not something which the democrats have enabled. It is especially noteworthy that, Again, the powerful seem very eager to silence people within their own party who try to push priorities which the controllers of the party seem to think are too far removed from what Trump supporters would want.

It was quite possible that Trump could have sought the democrat’s nomination in 2016. He, like other money-obsessed, id-driven corporatists, has a history of monetary support for both democrats and republicans. He and his relatives have given over a hundred thousand dollars to the Clinton Foundation and he has contributed to a variety of campaigns, including Hillary Clinton’s senatorial campaign. Trump’s attempts at hooking both democrats and republicans into his private schemes is of the same prioritizing as the DNC as it is trying to appeal to republican voters. That priority is a dismissal of any commitment to the wellbeing of society and the environment in the name of private domination and power. It could easily be argued that in 2016 no one did more to elect Trump than did the DNC and Hillary Clinton and no one did more to make Hillary Clinton look appealing than did Trump. Their real priorities and the phony wordings they both employed to deceive the suckers were infused with the same cynical manipulation of the suckers who supported either of them.

So, now the greatest priority for democrats as a whole (or is it – as a hole) is again in rallying around the united chant that Trump must be defeated. The abundance of would-be Trump defeater candidates seems to be, Again, a method through which the democrats can blur and abandon what the majority of those who identify as democrats say are their priorities. Prioritizing fear and the defeat of Trump while willfully ignoring the red flags of inconsistencies within the histories of the democrat’s candidates is another example of a de-prioritization of accountability, openness, and clarity. This is just as Trump and the Clintons would have them behave.

I have no way to trust any candidate who is a democrat or republican. These identities have shared histories of relegating social and environmental concerns to less effective positions while they substitute the empowering and expanding of debilitating, pricey corporate traps and the attendant, exceedingly toxic deviousness of global militarism.

The most blatant display of authoritarian impunity and disdain by Trump is also merely a reflection of the systemic disingenuousness which would use so-called super-delegates in the democrat’s undemocratic scheming. The abundance of would-be democrat presidential candidates is almost a guarantee that their double-voting fellow super-delegates will control the outcome and will promote a candidate who is the most appealing to those voters who identify as republicans. This is the so-called pragmatism of democrats – to abandon what they say they believe and to let republican beliefs determine the future.

Identifying as a progressive democrat clearly means that you are willing to be relegated to the same level of participation as the curtains in the oval office. Without a repudiation of both the DNC and its partner RNC the concerns expressed by so-called progressives will never be a priority to the corporate controlled parties. The money and energy given to democrat and republican candidates is money and energy which is fueling an increasingly larger, fiery, global balloon crash. All of their candidates have pledged to stay within the balloon and they will say anything to keep the energy and money coming in – even as the party elites tell their supporters to shut the fuck up and get in line. That is how it went in 2016 and how it is going today.

All of the democrat candidates are supporters of the super-delegate corruption and they will again work to relegate the concerns of the would-be progressives to a form of decorative display for the advantage of the greediest elites – like Trump – when the super-corporates pronounce their approved candidate.

If you are a democrat, your faith, hope, and charity are tied to the priorities of republican voters by your own party’s controllers and their tolerance for different priorities will only become less and less as the election of 2020 approaches. They have a power game to win and progressive concerns are, to them, a distraction from their game.