71 Years Later, Zionist Terrorism Is Alive and Well

Seventy-one years to the day Jewish terrorists in Palestine committed a heinous crime for which they continue to go unpunished.

The April 9, 1948 massacre of 107 Palestinians in the Christian Village of Deir Yassin (monastery of Yassin) has been whitewashed by Israel, the U.N., the media, and the so-called law-abiding civilized Western World – a world that lectures us on morality, the rule of law, and democracy – and a Western World that has sown the pestilence of wars, misery, and chaos – from as far as Libya to the west, and as far as Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Bangladesh to the east.

And before conservatives (including Christian Zionists whose distorted end of times biblical prophecy beliefs envision a roasting of Israel and Jews as the launching pad for the promised Armageddon) accuse me of anti-Semitism as an attempt to gloss over Jewish terror against Palestinians, I am a Semite.

And before the self-righteous knee-jerk liberals, including the Alan Silvermans (one of many American Jewish characters whose unsavory and hateful emails show up in my in-box after I lift the drapes on Jewish terror and Israeli apartheid) charge to question my use of Jewish terrorism to describe events in 1017-1948 Palestine, Israel did not become a state until May 1948.

Hence, the only nomenclature to describe the myriad brutalities inflicted on the indigenous population of Palestine is to call the final solution of Palestinians what it is: Jewish Terrorism.

Hence, the only nomenclature to describe the myriad brutalities inflicted on the indigenous population of Palestine is to call the final solution of Palestinians what it is: Jewish Terrorism.

For those interested in facts, I would suggest Ilan Pappe’s book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine as a must-read. Pappe is an Israeli citizen and Chair in History at University of Exeter; he is dubbed a self-hating Jew by the ardent defenders of the faith, Christian Zionists, and Israel’s apologists.

Based on extensive research extracted from the Israeli national archives, including personal interviews, witness accounts, a plethora of documentary materials, diaries, and tape recordings, Pappe’s book chronicles Jewish terror in pre-Israel Palestine. The second half of the book chronicles the post-April 9, 1948 implementation of the U.N. partition plan, a plan that robbed Palestinians of their lives, birthright, country, identity, properties, personal possessions, and dignity.

Emboldened by the Balfour Declaration, in the 1930s Zionists formulated a plan to ethnically cleanse Palestine of her indigenous population. Demonizing the Palestinians as cockroaches, jackals, subhuman, primitive, and dirty, and with the help of European Zionists, pressure was exerted on England to implement the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

Said declaration called for the establishment in Palestine a homeland for the Jews. Pappe documents Britain’s Machiavellian scheme in handing over Palestine to European Jews; that the Brits (pox on their house) were complicit is supported by their standing by as one defenseless Palestinian village after another was wiped off the face of the earth. In fact, British Mandate forces in Palestine provided logistical support to Jewish terrorist organizations, including military training and arms. Pappe cites the example of a British Sergeant who trained Jewish terrorists in using bayonets; the sergeant advised that “killing dirty Arabs” with bayonets will same ammo for other purposes.

Plan Dalet was a military plan whose sole intention was to depopulate Palestine of her indigenous population so as to create an ethnically pure Jewish state. The plan followed a systematic implementation. First was the infiltration of Palestinian villages and communities by Jewish fact-gathering spies/personnel, often posing as businessmen or farmers who would befriend the locals to gather intelligence. And sometimes these Jewish spies (as they still do today) pretended to be Palestinian Arabs. The names of the Mukhtars (community elders) and the organizational community structures were inventoried; meticulous details of the villages’ layouts were recorded, and intelligence gathering on every aspect (rich farm lands, water resources, topographical data, demographics) was recorded. Pappe documents these materials under the heading “Village Files,” files that were eventually sent to the Tel Aviv headquarters of the Jewish leadership. Gathered over a period of fifteen years, including the interception of cables and communications (with British complicity) between Palestinian resistance leaders, this information set the stage for the implementation of Plan Dalet.

Simply put, Plan Dalet was a military plan whose sole intention was to terrorize, through sheer asymmetrical brutal force, unarmed Palestinians, and to drive them off the land.

Under the cover of dark, Jewish terrorists would enter villages from the three weakest flanks; bombs would be thrown through windows of alternating homes and, as the terrorized villagers emerged from their homes, they were machine-gunned in cold blood. The same tactics were used either in the early or late hours of the day. With the help of masked informants, males were targeted for executions either in the center of the village square or on the outskirts of villages. Frequently one group of males was ordered to dig graves into which corpses were deposited and, Nazi-style, these unsuspecting villagers were in turn gunned down and deposited into the mass graves. The coup de grȃce for rural Palestine was the summary expulsion of the entire population – this after looting, the stealing of jewelry, and ISIS-style assaults on women and girls, including the raping of young girls.

As soon as a village was ethnically cleansed, the rich farmlands were appropriated for the collective Kibbutzim. The fate of most of the structures was a systematic demolition (bombing and razing) of homes, mosques, schools, and churches. Crimes that are still committed as I write. In the span of three years, over 530 Palestinian villages were pulverized to rubble and permanently wiped off the face of that land made unholy and blemished by murderous Jewish terrorists. To cover their dastardly deeds, Israeli leaders, with the help of Jews in diaspora, planted pine forests in each of the 530+ locations of what used to be Palestinian villages. And to this day the visible remains of homes, mosques, and churches, albeit in rubble reminiscent of ancient archeological sites, bear witness to the Jewish attempt to erase Palestine from the annals of history.

Pappe calls this reprehensible policy Memoricide.

How could the survivors of the Holocaust, those who want to keep reminding us of Nazi atrocities, undertake Gestapo tactics to effect this memoricide?

Presented in chronological order, Pappe’s meticulous recording of the genocidal carnage highlights the following: so successful were these Jewish terroristic crimes in ethnically cleansing some 300+ villages leading up to early 1948, the terrorists became emboldened as they began attacking urban centers. Beginning on page 91 and under the heading “Urbicide,” Pappe tells his readers that Ben Gurion and his henchmen moved on to urban Palestine in Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, and Safad. In Acre, the Jewish terrorists deposited typhoid viruses into the drinking water, thus killing scores of civilians. A similar attempt in Gaza was preempted when the two Jewish chemists were caught. In Haifa, barrel bombs (loaded with oil and explosives) were rolled down into Palestinian neighborhoods thus killing and terrorizing civilians, and jeeps, mounted with loudspeakers, drove through Arab neighborhoods in Jaffa, Haifa, and other urban centers advising Palestinians to flee lest they suffer the same fate as this or that village.

Jerusalem was the coveted prize of the murderous interlopers.

To frighten Jerusalem’s Palestinian population, the Posh Semiramis hotel in a West Jerusalem suburb was bombed killing, among other victims, a Spanish diplomat, and the bombing of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel in which 94 people were killed when and entire wing of the hotel collapsed was a message to the British to acquiesce, keep their eyes blindfolded, keep their mouths shut, and to get out of Palestine – pronto.

Years later, Menahem Begin (the most wanted Jewish terrorist on whose head the Brits put a pile of Georges) would later become Israel’s Prime Minister, and he would brag about his role in this and other Irgun terrorist murderous crimes.

And yes, he would also be awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace. That’s akin to giving Goebbels or Mussolini The Humanitarian Man of the Year Award.

Which brings me to this…

The leadership of the Jewish terrorists realized that if Jerusalem’s Palestinian population could be terrorized and ethnically cleansed as the rural and other urban areas had been cleansed, then the prize was within their reach.

Thus, having perfected their killing tactics and having terrorized Palestinian villages with their successive successful ethnic cleansing tactics, the Jewish terrorists set their eyes on Deir Yassin, a small village within Jerusalem’s jurisdiction.

Menahem Begin and his Irgun terrorist organization, along with Lehi, yet another sordidly brutal Jewish organization, attacked the tiny village of Deir Yassin. 107 civilians were killed, and some 50 children were loaded on trucks and deposited in an East Jerusalem neighborhood. To her credit, Ms. Hind Husseini, the daughter of one of Jerusalem’s oldest Palestinian families, took the children in and opened an orphanage to house these youngsters whose parents were killed in a calculating and premeditated act of genocide. Some fifty of the village’s men and women were stripped of their clothes, loaded on flat-bed trucks, and driven through Jerusalem’s Jewish neighborhood to (ironically) be taunted by Holocaust survivors.

How soon the survivors forget and make a mockery of human decency. The persecuted have become the persecutors. Reporters have documented the carnage: corpses dotted the village’s square, several civilians were disemboweled, others were dumped into a well, and several women disfigured as a result of the malevolent theft of their jewelry – from their ears and arms. For those interested in pursuing the truth see Ofer Aderet’s (another self-hating Jew) complete and thorough July 16, 2017, report:

Testimonies From the Censored Deir Yassin Massacre: ‘They Piled Bodies and Burned Them’

A young fellow tied to a tree and set on fire. A woman and an old man shot in back. Girls lined up against a wall and shot with a submachine gun. The testimonies collected by filmmaker Neta Shoshani about the massacre in Deir Yassin are difficult to process.

Not only did the Irgun and Lehi terrorist thugs commit a barbarity as heinous as Hitler’s Gestapo, but they went on to brag about it and broadcast, again, through jeep-mounted loudspeakers driven in Palestinian neighborhoods, to taunt, threaten, harass, and instill fear in the remnants of Palestine’s population

And thousands Palestinians fled for their lives, with only the clothes on their backs.

And thus began the Naqbe (Ar. for Catastrophe). 750,000 Palestinians were cleansed from their ancestral lands. And the world stood by, as it still does today, as the 71-year tragedy plays out.

Israel was born as a result of hatred, apathy, brutality and crimes of epic proportions. And because deeply embedded in Israel’s DNA is that same hatred, apathy, brutality, and monstrous penchant to subjugate, dehumanize, kill, and rule over a people yearning to have the yoke of occupation lifted, Israel has thrived on the banality of its ethnocentrism. Egged on by their politicians, military, and rabbinical leaders, the majority of Israelis consider the Palestinians as dirty Arabs, cockroaches, jackals, and subhuman.

The Israelis have built a Holocaust memorial to tell the world “Never Again.” The once-thriving Palestinian village of Deir Yassin lies in very close proximity to the Holocaust memorial.

And what have the Israelis built on Deir Yassin’s holy site?

Would you believe it? A mental institution. Yes, a home for Meshugaim (Heb. For lunatics).

For over 60 years Israel’s Prime Ministers came from the ranks of the Haganah, Irgun, Stern, and other Jewish terrorist organizations. And today they are led by a racist warmonger abetted by another racist, bigoted, orange-haired schoolyard bully.

In 1988 La Belle Femme and I visited Bethlehem’s Church of the Holy nativity where we bought a few candles that hold special meaning. On special occasions I light a candle for a brief moment to think of someone special, someone in need of a cure, a miracle of sorts, to meditate, and to summon that deity whether She/He be Elohim, God, or Allah (and aren’t they all the same?) to somehow pull a Deus Ex Machina for a loved one, a friend, or an acquaintance. And for me faith teeters between believing and doubt, a kind of struggle between the heart and the mind, a migration from certainty to uncertainty and back again to certain.

Today I will light the candle for a longer period of time to honor not only the memory of the innocent lives brutally wasted at Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948, but the lives of the thousands of Palestinians wasted by God’s Unchosen and their so-called Arab brethren.

Raouf J. Halaby is a Professor Emeritus of English and Art. He is a writer, photographer, sculptor, an avid gardener, and a peace activist. halabys7181@outlook.com