Make America Grate Again

The Blue Wave crested the reef but the Red Tide still pollutes the foetid lagoon behind it.  Democrats got the House back while Republicans outdid themselves, electing and retaining some of the most astoundingly repulsive Crackers ever to walk on two legs out of Yoknapatawpha County, with the wizened hillbilly, Ma Kettle of Alabama, being perhaps most egregious.

That said, all over the nation the vacuous, credulous naifs who exerted themselves in the putative cause of truth and virtue are now waiting with bated intellects for the Certain Overthrow of Trumpian Diabolism and the dawning era of Grand Regeneration of the democracy they never had.

It is profoundly grim that the great mass of Americans is leash-trained to embrace creeds as hollow, cruel, and false as those of the parties.  It’s the Charlie Brown Syndrome raised to the nth power in scope and cynicism.  This Bait and Switch is run on both camps–the hostile, alienated, stupidly phobic, untermenschen Trumpetariat, and the credulous, myopic, witlessly hopeful, myth-addled, exceptionalist Democratic cadre–so effectively that both deathgrip their manky dogmas as they are herded into the abbatoir, butchered, and fed to our ravenous Minotaur, the Capitalist War Machine.

Nothing will change this because nothing can; nothing planned, that is, nothing organized.  Shades of Viet Nam: it’s become necessary to destroy the country in order to save it.  The Empire is too rotten to salvage.  As Tom Paine observed, it’s useless giving medicine to the dead.  Our national demise will not be sudden, though.  Dying, like most processes, takes time.  Meanwhile, the same greased pig chases and tent-show monkey fucks will continue to distract us from our collective death rattle.

The country will obsess on two chimeras: Grand Comeuppance for Trump via Mueller Magic, and the WWE Congressional Clown Brawl.  The Sturm und Drang will tittilate herkijerk attention spans for much of the next two years until both dogpoop pinatas pop, and Americans find themselves flat on their asses, having, yet again, had the promised football yanked away.

Because that’s what Imperial government is all about: the remorseless extraction of wealth, substance, and self-respect from a whole people mesmerized by relentless, mind-blitzing bullshit.  The truly infernal capacity of the owners and operators of Big Bro’s Bullhorn, the MSM–from those sanctified pornographers, the NYT and WaPo, (pornographein in ancient Greek means “whore writing”) to Facebog and the rest of complicit “social media”, to the Vast Human Waste Dump of tv of all sorts–to render a whole nation drooling dim and braindead, is the surpassing wonder of our era.

Item: A united phalanx of red and blue yokels, parochials, and throwbacks ok’d a $700 billion military budget just as the Pentagon admitted it had mislaid $21 trillion it couldn’t account for.  A bookkeeping error, no doubt.

Item: The Crone and Geezer Dem Honchos, along with certifiable Snopes-in-a-Suit Lindsay Graham pitched a fit over Jamal Khashoggi’s killing but remained untroubled by the psychotic murder of hundreds of thousands of kids in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Palestine they’ve blithely done to death.

Item: Neither party permits consideration of an honest Medicare For All
proposal but both enthusiastically gave their owners, the Royals of Corporate Capitalism, the greatest stealth tax break payola in our history.

Item: Neither party considers action on the irrefutable existential threat of human-caused global warming, though its scientific and military elites say that, absent total committment to check it, human life on earth may cease.

These horrors… these bald-faced, inexcusable crimes against the American people are implemented in the name of the people, with the consent of the people, as marshaled and manipulated by that most evil, twisted gang of liars and villains: the poisonous propaganda system, our MSM “free press”.

It functions as a hermetically sealed entity, as our sick political parties do, so that anyone who dares tell truth about anything is exiled to the far reaches of the internet universe where only star trekkers can find them.

The latest sick joke is the MSM valiantly defending “press freedom” while the whole shameless pack colludes to betray the one man who had the balls and ethical courage to reveal the truth about The Empire: Assange.

Tragically, when our murderous system crashes, the people will not be spared because they were credulous.  They will pay with their suffering and misery the debt to truth that ages of fraud and deceit incurred in their name.

Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at: