September 2017

Tupac Shakur on Life and Death

Saudi Women May Soon Be Behind the Wheel, But Still Not in the Drivers’ Seat

Hezbollah has Launched the Initial Phase of the Next Israel-Hezbollah War

Nuclear Plants Plus Hurricanes: Disasters Waiting to Happen

“Pruning-Hooks Made Out of Swords:” The Case for a US Department of Peace

Local Solar & Batteries can Quickly Replace Fossil Fuels, Save Billions – and Help Slow the Climate Crisis

Fanon’s Knife and Puerto Rico

Memento Mori: a Requiem for Puerto Rico

20 Years Later: ‘Masterminds’ of One of the Largest Bank Heists in U.S. History

The Pledge of Allegiance is Un-American

Labour Party Conference and the Great Antisemitism Stitch-Up

Lifting the Driving Ban: Saudi Arabia’s Glitzy Stunt

The Federal Reserve Board and Aid to Low-Income Families

The Landscapes of Capital

“The Rule of Law Such As Ours” (And as Imposed in Catalonia)

Trump and the NFL

Death of the Playboy: Hugh Hefner’s World

Thoughts on Becoming an American Citizen

Will Hugh Hefner Be Remembered as a Visionary or a Flesh Peddler?

Excuse Me, Which Dictator Are You Talking About?

The Courage to Kneel

The Historic Vote to Abolish Vivisection

Rebel Blood: Che’s Irish Heritage

Sidelining the Sidemen

“Bag-the-Fag”: Entrapping Sex Offenders 

Honoring Octavius V. Catto: Another History Lesson Trump Will Ignore

America’s Role in the World

Beastly Humans and Humane Beasts

Can’t We Have an Honest Conversation About Vietnam?

Trump Cripples Science… and Golf?

Wasted Lives: The Worldwide Tragedy of Youth Suicide

The Russia-Blamers Think You’re Stupid

New Research into Grizzly Bears and Homo Sapiens Pataguccus Cuntus

The Tyranny of the “Deplorable” Minority

Should Making a Music Video Keep Luke Scarmazzo in Prison?

Killing Kaepernick’s Movement

Review: Sasha Abramsky’s “Jumping at Shadows: The Triumph of Fear and the End of the American Dream”

Deportations and the Harassment of an Irish Group Traveling to West Bank

Armies, Addicts and Spooks: the CIA in Vietnam and Laos

Tom Russell in the Heart of the Folk Hotel

Don’t Let Them Ban Our Books

Movies of the Semi-Great Depression

Grenfell and After

The Purposeful Killing of Civilians in War: Voices From Vietnam 

The US Economy is Failing

Western Hypocrisy on the Kurds

When Fascism Won’t Die: Why We Need to Support Catalonia

The Toxic Legacy of Fake News

The Plague of Nationalism

An Unsporting Presidency