September 2017

Trump Flux

The Cancer in Blue: Cop Documentaries

Breaking Up Barriers to Peace in the Middle East

Stanislav Petrov: the Ignominious End of the Man Who Saved the World

Trump’s Americanized Fascism

Brexiting Hard: Boris Johnson Goes to War

Thank You, Smotrich the Fascist

Poison in the Fields: Agriculture as Chemical Warfare

The Brutal Racial Politics of Climate Change and Pollution

Uncle Sam vs. Russia in Eastern Syria: the Nightmare Scenario   

An Open Letter to a Mexican Female Student

Furore in Eugene!

JOIN and Emergence of White Working Class Leadership During the Civil Rights Movement

What Happened to the Arms Trade Treaty?

Burden in My Hand: the U.S. Medical Industrial Complex

No Easing of US Vengeance Against Colombian Revolutionary Simon Trinidad

Five Basic Differences Between Education and War … and One Similarity

Courting the Global South: Will Israel Become a UN Security Council Member?

Fool Me Twice: Trojan Horse Democrats Pile into the House of Single-Payer

Ideology as History: a Critical Commentary on Burns and Novick’s “The Vietnam War”

Presidential Bomb Threats at the UN

The Dangerous Noose: Trump, Rogue Regimes and Annihilation

Trump’s Warped View of World War II

Snowden’s EthiopiaLeaks: Reading Between the Lines

The Wage Dividend From Low Unemployment: Blacks and Whites

Stop the War-like Rhetoric: It’s Time to Talk to North Korea

Who Will Pay for Huge Pentagon Budget Increase?

Trump at the UN: Nuremberg Redux

Vietnam Full Disclosure

South Koreans Worked a Democratic Miracle. Can They Do It Again?

Single Payer, the Democratic Party and the Nonprofit Industrial Complex

Report From Winsted: Nader’s Museum

No Man is Above the Law, Except on College Campuses

On the New Party Pledge

The White Liberal’s Dilemma: How To Be Shamelessly Different

China’s Persecution of the Uyghur People

Donald Trump at the UN

Hué Back When: Vietnam’s Pivotal Battle Reconsidered

After Harvey & Irma: Mitigation, Adaptation & Suffering

We Are All Prisoners of the Police State’s Panopticon Village

The Annulment of Kenya’s August 2017 Elections

How Netanyahu’s Son Became the Poster Boy for White Supremacists

Manafort News: a Blockbuster or Nothingburger?

To Punch or Not to Punch – The American Left’s Existential Crisis

Why International Powers Fear Kurdish Independence Vote Could Derail Fight Against ISIS

The Empire’s Hustle: Why Anti-Trumpism Doesn’t Include Anti-War

Forced Takeover of Catalan Government Institutions by Spanish Police

William Shatner “Sings” ‘Rocket Man’ (1978)

Intertwined Issues: VietnaMarijuana

How Top Food Companies Fail to Protect Environmental Activists in Supply Chains