Rob Urie

Rob Urie is an artist and political economist. His book Zen Economics is published by CounterPunch Books.

Capitalism Run Amok: Hungry Kids, Falling Wages and Empty Houses

Capitalism and Crisis

Wall Street and the Cycle of Crises

The Economic Crisis has a Family Reunion

America, Race and the Economics of the Precipice

A Weekend at Bernie’s, Funeral at Trump’s

Capitalism, Engineered Dependencies and the Eurozone

Greece, Neoliberalism and Politics by Other Means

Greece and the Crisis of International Capital

Greece and Global Class War

Charleston, America

Trade Deals and the Quest for Global Dominance

Crisis and the Politics of Possibility

Revolution and American Empire

The Problem With the TPP is Capitalism

Trade Deals and the Logic of the Middle Finger

Democrats Do a Trade Deal

Baltimore, Police Violence and Economic Justice

The Revolution Will Not be Fast-Tracked

The Election that Matters will Take Place in the Streets

Disarm the Police

Crisis and Economics: a Love Story

Neoliberalism as Economic Pornography

Oil Imperialism and Monetary Policy

Ferguson and the Logic of Neoliberalism

Economic Hegemony and the Federal Reserve

Greece, Germany and Global Finance

Economic Crises and the Radical Center

Wall Street and the Crisis in Greece

Greece, the US and the Neo-Liberal Coup

The King of Empty Gestures

Trade Deals and Democrat Delusions

Police Violence and Violence Against the Police

Torture and State Power

A Tortured Report

Police Violence and the Idea of Race

The Climate Crisis is Capitalism

Barack Obama Does ‘the Environment’

Democrats Reap What They Sowed

QE, Debt and the Myth of a Liberal Left

Let the Democrats Rot

Ebola, Capitalism and the Idea of Society

The Climate Crisis and the Crisis in Western Economics

U.S. Wars and the Climate Crisis

Capitalism and Climate Change Redux

Energy Geopolitics and the U.S. ‘Mission’ in Iraq and Syria

The Imperial Rot of Armchair Warriors

Racial Repression and the Murder of Mike Brown

“Finishing the Job” in Iraq

Obama and the Revival of Wall Street