Rob Urie

Rob Urie is an artist and political economist. His book Zen Economics is published by CounterPunch Books.

Israel’s War of Attrition in Gaza

Israel’s War of Attrition in Gaza

The U.S., Israel and Oil Geopolitics

Defending Fed Policy

Iraq and the Persistence of American Hegemony

Global Warming is Economic Imperialism

The Great Economic Misdirection

Off With Their Heads, Thomas Picketty Edition

Off With Their Heads, Thomas Piketty Edition

Monetary Policy as Class Warfare, Revisited

Obama, Geithner and the Missing Six Trillion Dollars

The Fed and Manufactured Crises

Economics, Finance and Crisis

Marx-lite Meets the Investor Class

Money and Income Inequality

The Problem of Wealth

Economic Stagnation and the Stagnation of Economics

Mass Incarceration and Capitalism

Capitalism and Income Inequality

The American Crisis

Technology and Economic Imperialism

The Ends of Capitalism

Burning Down the House

Capitalism and US Oil Geo-Politics

Syria and the US Imperial Project

Obama Goes Full Bush on Syria

Manning, Snowden and the U.S. Coup in Iran

Barack Obama and the Neo-Liberal Coup

Aiding the Enemy

Obama’s Plan for Economic Immiseration

The Murder of Trayvon Martin and Racist America

Democracy and Empire

The NSA and That 1970s Show


Things Fall Apart

Surveillance and the Corporate State

The Corporate State and Manufactured Dependence

Capitalism and Economic Imperialism

The Resurrection of Ben Bernanke

In the Time Between Crises

The Radical Center and Armed Revolution

The High Crime of Torture

Obama Does Social Security and Medicare

Wall Street’s Role in the Crisis in Cyprus

America’s Willing Executioners

Where is America’s Hugo Chavez?

A Robot Didn’t Steal Your Job

Masters of Fraud

End the Fed

Why Economic Inequality is Not Good for the Economy