March 2024

The Banality of Sir Keir Starmer

Israel’s War Psychosis

Who’ll Stop the Rain?

U.S. Complicity in Israel’s “Plausible” Genocide

The Trump Media Stock Bubble

Of Life and Lithium: Why the “White Gold” Rush Won’t Save The Planet

Roaming Charges: Nowhere Men

Congress Goes Berserk Over TikTok

Reflections on Gaza, “Empire,” and Who and What is Breaking the World

Carbon Capture, too Little too Late?

The Never-Ending Federal Surveillance Crime Spree

Spending Unlimited

Neoliberalism 2024: The Math’s Not Mathing

Mountaintop Removal: David Brooks and the Elite Consensus on Gaza

Trump’s Commercial Pleasures

Rising Talk of School Closures Fuels Expansion of the Community Schools Movement

The Biggest Treasure I Found After Five Decades in Archaeology

Why America Needs a Commercial Shipbuilding Industry

What’s So Green About Burning Trees? The False Promise of Biomass Energy

Cut Off Funds for Genocide and War By Stopping the Congressional Discharge Petition

In Defiance of Whiteness: “Suffering Is the Bridge”

Settlements are an Obstacle to Peace

Bach Hits the Road

Relitigating the Pandemic: School Closings and Vaccine Sharing

The Antiauthoritarians of the First International

Consider the Commune: Venezuela and Beyond

Good Friday in Palestine: Personal, Past and Present

Two Guys I Met in Jakarta…Gone Too Soon

Labor Holds the Line in Argentina

American Democracy vs. Fascist Autocracy

Kundera and the Nobel Prize

The Still and Moving Center

Time to Choose

Root Season in Texas

Moving in Silence and the Business of Being “Anti-Social Media”

Manifesto: Geneva International Peace Research Institute/Europa Collective for Gaza

Architecture of Cities: Walking Alone in Milan

Embracing the Divine Madness of Multiplicity as a Spiritual Martial Art

Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud? How Kindness Makes Us All Stronger

A World Going in the Wrong Direction

Complicit in Genocide: Where Israel Gets Its Weapons From

An Escalatory Game for Fools and Madmen

Election 2024: The More The Merrier, But Candidates Should Stay In Their Own Lanes

Sri Lanka: Govt-IMF Reach Agreement but Basic Question Remains

Distinctions Without Difference: The Security Council on Gaza Passes

Letter from London: Mind the Gap

Twenty Seven Outs in 2024

The Lying Piper of Nukeland

The United States and the Middle East: the Politics of Miscalculation

A Slow-Motion World War III?