September 2023

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“I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been”:  Musings on Communism and Anti-Communism

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Antarctica Hits Records as Global Heat Looms Large for 2024

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Responsibility to Protect the Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh

Taylor Swift and the End of the Hollywood Writers Strike: a Tale of Two Media Narratives

America and the Drowning of Derna

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Vegan Cats Do Not Exist

The Political Power of Conspiracies 

Return to Bosnia-Herzegovina: Night Train Across Melania’s Slovenia

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Suing for a Livable Climate

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Fighting Banal Evil with the Truth of Trauma  

Outlaws in OKC

Ghosts of the Past: For Israel, War on UNESCO is an Existential Battle

The United States in the World:  Making Sense of the Past Forty Years

What to Do With the Old Piano?

The Lesser of Two Evils is a Democracy for Psychopaths

80 Years Ago Denmark Miraculously Saved 8,000 Jews From Nazi Murder

Yes, Trump’s Lies on Financial Statements Did Cost Businesses Money

Alliance for the Wild Rockies Challenges Massive Clearcutting and Burning Project in Montana Grizzly Bear Corridor

The Death of Expertise

Bam Bam Bamboozled

Democracy at Stake

The Truth May Hurt, But We Still Have to Face It

Who Needs Nonviolence? Everyone.

Lost in the Forest

The Architecture of Cities: The World

Oh No! An Anti-Sniper Robot!

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