Disturbing Revelations: Ron DeSantis’ Plans for “Dachau Disney”

Photograph Source: Matt Johnson – CC BY 2.0

In the wake of the neofascist Florida governor contender Ron DeSantis’ promise to “destroy leftism in this country” if he becomes US president, new details have emerged about his plans for his state’s iconic tourist attraction Disney World. DeSantis is battling the theme park’s owner, the Disney Corporation, because of its opposition to his political war on gay and transgendered people. DeSantis, known to some Floridians as “DeFascist,” plans to place the giant theme park under joint state and federal receivership and have it turned into “Dachau Disney”– a vast complex of political repression and Christian white nationalist entertainment open to visitors who will be encouraged to “actively participate in crushing the left.”

The proposed new name is a not-so subtle nod to Germany’s Nazi Third Reich. As The Holocaust Encyclopedia notes:

“The Dachau concentration camp was established in March 1933. It was the first regular concentration camp established by the National Socialist (Nazi) government. Heinrich Himmler, as police president of Munich, officially described the camp as ‘the first concentration camp for political prisoners.’ It was located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory near the northeastern part of the town of Dachau, about 10 miles northwest of Munich in southern Germany… Initially the internees were primarily German Communists, Social Democrats, trade unionists, and other political opponents of the Nazi regime. Over time, other groups were also interned at Dachau, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma (Gypsies), gay men, as well as ‘asocials’ and repeat criminal offenders. During the early years relatively few Jews were interned in Dachau and then usually because they belonged to one of the above groups or had completed prison sentences after being convicted for violating the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.”

Later in the Third Reich and through World War II, the Dachau camp and its many satellite camps were sites for mass execution, medical experimentation, and forced labor inflicted on Jewish and other prisoners.

DeSantis has recently threatened to harm Disney World by building a state prison next door. Now insiders report that the prison DeSantis has in mind will be a key part of the new Disney complex. It will house thousands of liberals and leftists found to have “committed thought crimes” by “questioning American values.” Inmates will spend their days making national border wall components and their nights receiving instruction in Christian white nationalism, Social Darwinism, fetal personhood, fossil fuel mapping, free market economics, red meat cuisine, and American Exceptionalism among other topics. The Dachau Disney prison will host regular tours that permit visitors to shame and mock inmates. The prison will feature a special “It’s a Small World After All” boat tour past ideologically recalcitrant inmates who have been placed in solitary confinement cells partially visible to visitors.

DeSantis’s Dachau Disney will include numerous additional attractions reflecting his broader agenda for a “post-Left America”:

Woke Island. This five-acre islet will be inhabited by incarcerated anti-racist, anti-sexist, LGBT activists weakened by starvation and sleeplessness resulting from day-round extreme illumination and blaring country music. Visitors will give “patriotic food” (cheeseburgers, fries, and Coca Cola), sleep masks, and earplugs to “woke” activists who loudly swear allegiance to Jesus Christ and European values.

Like it Never Happened.* Visitors will spray white paint on passages from history texts that detail the horrors of Native American genocide and Back chattel slavery. *Sponsored by Servpro, after whose company slogan it is named.

Bad Book Burn. Visitors will be given a library cart of books that deal seriously with issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, gayness, transgender experience, imperialism, and right-wing authoritarianism past and present. Visitors will throw the volumes into a giant bonfire and return the empty cart to a weeping librarian. Visitors exiting the hands-on exhibit will receive a pamphlet on The Marxist Origins of the Dewey Decimal System and a how-to guide on The Highly Effective Intimidation of Library Boards and Booksellers.

Prof Punch: visitors will flail into punching bags bearing the images of left and liberal US professors. Participants will receive “F#*k Tenure” buttons and be granted honorary seats on a university Board of Trustees of their choice.

The Real American Roller Coaster. Visitors will pass through the darkened indoor “Tunnel of Them,” experiencing sudden high-speed drops and turns alongside terrifying images and audio of angry Black and Latino city dwellers, urban rioters, burning police stations, socialist politicians, liberal intellectuals, interracial couples, transgender schoolteachers, Islamic terrorists, union bosses, immigrant Caravans, George Soros (screaming “I will replace you”), and Barack Obama portrayed as The Joker while holding hands with Karl Marx and Mao Zedong. The ride will conclude with a long slow and gentle descent into the plush outdoor “Valley of Us,” showing happy and hard-working “Real Americans”: white heterosexual and multi-child families tending lawns attached to sprawling suburban homes; well-dressed adults visiting investment advisors, purchasing SUVs, providing low-wage employment opportunities and personal responsibility lectures to former welfare recipients, attending church, saying grace before sumptuous and meat-centered meals, and reading Ron DeSantis’s book Dreams From Our Founding Fathers to dutiful and disciplined children.

Happy Land of Cotton: visitors will tour a mock antebellum Mississippi plantation where Black Dachau Disney inmates will earn parole points by posing as singing slaves joyfully tending crops and thanking “you all whites for bringing my ancestors to the land of freedom.”

Incelibate Hall: sexually frustrated “cis het” men will be given microphones to express disgust over recent historical gains in women’s freedom and advancement.

Handmaid Hotel: impoverished girls and women with unwanted pregnancies will be housed for free in this structure. They will wear the Handmaid costumes popularized by Margaret Atwood’s bestselling dystopian novel A Handmaid’s Tale. Visitors will be given two minutes to read hotel residents a Disney-prepared lecture on female sexual irresponsibility and fetal personhood.

Anti-Science Academy: A Dachau Disney employee dressed as Mickey Mouse will lecture visitors on why “anthropogenic climate change” and “the need for vaccines” are “fake news” spread by globalists conspirators.

ID Check: visitors will sit at mock computer terminals where they will check the nationality status of ten Latino persons seeking care at a hospital emergency room and the felony record status of ten Black people trying to vote in a presidential election. Visitors who successfully deny care to at least one Latino/a and deny the franchise to at least one Black person will receive an “I Helped Protect America” identification card signed by Ron DeSantis.

Putsch Plaza. Once a day, visitors will gather for a mock re-enactment of January 6 with a Dachau Disney employee dressed as Freedom Martyr Ashli Babbitt and a Ron DeSantis body-doubles scaling Capitol walls with mock AR-15s strapped to their backs.

Proud Boy Pride: visitors can shoot paintballs at Dachau Disney prisoners dressed as “Radical Left Drag Queens.”

Air DeSantis: visitors will be seated at mock computer screens to pick from lists of Latin American asylum-seekers, private jet contractors, and northern “liberal” destinations. They will draft a “creative kidnap and dump operation” designed to “humiliate open border Democrats.”

Helicopter Ride: visitors will be taken up in Dachau Disney helicopters bearing portraits of the onetime US-backed Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Visitors will have two minutes to push five “Marxist” dummies out of the choppers from a height of 3000 feet. Participants will be given official RWDS (Right-Wing Death Squad) arm patches.

Shock-a-Commie: visitors will administer mock electric shocks to Dachau Disney prisoners posing as Chinese, Russian, Cuban, and Venezuelan communists. The communists will groan and scream in pretend pain. Participants will be told that the fake trauma and misery is real. Visitors who administer extreme doses will win a signed picture of Ron DeSantis laughing and smiling while overseeing the torture of supposed terrorists at the US Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in 2006.

Lethal Mermaid: Watched over by a cooing Little Mermaid, visitors will perform mock waterboarding exercises against Dachau Disney prison inmates posing as New York Times columnists and Marxist professors.

Rittenhouse Roundup: teen visitors will be given mock military-style assault weapons to shoot at images of anti-racist marchers projected on to a large wall depicting a city block in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Participants will receive certificates recommending that they be permitted to purchase assault rifles without background checks or age requirements.

Mass Shooter Mall*: participants will experience a virtual reality program in which they use a concealed no-permit pistol to neutralize a mass shooter at a shopping mall. They will hold a press conference in which they explain that the solution to gun violence is for everyone to own a gun. *Sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

Conversion Country: a conversion therapist dressed as the popular Disney character Aladdin will help gay visitors reimagine themselves as heterosexuals.

Visitors who have just given birth after unwanted pregnancies can drop their newborns into the Daisy Duck Baby Box.

DeSantis’ secret plan to build a new Dachau in the former Disney World, projected to open in early 2026, includes a section proposing satellite political repression and patriotic entertainment theme parks in Amarillo, Texas, Des Moines, Iowa, and Keystone, South Dakota. One of DeSantis’s planners notes that “There is a precedent in the US during WWII, 8,000 persons of Japanese descent were housed at the Washington State Fair before being moved to American concentration camps. Something inspired by this historical example could happen again with a president who is waging a just people’s war against people on the left.”[1]

Democratic politicians and commentators queried about DeSantis’ Dachau Disney plan have called it “concerning,” “controversial,” and “very conservative.” The White House pledged to “reach out to DeSantis on a bipartisan basis” to bring the scheme “more in line with traditional American and democratic values.” According to Biden spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House “hopes that Disney and DeSantis can come to a less polarizing resolution of their differences” and “objects to one of the proposed attraction’s depiction of President Biden as a tool of the Militarized Communist Party of Peru (MPCP).” An administration official requesting anonymity says that Biden has described “Dachau Disney” as “like semi-fascism.”


+1. The DeSantis staffer cited this new story: Lori Matsukawa “State fair visitors can re-live WWII internment in Exhibit,” KING5.com, September 1, 2017: “The Washington State Fair in Puyallup will feature an exhibit on Japanese internment where visitors can step into the past and re-live what the camps were like. Not many people know that close to 8,000 Japanese Americans were forced to live under the grandstands at the Puyallup fairgrounds for months in 1942 before being sent off to World War II American concentration camps. The military called the fairgrounds the Puyallup Assembly Center (PAC) but the incarcerees called it ‘Camp Harmony.’…In the video, Eileen Yamada Lamphere, Elsie Yotsuuye Taniguchi and Sharon Sobie Seymour stuff pillowcases with straw. Yotsuuye Taniguchi remembers doing this as a 5-year-old when her family first arrived at the fairgrounds. Visitors to the exhibit can try their hand at it, as well as other interactive activities. The exhibit includes re-created horse stall and barracks apartments, period suitcases and clothing and pot belly stoves from camp.”

Paul Street’s latest book is This Happened Here: Amerikaners, Neoliberals, and the Trumping of America (London: Routledge, 2022).