The Law of Circulation

Law # 194. Circulation

function: distribution


Circulation is a law of nature securing the distribution of benefit and harm. Nature recycles life with the remains of life. Rotation is not circulation: a thing rotates around a center but circulates inside a corpus. For sustaining organisms, blood circulates throughout the body to furnish oxygen and nutrients to all body parts and remove the waste on the way back. Wealth resides in fixed assets, but money circulates to facilitate the buying and selling of goods and services; the velocity of money circulation causes inflation. Winds circulate gently and ferociously, dispersing heat like clouds dispersing water. In most nations, including democracies, the power circulates among the elite factions. Pareto. The freedom of the press is worthless, with restraints on the circulation of content. Books in a library circulate among the readers, the good ones not as much. The internet has broadened the circulation of information, building new global solidarity among fascists and extremists. Falsehood circulates far more swiftly than truth. Communities that throttle the free circulation of ideas stagnate, exporting rotten smells. It is a crime to intentionally impede normal breathing or blood circulation by choking a person’s neck. New York Laws.

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