Stop the Elite from “Thinning the Herd”

Although Malthus wrote this genocidal recommendation to Britain’s royals and ruling class over 200 years ago, this idea always seems to surface whenever the haves fear they are significantly outnumbered by have-nots they’ve controlled sometimes for centuries. They have had good reason to worry, given history’s two major bloody examples of vengeful masses finally erupting, butchering these well-borne abusers, and seizing their wealth and estates in the French and Russian revolutions. They also outnumbered and overwhelmed both police and armies who either deserted or joined the revolutionaries.

That the Trump and Biden administrations, the “entire capitalist class,” and now the U.S. Supreme Court have been secretly embracing Malthus’s eugenical policy. The court’s 6-3 ruling this month struck down the presidential COVID-vaccination mandate for large corporations. It will affect 84 million employees. Only a few days before, this depopulation pattern perhaps was inadvertently revealed by health director Dr. Rachelle Walensky  of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on a popular morning TV interview show:

The overwhelming number of deaths—over 75 percent—occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities [pre-existing conditions]. So really these are people who are unwell to begin with, and yes, really encouraging news in the context of Omicron.

It drew a national firestorm of those instantly recognizing Malthusian—and Hitlerian—implications and demanded her resignation. Almost simultaneously, the European Union (EU) representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO) was declared as “premature” any ruling in its upcoming meeting about opening COVID vaccine’s recipe to worldwide producers for global distribution.

Malthusian elitists have to be secretly pleased about COVID’s depopulation around the world, according to pundit Andre Damon. Even prior to Walensky’s remarks, he concluded:

The pandemic, which in 2020 alone reduced life expectancy by two years, has proven to be manna from heaven for the capitalist class. It has no intention of ending it. It will continue killing, predominantly those above the age of retirement, together with the chronically ill and the disabled,

Historically, when ruling classes practice economic or political eugenics, their first deed is to dehumanize a targeted group with pejoratives so their consciences are clear in committing genocide—or, in the case of COVID’s “herd-immunity” governmental policies, to commit “societal murder.” In Hitler’s Operation T4, 275,000  of the disabled, diseased, and elderly were executed as “useless eaters .” “Non-Aryans” were “untermenschen” (subhumans) and suffered the same fate.

Add to these labels the most hideous of them all, the phrase “thinning the herd.” That’s a sportsman’s rationale for killing animals just for sport supposedly to prevent overpopulation outrunning food and water. So it’s no surprise that from COVID’s onset world leaders among the elitists have been thinking of the masses—us—as livestock. It would free up billions in healthcare, particularly in killing Social Security/Medicare payouts deducted from lifetime wages would cut their taxes to the bone. It also would clear streets from tents and RVs of the homeless.

True, the U.S. Constitution’s preamble declares its aim is to “insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense” and people’s welfare. But the Framers—men of great wealth and influence—did not have us common folk and Native Americans in mind when those lines were penned. That might explain the bitter, decades-long fight by the elitists against establishing a federal public health service until 1912 or the employee-funded Social Security in 1935, Medicare in 1965.

We ordinary Americans now face their three major “thinning” plans—COVID, war, and climate change, thanks to the inaction of both the Trump and Biden administrations. They and other elitists now tell us we must accept the fate they assigned us. Nonsense.

Not while the American spirit, ingenuity, endurance, and feistiness still exist. Collectively we can fight that death sentence despite what do seem to be incredible odds. Short of a French or Russian revolution, solutions do exist. We can fight back instead of surrendering to despair, defeatism, and death, as our “betters” expect us to do.

Our prime strategy rests on recognizing that the elitists’ greatest fear is our numbers, which when organized, have always overpowered their extinction plans for us.

As English poet Shelley  wrote after the 1819 Peterloo massacre  over Britain’s workingmen striving for the vote:

Rise like Lions after slumber /In unvanquishable number, / Shake your chains to earth like dew/ Which in sleep had fallen on you—Ye are many—they are few.”

Yes, the overall year-end results do show that the pandemic has afflicted more than 62 million  Americans and caused nearly 900,000 deaths despite a 63 percent vaccination rate.  That the prediction is a million daily infections and 4,500 deaths by February. The Malthusians in power certainly know World War I cut Western lower-class populations by 21,500,000, World War II, by nearly 85,000,000. Most seem to believe they will survive climate change in palatial underground bunkers. Those will quickly become graves on a dead planet if we fail to fight their inaction

The Solutions

As a long-time activist, I know the solutions to these three genocidal plans are legion and readily available for the timid and homebound as well as teenagers, teachers, attorneys and judges, technologists, farmers, factory and service workers, illegals, the medical and scientific professions—of all ages. Among the suggested solutions are those below.


One basic solution to keep us alive despite the U.S. government’s overall plan to let COVID spread by herd immunity is using scientific truths to destroy the elitists’ big lie that the deadly pandemic is as normal as flu and that the killer Omicron variant is “milder” than Delta. Healthcare experts have warned that the Omicron variant is neither “mild,” nor less deadly than Delta. Significant numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths since Christmas attest to this dangerous lie.

Another solution is opposing plans of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to “limit” reporting daily cases and deaths, as it’s done with flu, despite the historic medical shock of more than one million COVID cases on a single day (December 7 ). Except for masking, testing, and inoculations, this federal agency has relaxed other public health measures for pandemics such as cutting quarantine time from 10 days to five and gambling they’re well enough not to spread the virus at work and school.

Giving continued praise to the frontliners fighting the herd-immunity policy is yet another solution. They were the first to feel COVID’s lash at hospitals, essential workplaces—particularly the auto industry —and K-12 schools and colleges. Too many factories are still said to be unsanitary and unsafe, and fail to meet the fundamentals of combatting COVID: masks and personal protective equipment, distancing, quarantines, daily deep cleaning of premises and equipment—and replacing ventilation systems to stop this deathly airborne pandemic.

Fear of death has now overcome fears of losing a job as indicated by 68.7 million resignations since November 2020. Or disobeying direct orders to keep K-12 schools open issued by Biden, his Education Secretary, and president of the nation’s main teachers’ union. By now, most working parents recognize major corporations have been the main driver to keep K-12 schools open as babysitters so production and profits are uninterrupted.

Massive defiance has been the result to avoid becoming COVID superspreaders at work or in classrooms, two prime vectors. Teachers are staging wildcat strikes, walkouts, sickouts, and lockoutsThousands of parents are boycotting schools. Thousands of high school students around the country are online to organize walkouts and strikes following college and university student protests. Nearly 10,000 K-12 schools have been “disrupted” or closed, ranging from New York City to BostonChicago, Atlanta and MilwaukieDenver and Seattle,  to San Francisco and Oakland. More than 450,000 K-12 students have been taking remote classes since the first week of January.

The solution here is using activist skills and tools to play a secondary role in backstopping the fight against COVID and its proliferating variants. We’re not needed on picket lines or at union halls but are for dozens of other helpful tasks to support the trades and professions. That includes phone banking, online messaging, canvassing for testing, literature distribution, and fundraising. Not to mention ushering at town halls, assistance at testing and vaccination sites, and answering emails and phone calls.

Turning to the failure of worldwide vaccine distribution, the solution is for people to contact local, state, and federal legislative authorities to force Pfizer and Moderna to “share the technology so the multiple producers across the world can simultaneously manufacture enough to vaccinate the world,” as an Inter Press Service reporter put it.

Our immense numbers are forcing presidents and union leaders to back down on vital COVID issues, seemingly because of Omicron’s lightning spread. Facing vast absenteeism by K-12 students and staff, AFT (American Federation of Teachers) president Randi Weingarten conceded early this month that school districts had no choice but to closures and return to remote education. In early December, Bideninitially scoffed at mailing us free test kits, but a groundswell of public criticism has forced him to announce purchasing 500 million free kits for those requesting them. Free M95 masks mailed to all American homes maybe next if volunteers take on supporting the “Masks for All ” joint bill” just hoppered by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna.

Indeed, the day may come when most Americans will demand China’s iron-fisted, inexpensive, and highly successful “Zero-COVID ” policy. From December 9 to January 9 at least 2,000 cases were recorded, but no deaths. At the start of the pandemic, the government has protected most of China’s 1.4 billion people rather than choosing herd immunity. Highly popular with the masses, the program includes periodic two-month lockdowns for schools and non-essential businesses, quarantines, masks, mass testing, contact tracing, distancing, vaccinations, border controls, and periodic bans on incoming international flights. Some 5,077 testing sites exist with 30,000 staffers, and 132,900 assistants. It was imposed on a Delta outbreak in early December at Xi’an (pop. 13 million) and probably on the recent Omicron outbreak in five other cities.


Perhaps the only factor giving pause to our elitist leaders, the Pentagon, and leading war hawks from using nuclear first-strikes against China has been Russia’s Chernobyl power-plant accident in April 1986. One solution could be forcing them to finally join the recently restated 1985 no-first-strike joint statement in the UN Security Council by reminding them that Chernobyl’s 10-day global spread of radioactivity didn’t discriminate between rulers and the ruled. Fallout dust contaminated sources of food and water and poisoned living creatures great and small. Moreover, scientists predict the ground for miles around Chernobyl will be uninhabitable for 20,000 years.

A major solution halting the Pentagon’s provocative deeds against China (or Russia)  might well be volunteers spreading the rumor right now online that a war will resurrect drafting all men aged 18-25 registered for Selective Service. That it will be fought on that country’s vast territory (3.6 million miles ) of Afghanistan-like terrain. Obviously, our volunteer armed service would be insufficient. Conscription has always awakened the masses and caused millions of eligibles to flee their home countries. In Vietnam, fear of a brewing draftee mutiny was a key reason for a pullout and why today’s army is a volunteer.

The conscription rumor needs to be accompanied by anti-war demonstrations to force Biden and Congress to pursue diplomacy—and positive cooperative global goals. It could start with an anti-war campaign during the winter Olympics in Beijing. An accompanying project could be promoting a continuous, all-out campaign to push for joint moves by the U.S. and China to battle climate change.

Another project involves campaigning to convince Biden and President Xi to prevent global extinction by finally joining the 86 other nations who years ago signed the UN’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons  (TPNW). Volunteers also could join a consortium of 80 anti-war groups which just issued a statement to eliminate the 400 ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles)—and their future upgrades—stored in the upper Midwest. They cost billions to maintain, are an ever-present accident risk, and are “an existential threat to humankind.”

Starting anti-war teach-ins is another operation, along with workshops, town hall meetings, peaceful Sunday rallies and marches, picketing home offices of Congressional delegations, and petitioning the president and Congressional delegations. Another solution sure to awaken Americans is publicizing and sending a draft bill for an annual “war tax” to Congress, legislatures, city councils—and the mainstream media— which would offset significant cuts to Pentagon appropriations.

Climate Change

The climate crisis seems to have drawn the greatest number of activists in the world and is always open for membership. At least 15,000 nonprofit environmental and animal-welfare groups have attracted tens of thousands who once thought the immensity of saving the planet was beyond them. In addition, most also have discovered that any climate action, large or small, changes despair and depression to positive energy and helps tackle a group’s needs.

The main solution to stop the relentless march of our planetary extinction involves educating the public to know they do have the power to do what governments have deliberately failed to use since the first UN COP (Conference of the Parties) at Berlin in 1995. Participants did admit that developed countries emitted the most greenhouse gases from fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas), and suggested all nations collectively work to leave them in the ground.

Yet 26 years later at the recent COP26 meeting in Glasgow, famed 19-year-old youth environmental leader Greta Thunberg called its results to be another failure. She accused delegates of continued inaction covered by “blah, blah, blah .” They were told that because major fossil-fuel polluters controlled most countries financially, the solution to shutting down that industry to meet the goal of a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030  will be done by environmentalist pressure.

Prior to Glasgow, 400 young climate leaders from 186 countries at the Youth4Climate  summit in Milan fine-tuned a document for COP26 leaders containing tough and smart “thematic areas of climate action” they intend to implement. The direct-action Sunrise Movement with its thousands of 17-25 year-olds undoubtedly will be among the vanguard. So will thousands of the imaginative, high-energy, and influential British-born global Extinction Rebellion (XR) group and its XRYouth wing

One high-risk problem in the American nuclear power industry to be solved by publicity is semi-trailer trucks carrying nuclear waste on major highways (“mobile Chernobyls ”) to storage dumps despite the horrific possible danger of road accidents. Residents along those corridors need regularly updated route maps and truckers’ schedules for residents. A major, long-term project is decommissioning all nuclear power plants and shifting to renewable energy sources of solar, wind, geothermals, hydropower, and biomass. They are far cheaper to build and operate—and don’t leak radiation into land or groundwater.

The main effort in fighting climate change, however, is still phasing out the fossil-fuel industry. The top eight fossil-fuel extractors to be targeted as globally genocidal are (in rank order of current production) Kuwait Petroleum, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil, BP, National Iranian Oil, and Shell.

They exist largely because banks and investment houses have financed operations. So a few years ago major environmentalist Bill McKibben led a fast-growing, climate-protecting army in what has now become a massive ongoing unpaid divestment campaign. I soldiered on by spending two months finding and compiling fossil-fuel holdings of mutual funds for investors. Our labors paid off handsomely.

The global giant Peabody Energy Corporation and 100 others went bankrupt in 2021, and Shell took a major blow. Billions also have been divested and invested elsewhere by the Ford Foundation and 72 faith-based institutions.  Many U.S. cities followed suit: New York City, BaltimoreLos Angeles, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Vancouver, as well as London, Berlin, Milan, Oslo, and Durban. Millions have also shifted by institutions, especially college and universities thanks to tireless student campaigns at Harvard, Dartmouth, University of TorontoUniversity of California, Oxford, and 77 other British universitiesFive major investment groups ordered utilities in their holdings to “decarbonize” by 2035.

Direct action is one largely visible tactic that has enjoyed significant success. Its derring-do deeds have brought international attention to exploitive practices of fossil-fuel companies damaging private land, threatening major aquifers and regional water sources, and destroying environmental surroundings. Those colorful actions have lifted morale, and both inspired and recruited thousands. They have held nationwide strikes to protect Native Americans’ lands and water from pipelines of TC Energy’s Keystone XL or Enbridge’s Line 3. The “valve-turners ” have shut down five pipelines transporting Canadian tar-sands oil to the U.S. Thirteen Greenpeace members dangled from a Portland bridge—aided by dozens of “kayaktivists”—attempting to block a Shell icebreaker headed for Arctic drilling.

But indirect action individually or with a group still constitutes most of the pieces for the environmental mosaic. For those hesitant about “doing something” greater to save the planet than separating garbage, long-time activist Ralph Nader points out that “less than one percent of citizens stepping forward can turn the tide” in what looks like a colossal, impossible undertaking.

For example, Oregon’s community, other environmental groups, and tribes spent a year to successfully stop—mostly by permit denials—a $10 billion, 230-mile pipeline project by Canada’s Pembina corporation to build a liquefied natural gas export terminal. Opposition arose instantly from thousands of written comments, months of impact and legal research, testimony, rallies in Salem and along the pipeline route, persistent lobbying of the governor and Pembina’s financial sources.

If the volunteer effort is limited to donations, it’s been suggested those funds be sent to the major environmental organizations—Greenpeace,, National Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Sunrise Movement, etc.—because they are spent directly on a cause rather than 90 percent for overhead and promotion. To find an organization to fund, the website Mobilize is a good place to start.

After warning us all that “the ruling class is united… in greed” against us,” Sen. Bernie Sanders  just laid down the gauntlet to keep us from being exterminated by the elitists’ mishandling of COVID, their attempts to provoke a major trade war with China, and continuing the do-nothing policy preventing a climate apocalypse:

No one individual is going to save us. We must rise up together. Our greatest weapon in these times is our solidarity….The challenges we face are enormous and it is easy to understand why many may fall into depression and cynicism. This is a state of mind, however, that we must resist—not only for ourselves, but for our kids and future generations. The stakes are just too high Despair is not an option. We must stand up and fight back.

That means taking some kind of action against their “thinning the herd” by remembering “Ye are many—they are few.”