Holder, Barr, DOJ and FBI Outed in Slimy Plot Against Assange

Julian Assange. Drawing: Nathaniel St. Clair.

A careful read of this stunning investigative piece in Iceland’s Stundin newspaper reveals that in June 2011 Eric Holder (no doubt with Obama’s enthusiastic approval) initiated a disgraceful FBI frame-up of Julian Assange. Displaying their usual incompetence, the FBI thoroughly screwed up the Holder framing assignment by coming up with a child-molesting embezzler and sociopath as their spy and agent provocateur within the Icelandic branch of Wikileaks, thereby creating such a mess that the Minister of the Interior had our federal gumshoes thrown out of Iceland.

Undeterred by the 2011 mess, in May of 2019 William Barr (probably with equally enthusiastic approval from his boss) stepped into Holder’s shoes by reigniting the disgusting Assange frame-up plot. Quite incredibly, he and the FBI re-embraced the same old child-molesting embezzler–now freshly out of the Icelandic penitentiary–to bear false witness on a raft of newly concocted DOJ criminal charges against Assange. As part of the payoff to their jailbird stool pigeon, the FBI-DOJ even promised him US immunity from whatever string of fraud, forging and hacking crimes he had committed in Iceland over the years–immunity that apparently inspired this creep to launch a new and expanded crime wave.

I defy you to find a whisper of this major scandal anywhere in our MSM (save Amy Goodman, who managed to get this past the NPR filter). Nor will you find a whisper in the UK’s MSM, who of course will be busy covering up Westminster District Judge Vanessa Baraitser’s complicity in the fraudulent US charges.