When the Truth Would Dismantle the Whole System

I put together a photograph with text in the attachment that I believe is absolutely taboo knowledge in main stream America. 95% of the American people would utterly disagree  with me, and you have to ask the question, Why?

What is so threatening in the attachment that would make people say itis absolutely not true? Over the years I have come to believe that what most antiwar activists do is expose National Shame.

So, whenever the truth threatens one core belief system, there is an urgent need to deny its reality. Patriotism is a powerful word in the American psyche. So, whenever someone is very critical of our present or historical past, to the point of exposing National Shame, the first thing the cultural system does is shun the person, group, or organization that would ever utter such a blasphemous opinion. We are our core belief system, and we will do anything to protect those core emotional values. All you have to do is look at churches across America who display the American flag. God and Country is the rock of salvation. So, when activists expose the Lie, they are shown the door, with or without handcuffs. Antiwar protesters are seen as fanatics and unpatriotic.

As far as the masses are concerned, the system is seen as democratic, even though things are far from being perfect. As an activist, committed to truth, you finally realize you can’t feed a steak dinner to a newborn. Every presidential election is about electing the next Empire President. An honest politician will never occupy the White House, because American Corporations exploiting the   world accompanied by U.S. military guns will not allow it. The House will not allow it. The Senate will not allow it. The Supreme Court will not allow it. That is what we are up against. The only thing the United States of America will ever truly understand and respect, is Great Suffering. It is the only thing that changes horrifying narcissistic behavior. You can’t be a Global Empire and a Democracy at the same time.

Mike Hastie served as an Army Medic in Vietnam.