A Three Point Response to the Attempted Impeachment

1. A week ago it was most obvious when listening to the accusations and defense that impeachment if accepted by the House of Representatives would have to be blocked by the Republican controlled Senate. If the Senate Republicans joined the Democrats voting for impeachment it would mean at that very moment the President D.J. Trump would have to leave office. It was impossible for Republicans to agree with the impeachment it would have been party suicide.

2. The amazing and yet to be explained John Bolton’s objection to Trump. The Democratic party demanded Bolton be heard: the mad dog imperialist like his cohort Elliott Abrams ready to overthrow regimes in Central American, now hot on Venezuela by any overt, covert, activity while Bolton advocates attacking Iran. Did Bolton think Trump was not sufficiently ultra imperialist, not focused on implementing the Empires domination and should do more then he already has done to aggressively militarize US foreign policy?

The Democrats can now use Bolton in their campaign against Trump. What a combination a new Washington Consensus of the by-partisan US foreign policy, mad dogs running amok in the Israeli agenda zone-middle east & in South America.  Meanwhile as the Democrats focus on Russia Gate, it is also not enough for the Secretary of State. Following the Obama Pivot to China, ex CIA director Pompeo announced: “The Threat to US national security is China.”  He understands the 750 or 780-billion war budget needs more enemies.

3. Of course vote for Sanders, why not, test the system see if it can budge. What if Bernie Sanders the social democrat (socialist elements within capitalism) closes in on the nomination? It is understood by now that the Clintons blocked his candidacy before, does anyone believe the same group plus the Obamas, the elite managers Schumer, Pelosi and the Israeli clones won’t do it again?  After that will the Social Democrats, with or without Sanders realize, they have to establish a third force outside the worldwide warmongering consensus of the existing Republican & Democratic Parties?

“The heavens are in turmoil”…  Shake, rattle and roll.

R.G.Davis directed Brecht’s Exception and the Rule 1965 again in Australia 1972. Directed US premier of Brecht’s Turandot or Congress of Whitewashers 1969. Founded Epic West Center for the Study of Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre, in Berkeley 1975 -1980. Produced Messingkauf Dialogues Directed by Carl Weber at Epic West.