Uniting “Progressives” Instead of Democrats

It seems that people who identify themselves as “progressive democrats” are hellbent on solidifying a tendency which I continue to resist – despite the seeming avalanche of proofs which they and their democratrepublican limiting mentalities continue to shove in my face. The most prominent message within – and as a result of – these unwanted assaults is their desperately dissolute and unrelenting insistence that you can be in two places at once. Their cynical lie and delusional belief – which they continue to shove in my face – consistently elicits a laugh out of me because I have no way to comprehend how they say so many ridiculous variations of the same, tiring, corporately-enabling joke.

I really want to continue to be sympathetic and I really want to believe that most so-called progressive democrats are trying to find and support integrity. The problem for me however is that they are more than willing to be enablers of what they say they oppose and that is the very definition of hypocrisy.

There are a few very recent events by which so-called “progressives” have once again led me to the precipice of cynicism and I am responding because I do not want to be pushed into that hole which they and those they say they oppose have continued to enlarge. I have no hope that my words will change anything in their corporately capitalized system of militarized disintegration, but despite this, I would want these words to be used to help us all find integrity. I address this mainly at those who identify as progressive because, unlike the majority of so-called “americans,” they seem to be somewhat capable of comprehending how the corrupt corporate church of Wall Street’s Washington and its allied predators are unrelentingly driving us all toward Hell on Earth.

With the current display of bickering and unsubstantiated accusations between Elizabeth Warren’s campsite and the campers who cling to Bernie Sanders, the echoes of Warren’s multiple embraces of Wall Streetian talking points have been arising from my memory. The memories of Sanders’ repetitions of some similar talking points are less pronounced, but they are also resurfacing. Both of these candidates are lacking the necessary distance from the triangulating deceitfulness and warmongering of their chosen party. How many times does Bernie Sanders need to be stabbed in the face by people he prefers to label as his “friend” and why do he and his devotees insist that they must have allegiance to what is obviously a predatory corporate front party? Living in the 1930’s democrat image as if it is a current reality is a form of self-sabotage.

After the blatantly corrupt charade “debate” wherein the whores at CNN clearly tried to destroy the message which Sanders has done the most (among the D.C. power lust infected) to promote as a calling card, there has been a sort of “troop surge” where the leaders of so-called progressive organizations are insisting on unity within the followers of Warren, Sanders, and their party of choice. These leaders are making it abundantly clear that they believe that their supposed nation is on the verge of 2016. I would argue that every election has been a repeat of 1980 and that, as long as they cling to the democratrepublican pretense of opposition parties, 1980’s mindgames will remain the dense mass of dead weight which will keep us all drowning and on fire.

The only message that the democrats have at this point is the same message that they used in 2016 to help elect Donald Trump’s corruption.

They insist that defeating Trump is their highest priority and that this is why and how the democrat pretense must unite in promoting some lousy candidate who has as much in common with Trump as they can posses and simultaneously try to give the impression that their candidacy is somehow a breaking away from what they are a part.

Another troubling aspect of recent events is that the glaring lack of integrity which is Michael Moore has now resurfaced and is appalled at the bleeding which the democrat side of the GMO whale of corporate domination has deliberately inflicted on itself.

There remains one possible impossibility.

This is where I remove myself from the gaping cynicism of exceptionalist crap which infuses the democratrepublican lousiness. Those who consider themselves to be progressive MUST repudiate both the fraudulence which is the republican party and the fraudulence which is the democrat party.

Staying within either side of this freakish “bipartisan” monstrosity will only keep us all swirling around and into the sucking hole of 1980’s deceits and dissolution and it is this which will keep humanity and the planet burning as we drown.

Refuse to put up with the crap any more and unite behind an effort to build a real opposition party. Doing so will help us all escape the cynical, debilitating, deceitful, arrogant lousiness which are the democrats and the republicans. Those who tell you that you can be in two (or three or more) places at once are not trustworthy. Winning for your team at whatever costs and forming dubious unions has never been a sign of integrity.

I am sure that some will accuse me of numerous derogatory and totally unfounded affiliations because of their rampant desperation, but that is to be expected by people whose claims of being progressive are also unfounded when they allow themselves to succumb to the power of corporately owned fraudulence under what they reduce to being a guise of being 1930s democrats.