More “Narcissism of Small Differences”

The above phrase by Sigmund Freud seems to sum up the central method of how humanity is destined to destroy itself. It seems to be an inevitable trait which is tied to our basic feelings of insecurity and our need to delineate our individual and community identity as a means of overcoming the feelings of insecurity. One of the preferred manifestations of narcissism seems be tied to the use of and the celebration of violence.

The most egregious current example of how far the narcissistic will go to avoid facing their own failures to become responsible adults is what is found in what is called the United States of America. The abundance of natural resources which provided the rise of this delusional state has never been enough. This supposed state, as is so typical of imperialist delusional states throughout human time, seeks to control the whole world. The character of the people who insist that this state is god’s gift to the planet is clearly driven by the same vicious stupidity as was displayed by the Hatfields and the McCoys and it is the shared character of many of those who they are fighting with and against in the globalized narcissistic delineations of supposed identity differences.

As methods of technological communications have increased proximity among people around the planet it seems that our shared feelings of insecurity have possibly greatly increased and that these feelings continue to drive our desires to promote the delusions of significant differences and to sabotage our ability to grasp the reality of our similarities.

A very prominent aspect of this obsession with a delusional state of security is to be found in the widely promoted and believed falsehood that the democrats and the republicans in the faking USA are significantly opposed to each other and that together they are opposed to the horrors resulting from those they together label “terrorists.” The fact that they have repeatedly and predominantly shown that they have a definite preference for violence and slaughtering and that they can be as much terrorists as those they use to promote more violence is not something which they seem to be able to comprehend. This insistent lack of comprehension is a central tenet of their shared religiously-held arrogance and it is a religiosity which is shared by numerous terrorist-labelled adversaries. They all have plenty of reasons they give for their use of aggressive violence and they all wear blinders to ensure the continuation of horrors.

Every year, the so-called government of bipartisan delusions known as the USA, its allies, and its enemies overwhelmingly undermine pretty much everything they say they believe in as they celebrate a continuing lust for more militarized violence and in promoting the stupidity of their own imagined exceptional character. It seems that they have this overwhelming need to pour enormous amounts of energy and monies into proving that they have no faith in anything greater than their seemingly willfully blind abusiveness toward each other and the environment.

The most recent, glaring examples of this insanity are the vicious attacks which were unleashed by the Trump administration in Iraq and Syria. Dozens of people were slaughtered and maimed and one of the most prominent Iranian military leaders was assassinated. These attacks were quickly portrayed as understandable and even celebratory by many members of the democratrepublican corruption and most of the concerns expressed were centered upon the propriety of the protocol and its effect on the faking USA’s corrupt domination of the Middle East. The widely expressed bipartisan attempted justification of the assassination of the Iranian military leader Soleimani was that he had been responsible for the deaths of “hundreds of americans.”

This widely promoted supposed justification is indicative of the corruption and blindness which is rampant in the faking USA. We are told that the deaths of hundreds of so-called americans is justification of murderous retaliations, but the president and the majority of congress, being the self-serving fakers which they are, continuously ignore their own roles in causing greater numbers of deaths of americans.

In 2002, the Bush administration, the majorities in congress, and their allies were responsible for the lies, soldiers, and weapons which were used in the grossly illegal war of aggression they created against Iraq in 2003. In that war, based upon lies and imperialistic corporate greed, thousands of “americans” were killed and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis were also slaughtered while the country of Iraq was being plundered. The government member supporters of that vicious criminal venture – which is estimated to have caused the death of 4,800 american and “coalition” soldiers, almost 1500 “contractors,” left over 31,000 of the american participants wounded (over 1500 of whom are amputees), and caused at least hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths – have not only NOT been reprimanded for their murderous effects, but many of them have been promoted – by democrats and republicans alike – into positions of greater power.

The following very abbreviated list of predators highlights the hypocrisy and corruption of the faking USA.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney both deliberately lied and pushed for the illegal war of aggression and were re-elected.

John Kerry pushed for the illegal war of aggression and became the democrats preferred candidate for president and then was appointed Secretary of State.

John McCain was the consistent warmonger and supporter of illegal aggression and was a presidential candidate for republicans.

Hillary Clinton pushed for the illegal war of aggression and has repeatedly been a democrat frontrunner for president and was made Secretary of State (whereby she worked to destabilized and proudly savage numerous other states) for the faker Obama.

Mitt Romney supported the illegal war of aggression and wanted more prisoners in Guantanamo and was preferred by the republicans to be their presidential candidate.

Joe Biden pushed for the illegal war of aggression and was made vice-president and is still one of the dominant candidates for the democrat’s choice for president.

Lindsey Graham pushed for the illegal war of aggression while in the

House of Representatives and has been promoted by republicans to even greater power in the Senate.

When George W. Bush and the media whores laughed about not being able to find Weapons of Mass Destruction, it might have helpful if Bush would have looked in a mirror and realized that the WMDs have been inhabiting most of the elected offices in Washington, DC., but privatized, misshapen tools such as these seem to lack the necessary consciousness to connect themselves to their own actions. Clearly, these tools were hurriedly forged with the use of what might be euphemistically deemed to have been more economically pragmatic and degrading materials.

These purveyors of horrific murderousness and many more of their type are repeatedly supported and treated as if they are honorable while they have deceitfully helped drive much greater slaughtering than what Soleimani has been accused of doing. The overwhelming numbers of hypocrites known as voters in the faking USA are regular supporters of these predatory criminals. They ardently and proudly lie to themselves in the same way as do the supporters of other terrorists who have some perverse connection to a god of unrelenting narcissism.

The so-called government of the USA and its allies provided the basis for the rise of ISIS and now the latest corrupt version of the government of the faking USA has assassinated one of the people who did some of the most important work to repudiate ISIS. Perhaps that is the real reason for Soleimani’s assassination. He dared to display an integrity between his beliefs and his actions and so he had to be eliminated. Maintaining the chaos and horrors is more important to these fakers in the so-called government of the USA and their allies, just as it is for some of those they portray as their adversaries. Greedy, power lusting use of violence and environmental toxicities is portrayed as honorable in their shared religion.

The faking USA alliance has much more in common with ISIS than we are supposed to realize. The Saudified Wahhabis, the Israeli Likudists, the USA’s internationally corporatized capitalists, their allies, and many of their enemies are all slightly varying examples of the same perversely violence-loving, narcissistic arrested development. Separating their identities in and through prideful celebrations of debaucheries and viciousness, one of their chief differences is in the amounts of funding within the trillions of dollars they wastefully use to lie, sabotage, violate, murder, and prevent the rise of healthier societies. By far, the faking USA is the greatest purveyor of weapons and their use today.

The world continues to be dominated by what amount to grossly spoiled, violence spewing, bragging, robotic vampires who are the most developmentally arrested and demandingly intolerant of all the species on this planet. This lust for delusional domination is almost guaranteed to be used by these narcissists and their overwhelming numbers of delusional supporters to incite greater violence and spread greater toxicity as the planet increasingly responds with its own remedies to human arrogance and stupidity.

Toxicity is what gives meaning to their sick, twisted lives and this is especially displayed as so many of them try to put all of the blame or credit on the gilded, distorted mirror (the perversity of the Trump administration) which they helped create.

There is a very small minority of people in the faking USA and its allied corporate fronts who are truly pushing for responsible behavior. The problem remains however – that even within this small percentage of people, there remains a willingness to give these most corrupt frauds a chance to continue their wasteful delusions of grandeur simply because they adopt another phony, self-serving, pretentious posture.

The democrats and the republicans and their allied chapters of organized criminalities overwhelmingly depend upon irresponsible and deceitful behavior and are clearly incapable of abandoning their shared, slightly differentiating religiosity of narcissism and terrorist techniques.

Watch for this vicious scheming and attacks against Iran to be the basis of renewed, unsubstantiated claims that Iran is again a nuclear threat. That is likely why they obliterated the lousy, one-sided “Iran Deal” and how the criminal bipartisan Trump-ists will try to overpower any efforts to rein in the violence at the United Nations.

This inciting of fascist violence and intolerance around the planet is not an abnormality for the the narcissists in Washington and their allies. It is a central rite in the church of corporately militarized capital – the blood-soaked tithings of which are overwhelmingly bipartisan.t